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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team

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Title Screen

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team

Also known as: Pokemon Fushigi no Danjon Aka no Kyuujotai / Ao no Kyuujotai (JP), Pokemon Bulgasaui Dungeon Parang Gujodae (KR) (Blue Rescue Team)
Developer: Chunsoft
Publishers: The Pokémon Company (JP), Nintendo (INT)
Platforms: Game Boy Advance (Red Rescue Team), Nintendo DS (Blue Rescue Team)
Released in JP: November 17, 2005
Released in US: September 18, 2006
Released in EU: November 10, 2006
Released in AU: September 28, 2006
Released in KR: August 30, 2007 (Blue Rescue Team only)

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article
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Now you, too, can live out your secret desires to be a Pokémon! Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team are the first two releases of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon sub-series, released respectively for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS.

Only Blue Rescue Team was ever released in South Korea, as Daiwon distributed the Game Boy Advance there; as a result, there are no first-party Korean games for Game Boy Advance at all.

15 years after the games came out, they were remade in 3D as Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX.

To do:
  • Check the Korean version of Blue Rescue Team for any dual-slot features or leftovers, since they would be unused as a result of the one-sided release.
  • There is a lot of development-related text, which slightly differs from Red Rescue Team to Blue Rescue Team.
  • There are many unused special characters for the dialogue font. List and rip them.
  • There are also Japanese characters still present in the US and EUR version; rip them and explain why their colors are glitched if forced to appear in non-Japanese versions.
  • Search for all unused sounds in this Zip archive.
  • Check out the Korean PC demo Gold Rescue Team, which has an unused Japanese title.
  • Could these games have assets leftover from Dragon Quest Characters: Torneko's Great Adventure 3 Advance, as they use a very similar game engine to that game?


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red-Debug Room Map.png
Debug Room
Hidden area reserved for game testing.
Unused Dungeons
12 unused dungeons within the game's code.
Unused Graphics
Loads of unused graphics in the mystery dungeon.
Unused Moves
58 unused and semi-unused moves.

Debug Menu


There is a Debug Menu that can be accessed by patching byte 0xE5B08 (Red Rescue Team) or 0xB7184 (Blue Rescue Team) to 0x10. This can be done by using the following cheat code:

Red Rescue Team (GameShark) Blue Rescue Team
E5199391 437FC95F
5483DD13 B5A5B62A

Not applicable

For Blue Rescue Team, the ROM patch must be done manually with a file editor, since there aren't any Nintendo DS cheat devices that support this feature.

As a result, this will replace the "Delete Save Data" option; also note that after opening the main menu, the cursor will point to it by default rather than to the "Continue" option.

The first five options make the menu disappear and the game freeze, except for the music. The "Storage" option makes the game freeze without the menu disappearing. The "h-open" option will return you to the main menu.

However these features do work in a leaked Japanese Debug-Enabled build, in which is documented here.

Provisional Map


Besides the Debug Room, there is another unused area accessible via these cheat codes:

Red Rescue Team (GameShark) Blue Rescue Team (Action Replay)
820C0AB4 0007
0210FAF0 00000007

After activating the code, walk though any warp point in the overworld to access this area.

Despite the "Makuhita Dojo" area label shown in the overworld menu, this room seems more like a house than a dojo: it has a bed, a fireplace, and many flowerpots. The Japanese label "仮マップ" on the lower part of the map means "provisional map". Also, it is possible to walk on the table, but not on the stairs present on the right.

There are two Pokémon NPCs in this room: a Noctowl and a Gulpin, respectively. When talked to, they will both give a red "Unregistered dialog script" line. If the room is accessed before saving Magnemite, these NPCs will be absent.

The background music is the same as the one used for Makuhita Dojo mazes. Leaving the room (after disabling the cheat code) will send the player to in front of the Makuhita Dojo entrance.

