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Planescape: Torment/Spoken Dialogue

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This is a sub-page of Planescape: Torment.

These lists courtesy of this site.

Playable Characters

Nameless One

NAM029 - "So cold here I can feel it."
NAM030 - "This place stinks of death and shadow."
NAM042 - "Memories returning."
NAM045 - "I feel more experienced."
NAM077 - "I've remembered something."
NAM150B - "Shadows?"
NAM202 - "Gained an ability."
NAM208A - "Torment."
NAM208F - "Torment."
NAM208G - "Torment."
NAM208H - "Torment."
NAM209A - "Torment."
NAM210B - "What can change the nature of a man?"


MRT002 - "Hey... are you alright? Heh... I thought you were a deader for sure."
MRT041 - "It's almost like the master of our destinies got up for some coffee."
MRT088 - "This ward's usually just home to a bunch of scribes, but this section's got the Festhall in it so it's a little more lively."
MRT101 - "Chief, let's forget this. Let's go."
MRT103 - "I've got a bad feeling about this place."
MRT106 - "You know, this place looks like Mechanus but it feels all wrong."
MRT108B - "Chief, this is it. Be careful."
MRT110 - "I won't let you down chief."
MRT111 - "I won't fail you, chief."
MRT112 - "I won't let you down again, chief."
MRT114 - "Don't listen to 'em chief. They're not you."
MRT133 - "You got it, chief."
MRT157 - "Annah, could you stop flicking that tail for a few seconds? It's really irritating."
MRT163 - "Grace, I'm scared. Hold me?"
MRT177A - "Ooh. Looks like death's come for the bill."
MRT182 - "Rest easy, Dak'kon."
MRT196 - "I'm not staring! I'm drooling."
MRT223 - "If you wanna give me something, give me Annah's vest, huh?"
MRT224 - "If you wanna give me something... why don'tcha give me, uh... I don't know, Grace's bodice?"
MRT229 - "Chief, what are we doing in here? Let's say we just give this place the laugh, alright?"
MRT244 - "Shadows."
MRT311B - "Hold up chief. I've got something to say to you."
MRT458D - "Ow, your comments, they sting me like, uh... like stinging things."
MRT459A - "Even fifty swigs of brandy wouldn't make you look good."
MRT460A - "Your words are like whips across my naked shoulders."
MRT475CA - "Chief, we really oughtta ditch this guy before he remembers something the last you did."
MRT476Z - Annah and Morte bickering.
MRT481 - "Do you have ice water in your veins?"
MRT487 - "Hold up a moment chief."
MRT488 - "Hello deadly and delicious."
MRT489 - "What can change the nature of a man?"
MRT490 - "Hello my sweet cadaverous beauty."
MRT491 - "Ooh, look at this sweet cadaverous flower."
MRT492 - "You don't need an identify spell to know what she wants."
MRT493 - "Ah, Chief, if I don't come back, it's 'cause I'm gonna be dying the little death with that zombie chit."
MRT494 - "Ooh... I want to be buried with her."
MRT495 - "I sooo want to lie in her coffin."
MRT496 - "Do you want to get buried together?"
MRT497 - "Want to trade death experiences?"
MRT498 - "Your coffin or mine?"
MRT499 - "Hello my beautiful grave angel."
MRT500 - "Enough about me, ok? What do you think about me?"
MRT501 - "I think I'm in love."
MRT502 - "I think I'm in lust... uh... love."
MRT503 - "So what was your death like?"
MRT504 - "You know, I really like the way the grave mold highlights your cheekbones."
MRT505 - "Your skin is a lovely shade of ghoul green."
MRT506 - "You are the most succulent shade of ghoul green."
MRT507 - "Oh... now that's a sight for dead eyes."
MRT508 - "What is this rotting vision I see before me?"
MRT509 - "Oh... this one has almost all her parts!"
MRT510 - "Hey chief... this zombie chit is scouting my territory, you know what I mean?"
MRT511 - "Hello. I'm Morte. And your name was uh...?"
MRT512 - "Rigor mortis has never looked so good."
MRT512D - "Oh... did you hurt yourself when you fell out of heaven?"
MRT513 - "Psst... Hey chief, you see the way she was looking at me? Huh? You see that? You see the way she was following the curve of my occipital bone? Yeah baby."
MRT514 - "Oh my sweet dirtiness."
MRT528 - "Ten times more than you I'll bet."
MRT529 - "I bet you get asked that a lot."
MRT534 - "You couldn't *possibly* understand."
MRT535 - "Been there, done that fiendling. Pain: yeah, it's old hat."
MRT536 - "Torment."
MRT537 - "Torment."
MRT538 - "Banshee."
MRT539 - "... little witch..."
MRT540 - "Great. I finally meet a succubus, and she's a puritan."
MRT543A - "You know, sometimes I sure miss having a body."
MRT543B - "It probably went looking for you."
MRT545 - "Fiendling, if that accent was any thicker you wouldn't be able to breathe."
MRT552A - "If things get any worse I might as well go dance in the Lady's shadow."
MRT552B - "Oh! I'm sorry... you know, what I meant to say was that I might as well go dip my pen in the Lady of Pain if things get any worse."
MRT552C - "Sheesh... you women all stick together."
MRT567A - "Is Fall-From-Grace still wearing clothes?"
MRT567B - "Then the answer is yes."
MRT570B - "Tell it to the gods, Nordom."
MRT571B - "Not as I see it."
MRT574 - "Fall-From-Grace scratching the back of my skull while singing the Sonata of Lights in my ear."


