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Pokémon: Poké Ball Launcher

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Title Screen

Pokémon: Poké Ball Launcher

Developer: Left Brain Games
Publisher: The Garr Group
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released in US: 2006

Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Pokémon: Poké Ball Launcher is one of three 10th-Anniversary Pokémon discs that were distributed in Perdue Farms chicken products.

Other Perdue Games

...Except, funnily enough, all of the necessary data for all three games is on each disc. In other words, you only need one of the games to play them all. However, each disc is programmed to automatically load the game it's labeled as.

Similarly, each disc contained a Pokédex like that on the Pokémon official site, but each one specialized in a Generation, with Poké Ball Launcher containing only Johto Pokémon. Naturally, the complete Pokédex exists on every disc, but only certain Pokémon can be viewed from the executable launcher.

Revisional Differences

An extremely stripped-down version of the game was put on the Left Brain Games site.

  • All of the extras (including the data for the other games, the Pokédex, the link to the official Pokémon site, the Pokémon Trading Card Game "Learn to Play" demo, and the 10th Anniversary music video) are absent.
  • All of the music has been removed as well.
  • The game starts on the instructions screen rather than the splash screen shown above.
  • The exit button exists, but is disabled.
  • Clicking on the congratulatory link to watch the music video resets the game.