Unused Animations


To do:
Double-check if the following animations are used anywhere in the game:
  • Pose (back-facing)
  • RaiseArms

Special1 is a animation where they are seen walking, with a shocked expression, and holding their hands up. This appears to not be used anywhere in the game, although it's likely meant to be used somewhere in the Team A.C.T cutscene where they finally catch up to the player and partner in Mt. Freeze.

Additionally, many of the starters who would only walk on all fours (Bulbasaur as an example) that were given this animation, now walk on two legs if this animation ever played.

PMDRRT Charmander Special1-Anim.gif


Some animations are used only by the partner in specific main story cutscenes. Meowth, Psyduck, Machop, Cubone, Eevee, and Skitty cannot be selected as the partner, so their variations were left unused. Partner modifier codes will allow these animations to function as normal.

Special0, an animation meant for the Mt. Steel cutscene, when the partner looks down the cliff.
PMDBRT Meowth Special0-Anim.gif PMDBRT Psyduck Special0-Anim.gif PMDBRT Machop Special0-Anim.gif PMDBRT Cubone Special0-Anim.gif PMDBRT Eevee Special0-Anim.gif PMDBRT Skitty Special0-Anim.gif

DeepBreath, an animation meant for the Mt. Freeze cutscene, after meeting Ninetales.
PMDBRT Meowth DeepBreath-Anim.gif PMDBRT Psyduck DeepBreath-Anim.gif PMDBRT Machop DeepBreath-Anim.gif PMDBRT Cubone DeepBreath-Anim.gif PMDBRT Eevee DeepBreath-Anim.gif PMDBRT Skitty DeepBreath-Anim.gif

CarefulWalk, an animation meant for the Sky Tower cutscene, when the partner walks across the clouds.
PMDBRT Meowth CarefulWalk-Anim.gif PMDBRT Psyduck CarefulWalk-Anim.gif PMDBRT Machop CarefulWalk-Anim.gif PMDBRT Cubone CarefulWalk-Anim.gif PMDBRT Eevee CarefulWalk-Anim.gif PMDBRT Skitty CarefulWalk-Anim.gif

Unused Portraits

Since Meowth, Psyduck, Machop, Cubone, Eevee, and Skitty cannot be selected as the partner, certain portraits have been left unused and cannot be displayed normally without the use of partner modifier codes.

They would later become selectable as the partner in the remake.















This is a placeholder portrait found in Skarmory's data. The Japanese in the graphic corresponds to Skarmory's Japanese name.

In addition, there is a duplicate of Rayquaza's portrait in the files, stored separately from the used one.

Unused Pokémon

The graphics and dialogue assigned to these Pokémon are used for various game mechanics, but they can't be fought or recruited by any means; thus, all their data goes unused.

They can be used as the main character by using the cheat codes below, in which the "????" corresponds to the relative Pokémon ID code.

Red Rescue Team (GameShark) Blue Rescue Team (Action Replay)
820048D0 00FF
82030698 ????
021136E4 000000FF
021136A8 0000????

Note that this code should be enabled before finishing the personality test. This will force the game to select Charmander as the main character, and then to change it into the desired Pokémon before the first cutscene.

Code Name Category Palette Size Type Walkable Tiles Friend Area Ability Shadow Size Base Exp. Recruit Chance
0000 ?????????? Eruption Pokémon 0x00 1 Normal Ground None Overgrown Large 100 -999
01A4 Munchlax Big Voice Pokémon 0x0C 1 Psychic Ground None Pressure Medium 100 0
01A5 Decoy Slacker Pokémon 0x03 1 Steel Ground None Pressure Medium 1 0
01A6 Statue Coal Pokémon 0x05 1 Water Ground None Drizzle Small 14 7
01A7 Rayquaza Sky High Pokémon 0x03 4 Dragon, Flying Ground, Magma, Water, Sky Stratos Lookout Air Lock Large 230 0
(Pokémon Data Structure: Data Crystal)

Stat tables can be found on the notes page.