ANA012 - "Ack! I want no more of this, I don't."
ANA107A - "Oh adventure... glory... aye, this is the life."
ANA179A - "We shouldn't be here! The Lady'll put us in the Dead Book for sure!"
ANA200A - "I feel dead already."
ANA201A - "I donnae think we'll be leaving this place."
ANA202D - "Would yeh stay close? I don't want to be alone here."
ANA204D - "I won't let yeh down."
ANA206I - "Oh, see... I... love yeh."
ANA207F - "I hafta stay, yeh see... I love yeh."
ANA208E - "I don't care what yeh say to this, I don't want yeh to say anything... but I can't let yeh die here."
ANA210D - "It's alright. I trust yeh."
ANA210E - "Do what you have to. I trust yeh."
ANA211D - "I forgive yeh."
ANA211E - "It's alright, I forgive yeh."
ANA245A - "I'll sort it out."
ANA247A - "Right."
ANA287C - "Would you stop it?"
ANA308B - "Are you ready to leave yet, fiend?"
ANA309A - "If yeh want to leave, go ahead."
ANA310A - "You might want to strike out on yer own."
ANA310D - "Oh, no. Ladies first."
ANA311B - "So just how many souls have yeh taken into the Abyss?"
ANA313A - "Oh, sizing up our necks for a feast, are yeh?"
ANA314B - "Never trust a Tanar'ri, that's what I say."
ANA315A - "And what do you want from our leader?"
ANA316A - "Back off, skull!"
ANA333B - "Try it, and yeh'll be spittin' teeth for a week."
ANA334A - "Try it, and I'll grind yeh to a powder, you floating bone box."
ANA390A - "Shadows."
ANA390C - "Shadows."
ANA452D - "Eh, I have something to say."
ANA462C - "I'm not giving that up."
ANA464A - "Keep yer mitts off that. Eh!"
ANA464B - "Keep yer mitts off it."
ANA481D - "I spotted a trap."
ANA574A - "Keep up yer chatter, skull, and I'll be seeing what you have in your veins."
ANA577A - "That tongue of yers is gonna get your nose broken."
ANA578A - "Ooh, if I were you I'd be prepared to pick up your teeth."
ANA578AA - "Hey Morte, you want the good news? Yeh're going bald."
ANA579A - "Aye, what is it you want?"
ANA583A - "What can change the nature of a man?"
ANA583D - "What can change the nature of a man?"
ANA583G - "What can change the nature of a man?"
ANA583I - "What can change the nature of a man?"
ANA583K - "What can change the nature of a man?"
ANA583M - "What can change the nature of a man?"
ANA583O - "What can change the nature of a man?"
ANA585D - "He matters more to me than my life!"
ANA586A - "I hope a hound litters in your bed roll."
ANA588A - "Why don't you go rot with an Aoskan hound?"
ANA591A - "Torment."
ANA591B - "Torment."
ANA591C - "Torment."
ANA592A - "Torment."
ANA592B - "Torment."


