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Pipi & Bibi's

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Title Screen

Pipi & Bibi's

Also known as: Whoopee!! (JP)
Developer: Toaplan[1]
Publishers: Toaplan[1] (JP), Nova Apparate GMBH & Co.[1] (EU), Romstar[1] (US)
Platform: Arcade (Toaplan Version 2 hardware)
Released internationally: 1991[1]

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Pipi & Bibi's is an action-platformer eroge in which you play as a pair of funny-looking spies blowing up computers, buildings, and bad guys, all so you can see some naked ladies.

Unused Graphics

Scattered throughout the ROM are old versions of the graphics used for screen transitions.

Pre-CG Transition Pre-CG Transition (Unused)
Pipibibis ero isused.png Pipibibis ero unused.png
Chapter 1 (Used) Chapter 1 (Unused)
Pipibibs ch1 isused.png Pipibibs ch1 unused.png
Chapter 3 (Used) Chapter 3 (Unused)
Pipibibs ch3 isused.png Pipibibs ch3 unused.png
Chapter 4 (Used) Chapter 4 (Unused)
Pipibibs ch4 isused.png Pipibibs ch4 unused.png

There are also some graphics that may have been intended for the first level, a different version of the game, or a set of levels that were either replaced, removed, or never implemented:

Unknown Chapter Unknown Chapter (Possibly an earlier mockup)
Pipibibs chu unused a.png Pipibibs chu unused b.png


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