Below are explanations about their use by the game:

  • ??????????: This seems to be a placeholder or early test. Trying to make it appear by using any kind of method makes the game crash due to multiple invalid data fields. It also has unique unused dungeon ally dialogue.
  • Munchlax: Part of its animations are used for two side-story events, which occur randomly after the main story is finished. Its dungeon dialogue is used for Pokémon escorted in missions.
  • Decoy: Its graphics are used for the Decoy status aliment, and its dungeon dialogue is used for Gengar escorted during the relative side-story missions.
  • Statue: It has a single sprite image which is used for the Kangaskan Statue, which allows you to save the game before entering a dungeon during story events. In dungeons, it appears completely black due to a glitch.
  • Rayquaza : A clone of Rayquaza, whose animations are used for main-story cutscenes.

"??????????" Dialogue

Usual 1/2 HP or less 1/4 HP or less Level Up
This is getting tough...
I can’t go on...
I leveled up. I’m happy!

Munchlax Animations

To do:
Access the other event and check whether any of the listed animations are used.

PMD1-MunchlaxSleep.gif PMD1-MunchlaxIdleD.gif PMD1-MunchlaxIdleDL.gif PMD1-MunchlaxIdleL.gif PMD1-MunchlaxIdleU.gif PMD1-MunchlaxIdleUL.gif PMD1-MunchlaxWalkD.gif PMD1-MunchlaxWalkDL.gif PMD1-MunchlaxWalkU.gif PMD1-MunchlaxWalkUL.gif

These animations are left unused for Munchlax, as can be seen in the video.

Unused Items

These can be found in the Kangaskhan Storage after activating the respective cheat code (except for the "Nothing" item):

Red Rescue Team (GameShark) Blue Rescue Team (Action Replay)
420389FA 0001
000000EF 0002
A213C112 000003E7
D5000000 000003E7
C0000000 000000EE
D7000000 0213BF36
D2000000 00000000
Item name Sprite In-game description Function
Nothing PMD1-Oran Berry.gif No information available. An item placeholder used for Pokémon in friend areas.
Ring D PMDRRT-Ribbon.gif Ring D Unknown.
Ring E PMDRRT-Ribbon.gif Ring E Unknown.
Ring F PMDRRT-Ribbon.gif Ring F Unknown.
Alert Specs PMDRRT-Specs.gif A hold item that prevents the Pokémon from having its held item snatched away or swatted down. Just as the in-game description says. Note that this is pretty useless since its effect applies on the item itself, which doesn't have any other effect.
PMDRRT-TmName.gifExcavate PMDRRT-Tm.gif Teaches the move Excavate. It digs through the wall the user is facing. No Pokémon can learn it, so the only way to access its move is by hacking (see the Unused Moves sub-page).
PMDRRT-TmName.gifSpin Slash PMDRRT-Tm.gif Teaches the move Spin Slash. It inflicts damage on all foes surrounding the user. Same as above.
PMDRRT-OrbName.gifObserver Orb PMDRRT-Orb.gif Changes the status of the target to Paused, making it incapable of action. Just as the in-game description says.
PMDRRT-OrbName.gifPossess Orb PMDRRT-Orb.gif A leader's hold item that enables the leader to possess a friend and survive. It only works for the team leader. It makes an adjacent ally faint in place of the leader, which completely heals them.
PMDRRT-OrbName.gifReviver Orb PMDRRT-Orb.gif A hold item that revives the Pokémon if it faints. It does not work if the holder faints from an explosion. Just as the in-game description says.
PMDRRT-OrbName.gifToss Orb PMDRRT-Orb.gif Enables the Pokémon to throw items. It makes the user perform the item-throw animation.
PMDRRT-OrbName.gifBeatup Orb PMDRRT-Orb.gif Synthesis item Same effect as the Beat Up move.
G Machine 6 PMDRRT-Box.gif Synthesis item Same function as the Link Box item.
G Machine 7 PMDRRT-Box.gif Synthesis item Same function as the Link Box item.
G Machine 8 PMDRRT-Box.gif Synthesis item Same function as the Link Box item.
Weavile Fig PMDRRT-Box.gif Weavile event item. This item name appears in the descriptions for missions which offer the Weavile Statue as a reward. However, the player never obtains it in their inventory, since the statue is displayed outside the base instead. This item also functions as the Link Box item.
Switch Box PMDRRT-Box.gif A curious box that enables the user to switch the rescue team's leader. Only official team members may become the team leader. Just as the in-game description says. However, it doesn't work until the main story is finished.
Mime Jr. Fig PMDRRT-Box.gif Mime Jr. event item. Same as the Weavile Fig.