FFG007 - "I cannot allow your evil to continue. Prepare yourself."
FFG008 - "There is nothing you can say or do that will change what has happened. I will leave."
FFG011 - "It is good to be journeying again. The brothel was a learning experience, but I think it was time I moved on."
FFG045 - "Forgive me."
FFG053 - "The Hive changes so rapidly. It has changed a great deal since I was here last."
FFG054 - "Fell has a studio down here, does he not?"
FFG068 - "I fear that not all of us shall return."
FFG072 - "I don't think anything has walked on these flagstones for several lifetimes."
FFG135 - "You may be scared Morte, but I would be afraid too if I were to hold you."
FFG136 - "I'm afraid my pack would be quite stuffy, Morte."
FFG137 - "Oh Morte, do you ever tire of being improper?"
FFG138 - "I appreciate your energy Morte but, perhaps you might direct it inwards."
FFG139 - "I think it's time for a swim in lake you."
FFG140 - "Actually, I was planning to stay for a while if that does not offend, Annah."
FFG141 - "Actually, I was planning on staying for a while if that does not offend."
FFG142 - "Actually, I enjoy the company. The resentment directed toward me makes me feel quite brisk."
FFG143 - "Have you ever thought about doing something with your hair?"
FFG144 - "Actually, none. It made my adolescence rather difficult. But I am sure you are no stranger to that."
FFG145 - "I agree. Tanar'ri by their nature are unpredictable."
FFG193 - "I think you hide from yourself by dying. Do you hate life that much?"
FFG231 - "Shadows."
FFG245 - "I would speak to you a moment."
FFG246 - "Listen to me. I don't have much time."
FFG312 - "What can change the nature of a man?"
FFG315 - "Torment."
FFG316 - "Torment."


IGN001 - "I live."
IGN013 - "The flames will consume you."
IGN114 - "The skies shall be flames and all life shall be as torches."
IGN140 - "Shadows."
IGN147 - "Ignus would speak with you."
IGN250B - "What can change the nature of a man?"
IGN251A - "Who have I become?"
IGN252A - "What have I done?"
IGN253 - "Master, I am sorry. I know not what I did."
IGN255 - "Torment."
IGN256 - "Torment."


NOR087 - "Sense of closure: imminent."
NOR148 - "You intend to harm him. Nordom will stop you. Prospect of success: slight."
NOR150 - "You wish harm upon one who has aided Nordom at cost to his selves. Nordom will attempt to stop you."
NOR158 - "Shadows in vicinity have achieved mass and threatening trajectory."
NOR169 - "Nordom wishes to speak."
NOR302 - "What can change the nature of a man?"
NOR303A - "Torment."
NOR303B - "Torment."
NOR303C - "Torment."
NOR303D - "Torment."
NOR304A - "Torment."
NOR304B - "Torment."
NOR304C - "Torment."


VHA008 - "Defend yourself."
VHA023 - "You have broken your word! You are a liar, a traitor to truth and an enemy to all honest men!"
VHA027 - "Executing sentence."
VHA041 - "I continue the battle beyond the Eternal Boundary."
VHA162 - "Shadows are upon us."
VHA163 - "These shades mean us harm."
VHA176 - "I would have you hear me."
VHA260 - "What can change the nature of a man?"
VHA261B - "Torment."
VHA261C - "Torment."
VHA262A - "Torment."
VHA262B - "Torment."
VHA262C - "Torment."
VHA262D - "Torment."
VHA262E - "Torment."
VHA262F - "Torment."


