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Pokémon Battle Revolution

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Title Screen

Pokémon Battle Revolution

Developer: Genius Sonority[1]
Publishers: The Pokémon Company[1] (JP), Nintendo[1] (INT)
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: December 14, 2006[1]
Released in US: June 25, 2007[1]
Released in EU: December 7, 2007[1]
Released in AU: November 22, 2007[1]

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This game's online features are no longer supported.
While this game's online features were once accessible, they are (as of May 20, 2014) no longer officially supported and online-exclusive features may be documented as now-unseen content.

Pokémon Battle Revolution is a 3D battle simulation game that becomes extremely difficult to complete without actually having bought one of the main-series fourth-generation games.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

Unused Battle Pass Backgrounds

It's unknown if they were released in Japan, but they are inaccessible in the western releases.

Bronze Pass White Pass Black Pass
PokemonBattleRevolution-BronzePass.png PokemonBattleRevolution-WhitePass.png PokemonBattleRevolution-BlackPass.png

Shiny Arceus

For the sake of consistency, every Pokémon in every Pokémon game is given a Shiny variant, Arceus being no exception as each of its 18 forms has a Shiny equivalent. However, because the only way to obtain it legitimately was through Shiny-locked distributions, the Shiny version of Arceus was left unobtainable through normal means. Shiny Arceus was only made available much later as a distribution via serial code in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire with the purchase of tickets to the 18th Pokémon movie.

Unused Audio

Unused Narration

Three unused narrations can be found in the game's files, with la030_0 and la030_1 located with the announcer's other pre-battle descriptions of the Colosseums.

Filename Song Notes
Here the announcer says "Lagoon Colosseum, Tournament Battle. First match." May imply that Lagoon Colosseum was once intended to use a Tournament Battle format, rather than being a multiplayer-exclusive, knockout-battle Colosseum.
Here the announcer says "The sound of falling water echoes in the air." May have been intended for use in Waterfall Colosseum or Lagoon Colosseum.

Unused Music


Judging by its filename, System04, this was probably meant to play in a menu of some kind.

Unused Text

Early Pokémon Names

If one was to give a look at the game's sound file where the cries for the Pokémon are found, then it is possible to notice that not only is each cry file labeled with the romaji name of its corresponding Pokémon, it also turns out that some files refer to their respective Pokémon by an earlier version of their name. In fact, some of these names would later be found in early builds of Diamond and Pearl compiled using the 2020 source code leak.