Unused Music

There are two unused tracks in the games. It is unknown where they would have gone, but judging by the file names they were at one point intended for a cutscene and training menu of some sort. The word "zukkoke" is Japanese for "foolish" or "stupid."

Red Rescue Team: EVENT_ZUKKOKE

Red Rescue Team: SYS_TRAINING

Unused Sound Effects

An alternative sound effect for evolution goes unused:

Red Rescue Team: EVOLUTION_02
Blue Rescue Team: SND_ME_M_EVOLUTION_02

A track consisting of four consecutive sound effects, of which only the third is used. Judging by the file name ("orugoru" is Japanese for "music box"), this could have been intended for the Music Box item. In the actual game, the Music Box never makes any sounds and disappears from the inventory if the player attempts to use it.

Red Rescue Team: EFF_ORUGORU
Blue Rescue Team: SND_ME_M_EFF_ORUGORU

Redundant Sound Effects

There are two sound tracks consisting of almost identical data, used when leveling up:

Red Rescue Team: LEVELUP (used), FANFARE (unused)
Blue Rescue Team: SND_ME_M_LEVELUP (used), SND_ME_M_FANFARE (unused)

There is another couple of sound tracks, which in this case consist in the very same data, used when receiving a mission reward:

Red Rescue Team: REWARD (used), NEWS (unused)
Blue Rescue Team: SND_ME_M_REWARD (used), SND_ME_M_NEWS (unused)

Silent Tracks

There are two tracks which make no sound when played, which are labeled internally as DUMMY and SAVE_01 in Red Rescue Team and as SND_BGM_M_DUMMY and SND_BGM_M_SAVE_01 in Blue Rescue Team.

Unused Pokémon Settings

Various unused settings for Pokémon data.

(Pokémon Data Structure: Data Crystal)

Unused Pokémon Sizes

The Pokémon Size value is actually indicating the amount of video memory necessary for its relative overworld graphics. Valid values can go from 1 to 6, but only Pokémon with sizes of 1, 2, and 4 are present in the game.

Unused Walkable Tiles Setting

Many Pokémon are set in the game's code to be able to walk on specific dungeon floor tiles; however, there are no Pokémon set to be able to walk on both magma and water but not on sky tiles.

Default Speed

In the main Pokémon data, there is a value that sets the default movement speed modifier, but no Pokémon have a set value different from the regular speed. Also note that the value can go from -2147483648 to 2147483647, which is quite overly long considering that the actual range of valid speed values is only six.

"None" Pokémon Type

Many Pokémon have no second type, but if the data for a Pokémon is set as such for the first type, it will be displayed as having "None" as type.

"None" Friend Area

Only some unused Pokémon have "None" set as their friend area. These can still be recruited, but the game will always ask the player to release all of them after leaving the dungeon, saying that the friend area is full.

"-------" Pokémon Ability

As with the "None" Pokémon type, this is displayed only if set as the first ability. Also, this ability has no description text.

Munchlax's Evolution

Munchlax can evolve to Snorlax at level 40, but this cannot be triggered in-game, because Munchlax is unobtainable.

Diglett and Dugtrio Shadow

Diglett and Dugtrio are specially programmed to not display their shadow, which are still actually set to be, respectively, medium and large.