The Transcendent One

TRA001A - "I will no longer play with you. Prepare to suffer."
TRA003A - TTO Death
TRA007 - "How dare you come to this place, my home, again?"
TRA020 - "I don't know how you're managing to click on me so many times during our encounter, but it's probably because... you're cheating."
TRA021A - "The loss of a thousand lifetimes make up this fortress."
TRA031 - "Ahh... the skull."
TRA033 - "Ahh... the spirit."
TRA036 - "Ahh... the succubus."
TRA038B - "Arise Ignus."
TRA042 - "After I have torn you apart I shall feed you to the Shadows of those you've murdered."
TRA043 - "After I have torn you apart I shall feed you to the shades of those that died in your place."
TRA045 - "Impossible!"
TRA046 - "How is this possible?"
TRA047 - "Very well... it seems there is no other resolution to this matter."
TRA048 - "There shall be an ending between us, Broken One."
TRA049 - "This shall be the end of matters between us."
TRA050 - "Where did you get that? Give it to me!"
TRA051A - "Do not play with that which you do not understand. Surrender it to me."
TRA052 - "Pain."
TRA056 - "You shall not escape me again."
TRA062 - "Are they dead? Yes. Unlike you, they have but one life."
TRA065 - "Defiance will hurt you more than any wound in this place. Anger me and the twist of a knife through your heart will be a fond memory in what remains of your consciousness."
TRA067 - "Among the many lessons taught in the house of pain is that the body is a shell: intense pressure may fracture it. Shall I continue?"
TRA068 - "There is nothing that I cannot do here. Every stone, every regret that makes up the walls of this fortress obeys me."
TRA074 - "Pain shall teach you!"
TRA078C - "I was building this fortress through force of will while you were dying in bar fights and contracting diseases in Sigil's brothels. There's nothing I cannot do."
TRA079 - "What?! What are you doing here?!"
TRA080B - "Then you shall die again!"
TRA082 - "Ahhh... the love torn spirit."
TRA083 - "Have you come to die again, child?"
TRA086 - "Shadows: to me..."
TRA088A - "Torment"
TRA088B - "Torment"
TRA088C - "Torment"
TRA088D - "Torment"
TRA089A - "Torment"
TRA089B - "Torment"


RAV001 - "Well... hello my pretty."
RAV003 - "Well, now, my pretty thing, have you returned at last?"
RAV004 - "You were a-gone so long, I a-feared you forgot poor, lonely Ravel."
RAV010A - Unknown... hit?
RAV010C - Unknown... hit?
RAV012 - "You have become strong."
RAV053 - "Pander your flattery elsewhere."
RAV056 - "Half-man? Your attention Ravel needs."
RAV071 - "Coming events cast their shadows before them."
RAV072A - "Kill me you will, your will shall kill me, it is no matter."
RAV076B - "Come, hollow man." ::Laughs:: "Do you fear me?"
RAV077 - "Your bones and blood will blanket my garden."
RAV078 - "I shall test your immortality this day, half-man!"
RAV080B - "Only this, a question I ask... What can change the nature of a man?"
RAV081 - "No... where did all these Shadows come from?"
RAV082 - "Dahh! Pesky Shadows!"


DEN005A - Dies
DEN029 - "Shadows."
DEN030 - "No... no, it cannot be!"
DEN031 - "Such is the way of all things flesh and bone."
DEN032 - "You will pay for harming him creature."


FFT056 - "Feh! You'll regret attacking me!"
FFT095 - "Distill, else a chamberpot you'll be! Feh!"
FFT097 - "Feh! Thrice-cursed bottle!"
FFT098 - "Feh! Thrice-cursed foot rash..."


TTB020 - "In time, my cause shall be honored."(Referenced, but unused)
TTB071 - "Speak no more and begone." (Referenced, but unused)
TTB099 - "What are these shades?"