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Pokémon Card GB2

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Title Screen

Pokémon Card GB2

Also known as: Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: Here Comes Team Great Rocket!
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: The Pokémon Company
Platforms: Game Boy Color
Released in JP: March 28, 2001

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

DCIcon.png This game has a Data Crystal page

The successor to the Pokémon Trading Card Game, though this one never left Japan. Save the residents of TCG Island by foiling Team Great Rocket's nefarious plot to steal all the trading cards in the world!


Debugging Material
Unreferenced functions that were used for testing.
PokémonTCG2 Unused Top Wall Tiles.png
Unused Graphics
And the award for "Most Unused Tile" goes to...
Pokemon GS-Pokedex.png
Unused Text
Leftovers from dummied-out debug functions.

Build Date

Stored at 0x28D9 is a string which shows the date at which the game was compiled.

VER 1/18 14:36