Unused Dungeon Data

Removed Pokémon

Several floors have data for Pokémon with zero chance to appear. This was done by setting their probability value to 0. Most of these seem to be leftovers from when presets were copy-pasted for some floors.

Dungeon Floors Pokémon Level
Stormy Sea B1F-B8F Tentacruel Lv. 33
Stormy Sea B1F-B9F Omastar Lv. 35
Stormy Sea B1F-B5F Pelipper Lv. 23
Stormy Sea B9F-B14F Dewgong Lv. 35
Stormy Sea B9F-B17F Armaldo Lv. 28
Stormy Sea B11F-B14F Slowbro Lv. 27
Stormy Sea B15F-B24F Sealeo Lv. 22
Stormy Sea B15F-B24F Walrein Lv. 28
Stormy Sea B34F-B39F Walrein Lv. 28
Stormy Sea B35F-B39F Sharpedo Lv. 35
Meteor Cave B20F Deoxys (Attack) Lv. 35
Meteor Cave B20F Deoxys (Defense) Lv. 35
Meteor Cave B20F Deoxys (Speed) Lv. 35
Buried Relic B15F Geodude Lv. 27
Buried Relic B15F Ditto Lv. 25
Buried Relic B15F Noctowl Lv. 30
Buried Relic B15F Porygon2 Lv. 20
Buried Relic B15F Aron Lv. 35
Buried Relic B15F Gulpin Lv. 20
Buried Relic B15F Regice Lv. 23
Buried Relic B15F Registeel Lv. 25
Buried Relic B25F Hypno Lv. 33
Buried Relic B25F Ditto Lv. 25
Buried Relic B25F Hitmontop Lv. 22
Buried Relic B25F Regirock Lv. 18
Buried Relic B25F Registeel Lv. 25
Buried Relic B35F Sandshrew Lv. 30
Buried Relic B35F Shedinja Lv. 5
Buried Relic B35F Regirock Lv. 18
Buried Relic B35F Regice Lv. 23
Northern Range 25F Seviper Lv. 25
Desert Region 1F-6F Sandslash Lv. 35
Desert Region 1F-11F Vibrava Lv. 30
Desert Region 12F-20F Claydol Lv. 26
Southern Cavern B1F-B7F Dugtrio Lv. 30
Southern Cavern B37F-B45F Tyranitar Lv. 50
Fiery Field 1F-4F Ninetales Lv. 50
Fiery Field 1F-4F Camerupt Lv. 37
Fiery Field 5F-8F Charmeleon Lv. 30
Fiery Field 26F-30F Charizard Lv. 55
Fiery Field 30F Charmeleon Lv. 30
Fiery Field 30F Combusken Lv. 26
Northwind Field 27F-30F Feraligatr Lv. 60
Northwind Field 30F Croconaw Lv. 28
Northwind Field 30F Politoed Lv. 28
Northwind Field 30F Absol Lv. 45
Lightning Field 1F-5F Magneton Lv. 28
Lightning Field 1F-5F Flaaffy Lv. 30
Lightning Field 1F-5F Ampharos Lv. 33
Lightning Field 6F-7F Raichu Lv. 25
Lightning Field 6F-7F Magneton Lv. 28
Lightning Field 7F Ampharos Lv. 33
Lightning Field 8F-9F Raichu Lv. 25
Lightning Field 8F-9F Ampharos Lv. 33
Lightning Field 10F Raichu Lv. 25
Lightning Field 10F-B13F Ampharos Lv. 33
Lightning Field 15F-22F Electabuzz Lv. 12
Lightning Field 30F Raichu Lv. 25
Lightning Field 30F Manectric Lv. 35
Lightning Field 30F Tropius Lv. 35
Wondrous Sea B1F-B12F Regirock Lv. 5
Wondrous Sea B1F-B12F Regice Lv. 17
Wondrous Sea B1F-B12F Registeel Lv. 20
Dojo Registration B1F-B69F Abra Lv. 16
Purity Forest 99F Parasect Lv. 30
Purity Forest 99F Weezing Lv. 20
Purity Forest 99F Claydol Lv. 26
Purity Forest 99F Salamence Lv. 26
Purity Forest 99F Metagross Lv. 28