Filename Possible Kana Final Japanese name Final English name Name Notes
Morigame モリガメ ドダイトス
Torterra 森 (mori) forest, 亀 (kame) turtle
Ottā ヲッター ポッタイシ
Prinplup Water
Enperio エンペリオ エンペルト
Empoleon Small spelling change.
Mukudori ムクドリ ムックル
Starly ムクドリ (mukudori) grey starling
Bībā ビーバー ビッパ
Bidoof Beaver, small spelling change.
Bībaru ビーバル ビーダル
Bibarel Small spelling change.
Koboshi コボシ コロボーシ
Kricketot 子 (ko) child, 星 (hoshi) star/spot, クロボシツツハムシ (kuroboshi tsutsuhamushi) black-spotted leaf beetle, 小法師(koboshi) abbr. for 起き上がり小法師(Okiagari-koboshi), Japanese traditional sculpture, similar silhouette to Kricketot
Koororin コーロリン コロトック
Kricketune コオロギ (koorogi) cricket, リンリン (rinrin) ringing bell, violin
Pachichi パチチ コリンク
Shinx パチパチ (pachipachi) sparking/crackling sound
Bachichi バチチ ルクシオ
Luxio Same as Shinx, but some more harder sparking
Bachibacchi バチバッチ レントラー
Luxray Same as Shinx, with the most furious feeling
Pachiki パチキ ズガイドス
Cranidos パチキ (pachiki) headbutt, Pachycephalosaurus
Pachikingu パチキング ラムパルド
Rampardos Pachycephalosaurus, king
Minomesu ミノメス ミノマダム
Wormadam ミノムシ (minomushi) bagworm, メス (mesu) female, can be seen in the text strings of the Diamond debug cart.
Hekisagon ヘキサゴン ミツハニー
Combee Hexagon
Kuinbī クインビー ビークイン
Vespiquen Same etymology (queen bee), but reversed.
Pachirissu パチリッス パチリス
Pachirisu Small spelling change.
Buizeruga ブイゼルガ フローゼル
Floatzel From "Buizel", its pre-evolution.
Cheririn チェリリン チェリンボ
Cherubi Cherry, さくらんぼ (sakuranbo) the native Japanese word for cherry
Cherisyu チェリシュ チェリム
Cherrim Cherry, cherish
Shīushi シーウシ カラナクシ
Shellos Sea, 牛 (ushi) cow, ウミウシ (umiushi) sea slug, can be seen in the text strings of the Diamond debug cart, as well as in a debug string in the final version of Diamond and Pearl as "シーウシセーブデータ".
Shīdorugo シードルゴ トリトドン
Gastrodon Sea, dolgo (a kaiju), can be seen in the text strings of the Diamond debug cart.
Bīpamu ビーパム エテボース
Ambipom Appears to share the same etymology as the English name (ambidexterity, palm). Also appears to be a joke on its pre evolution's name.
Hūsen フーセン フワンテ
Drifloon 風船 (fūsen) balloon
Barubon バルボン フワライド
Drifblim Balloon, bomb?
Minitto ミニット ミミロル
Buneary Mini, rabbit, mitt?
Bānitto バーニット ミミロップ
Lopunny Bunny, rabbit
Mūmao ムウマオウ ムウマージ
Mismagius 夢魔 (muma) nightmare, 王 (ou) king, 魔王 (maou) devil king
Rizumhi リズムヒ ニャルマー
Glameow Rhythm?
Kyattora キャットラ ブニャット
Purugly Cat, トラ (tora) tiger (its Category in the final - Tiger Cat Pokémon - may be a reference to this)
Rirīn リリーン リーシャン
Chingling リンリン (rinrin) ringing bell
Seidoo セイドー ドーミラー
Bronzor 精 (sei) spirit, 銅(dou) copper, 青銅 (seidou) bronze
Korakkī コラッキー ピンプク
Happiny 子 (ko) child, 小(ko) little, "Lucky" (Chansey)
Mikage ミカゲ ミカルゲ
Spiritomb 御影 (mikage) divine spirit/spirit of the dead, small spelling change.
Doran ドラン フカマル
Gible Dragon, 土 (do) earth
Doragun ドラグン ガバイト
Gabite Similar to Gible.
Doraguon ドラグオン ガブリアス
Garchomp Similar to Gible.
Ruka ルカ リオル
Riolu From "Lucario" (ルカリオ), its evolution.
Zimezou ジメゾウ ヒポポタス
Hippopotas 地面 (jimen) ground, ゾウ (zou) elephant, meaning that it was originally supposed to be an elepant.
Zimedon ジメドン カバルドン
Hippowdon 地面 (jimen) ground, mastodon
Sukoopī スコーピー スコルピ
Skorupi Small spelling change.
Gureggu グレッグ グレッグル
Croagunk Small spelling change. May have been changed due to its resemblance with the name "Greg".
Haezigoku ハエジゴク マスキッパ
Carnivine ハエジゴク (haejigoku) Venus flytrap
Uotto ウオット ケイコウオ
Finneon 魚 (uo) fish, おっと (otto) oops, 魚(toto) fish (obsolete form, but otto+toto pun is well known by a famous snack おっとっと(ottotto) )
Gyotto ギョット ネオラント
Lumineon 魚 (gyo) fish, ぎょっと (gyotto) startled
Dekakoiru デカコイル ジバコイル
Magnezone でか (deka) big, coil
Berorion ベロリオン べロベルト
Lickilicky ベロリ (berori) slurping, ベロ (bero) tongue, "-eon"/"-ion" (which were often used for the new evolutions here).
Togeon トゲオン トゲキッス
Togekiss 棘 (toge) spike, "-eon"/"-ion" (which were often used for the new evolutions here).
Yanmaoo ヤンマオウ メガヤンマ
Yanmega ヤンマ (yanma) dragonfly (esp. a large one), 王 (ou) king
Rīfi リーフィ リーフィア
Leafeon Leaf, "Leafy," same name as in the Space World '97 prototype of Gold and Silver.
Aisia アイシア グレイシア
Glaceon Ice, "Icia"
Kirurion キルリオン エルレイド
Gallade 切る (kiru) to cut, from "Kirlia" (キルリア), its pre-evolution, "-eon"/"-ion" (which were often used for the new evolutions here).
Biggunozu ビッグノズ ダイノーズ
Probopass Big nose
Purazuma プラズマ ロトム
Rotom Plasma, may have been changed given how it is already its species' name. May be a Pulseman reference, given how "pa-ru-su-ma-n" and "pu-ra-su-ma" are similar in structure.
Rei レイ ユクシー
Uxie 霊 (rei) spirit, 令 (rei) command and/or 礼 (rei) gratitude
Ai アイ エムリット
Mesprit I, eye, 愛 (ai) love and/or 相 (ai) mutual
Hai ハイ アグノム
Azelf 拝 (hai) worship and/or 胚 (hai) embryo
Ia イア ディアルガ
Dialga Diamond
Ea エア パルキア
Palkia Pearl
Rejikingu レジキング レジギガス
Regigigas Regi, king
Kimairan キマイラン ギラティナ
Giratina Chimera, shares the "-ran" suffix with Heatran, which is also encountered in the post-game.
Mūbasu ムーバス クレセリア
Cresselia Moon, bass?
Erufi エルフィ フィオネ
Phione Elf, "Elfy," closer in structure to Manaphy. Could be a reference to a sea angel.
Dāku ダーク ダークライ
Darkrai Dark, small spelling change.
Eurisu エウリス シェイミ
Shaymin リス (risu) squirrel, possibly Ulysses. It also sounds like "erizo", spanish word for hedgehog.
Ausu アウス アルセウス
Arceus Appears to be a shortened form of its final name. Possibly comes from Australopithecus.
(Source: Helix Chamber)

