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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (Nintendo 3DS)

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Title Screen

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Also known as: Gyakuten Saiban 123: Naruhodou Selection (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platforms: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: April 17, 2014
Released in US: December 19, 2014
Released in EU: December 21, 2014

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Cactus 2.0!
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  • SDK leftovers in sound folder
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It's the same finger-pointing-and-yelling action you remember from the original three games, but with better graphics and sound, (some) typos fixed, and 3D!

But this time, it doesn't suck.

Unused Graphics

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  • Several dummy sprites
  • DS version sprites

Unused Character Sprites

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Jake Marshall sprites, make this section look better

Every unused animation from the first Ace Attorney game got revamped, with the only one missing being Phoenix's heart-eyed sprites. The majority of these are damage sprites, with the only non-damage sprite being an animation for Jake Marshall in which he bites off the piece of meat he normally tugs on.

AAT LarryDamage.png

AAT EdgeworthDamage.png

AAT OldManDamage.png

GBA Bubbles

AAT GBA Bubbles.png

The vertical Objection! bubbles from the Game Boy Advance versions of the games.

GBA Buttons

AAT GBA buttons 1.pngAAT GBA buttons 2.pngAAT GBA buttons 3.png

Button icons from the Game Boy Advance version of the trilogy.

Translated Hazakura Temple Sign

AAT Hazakura Temple 1.png AAT Hazakura Temple 2.png

These two images have the Hazakura Temple sign translated to English. Since all Kurain-related imagery is intended to be left untranslated, the Japanese versions are used instead, leaving these unused.


AAT Glass.png

An image somewhat resembling the glass of the visitor's room is present among the HUD sprites. Its internal name is glass.

Lose the Case!!

AAT Lose The Case.png

A strange image that depicts Phoenix sitting under a spotlight. The red text reads haiso, which translates to Lose the Case!! This image's internal name is haiso.


AAT Sabaiban.png

Another strange image, similar to the Lose the Case! image. The red text reads Sabaiban, or Surviban, a portmanteau of "survival" and "saiban", which was the original name of the series before being changed to Gyakuten Saiban. Unlike most other unused images which are also present in the GBA or DS versions, this and the previous graphic were introduced in the 3DS version. Given the lower resolution of the images, they probably originate from an earlier version of the game and left over in the files during the remastering process. Interestingly, this image's internal name is haiso2, strengthening the connection between this image and the previous one.

(Source: capcom-unity.com)

Demo Leftovers

As with other Ace Attorney games, graphics from the demo are still present in the final build. In this case, the demo the leftovers are from is the E3 2014 demo.

AAT Demo Logo.png

The logo used in the demo build.

AAT ESRB Screen.png

The ESRB notice seen after starting the demo.

AAT Controls.png

A screen used to explain the controls.

AAT Demo End Top.png
AAT Demo End Bottom.png

The screen used at the end of the demo.

Unused Audio


This track returns from Justice for All, where it was also unused. Unlike other unused tracks which were removed, this one instead got remastered. It sounds like the second part of Justice for All's ending theme, redone similarly to BGM093.


A file named dammy is stored between the music and sound effect files. The file is a short and silent audio file. It has the internal name of STRM_DAMMY and was likely used for testing purposes.

Leftover Sounds

Every sound that was given a higher quality version in this version has their original, lower quality version along with them.

Old Audience Voices

This "track" is labeled BGM090 in the game's files, unlike the other sound effects. This is a direct leftover from the original games, as it was grouped next to the music in them.

Revamped Echoed Objection

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The English version of the echoed "Objection!" from Trials and Tribulations that was unused in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD was revamped, with Mia's "Objection!" added in and higher quality all-around. It still goes unused.

Revisional Differences

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Anything else? Comparisons.

Justice for All - Episode 2

In all prior releases of Justice for All, Dr. Grey's animation had him push his glasses up with his middle finger. Starting with the 3DS release and carrying over to the 2019 version, he was redrawn to use his index finger instead.