Anti Piracy Measure

Please elaborate.
Having more detail is always a good thing.
Specifically: What exactly constitutes as hacking it, and how does the game detect it? What happens when a transfer is attempted (are there any otherwise-unused messages)? Does it affect all save files, or just one?

If the game is hacked in any way, whether it be codes or not, it will be impossible to transfer Pokémon from a Nintendo DS game card to the Wii. The only way to be able to transfer again is to delete the save file manually from the Wii menu.

If you ever copy an illegal / non-legit Pokemon to Pokemon Battle Revolution, it will just appear as an egg. The Pokemon won't be able to be usable in battles, but it's still in its original form in the original game where it was copied. Multiple issues from a Pokemon can trigger this event, for example having an EV total that is higher than it should be (>510). However, illegal moves are not triggering this event, most likely due to Genius Sonority predicting some movepool changes.

Regional Differences

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International Releases

Various differences can be observed between the original Japanese release of Pokemon Battle Revolution and international releases:

  • MANY Pokemon from Kanto, Johto & Hoenn would receive new upgraded models - some of them (like Arcanine) originally re-used models from Pokemon Stadium 2 & Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.
  • The skin tones of Neon Colosseum Leader Rosie and Sunny Park Colosseum Master Sashay were darkened. Sashay's shorts underneath her miniskirt were also lengthened and re-coloured to be purple as opposed to grey.
  • Widescreen 16:9 support was added to the international versions.

Unreleased Pokemon Video Game Showdown 2008 Build

A custom build of Pokemon Battle Revolution was used during the Pokemon Video Game Showdown event in 2008 (a precursor to the later Pokemon World Championships). The following differences can be noted:

  • A unique arrangement of "Battle! (Team Galactic Boss)" from Pokemon Diamond & Pearl was used during matches. This arrangement is not present in the retail builds of the game.
  • The only Colosseum seen in footage of this build is Sunset Colosseum.
  • The Pokemon selection screen hides the opponent's team, only allowing the player to see their own before the battle begins.
  • This build appears to be compatible with any language of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl - retail builds are only compatible with games that are of the same region.

Unreleased Pokemon World Championship 2009 Build

Despite never receiving an official release, a custom updated version of the game was used during the 2009 Pokemon World Championship. The following differences can be noted:

  • Like with the earlier 2008 Video Game Showdown build, the Pokemon selection screen hides the opponent's team, and appears to be compatible with any language of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum.
  • The Platinum costumes for Lucas & Dawn are implemented - in the retail build, all DS games will use their appearances in Diamond & Pearl. (as Platinum was not announced, let alone released at the time)
  • The only Colosseum seen in footage of this build is Waterfall Colosseum. Tournament matches played the music normally used when facing Mysterial in Stargazer Colosseum, which is not ordinarily an available music choice for Waterfall Colosseum.

It is unknown whether this build included compatibility and models for the new formes Platinum introduced for Rotom, Shaymin, and Giratina - although given usage of any of their new formes was banned, this is unlikely to be the case.