Map Coordinates

There are 20 unused coordinates for the world map locations. Below is a graphic comparing the full screen of used ones and a mockup of the unused ones:

Used Coordinates Unused Coordinates
PMD1-UsedCoordinates.png PMD1-UnusedCoordinates.png

The unused entries are, approximately from left to right and from top to bottom:

  • Fantasy Strait (183, 9)[1]
  • D61 (217, 8)[1]
  • D51 (250, 8)[1]
  • Sky Tower Summit (352, 12)[2]
  • Boss 4 (443, 6)[1]
  • D54 (474, 6)[1]
  • D50 (472, 25)[1]
  • Mt. Freeze Peak (427, 62)[3]
  • Mt. Freeze Peak (436, 69)[2]
  • Frosty Grotto (422, 101)[2]
  • Mt. Blaze Peak (389, 109)[2]
  • Mt. Thunder Peak (299, 142)[2]
  • Magma Cavern Pit (446, 163)[2]
  • Dojo Registration (187, 190)[1]
  • Wondrous Sea (336, 253)[1]
  • Autopilot (11, 307)[1]
  • Snow Path (206, 314)[4]
  • Rock Path (225, 314)[4]
  • Boss 3 (246, 315)[1]
  • Boss 9 (441, 310)[1]

There are three types of unused coordinates:

  1. 1.00 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 1.06 1.07 1.08 1.09 1.10 Unused Dungeons.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Dungeons which can't be accessed directly from the base. Note that these locations are displayed in Blue Rescue Team during post-boss battle story cutscenes if the option to show the map in the top screen is set.
  3. Clone of Mt. Freeze Peak, used for the Gengar mission.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Dungeons which can't be accessed outside of story events.

Unused Data

Unused Damage Types

There are two text strings indicating unused damage types: debug damage and fainted from a debug attack.

Unused Move Ranges

To do:
Analyze the game's code to document their precise function.

Two unused moves have a unique Range: なにもの? (Who?) has "None" (00), and Spin Slash has "Foe at side" (09), which seems to be the same as Cut's "Foes within 1-tile range" (02).

Unused Tactics

Name Description
All for one
The Pokémon will try to avoid being alone.
It will try to stay with the team.
Group safety
The Pokémon will try to avoid being alone.
It will try to stay with friends of the
same species.

These tactic names and descriptions are found in the ROM along with the used ones. The behaviors in the descriptions are not implemented; a Pokémon with any of these tactics will behave as if their tactic is "Let's go together".

Unused Text Placeholders

"Unregistered dialog script" Dialogue

This is found in the Debug Room.
Japan version International
Unregistered dialog script

This red text line is displayed in the textbox when talking to an overworld Pokémon which has no dialog script set. It can be found in the unused overworld areas.

"invalidity" String

Effect of cheat code below. Note that this works even if there is no game saved.
Japan version International

This red word is displayed in place of undefined string variables in textboxes. The following cheat code forces the game to show it in the main menu:

Red Rescue Team (GameShark) Blue Rescue Team
D4A8D728 9CCAB80C
5ECB57AF CA29737F
A3B8FC60 432D52C4
2713B05D 566003E0

Not applicable

This code will change the "Adventure Log" text menu in "$m0", which is a text macro for pointing a string variable. Note that there aren't equivalent cheat codes applicable for Blue Rescue Team, for which this change can only be done by editing the ROM file.

"undefine" String

To do:
Find a way to trigger it.
Japan version International

This red word is present in the ROM after the "invalidity" one. It's probably a placeholder for undefined string variables.

"ななし" Friend Area Name

Used as a name placeholder. Means "Nameless".

Unused Code

AI Targeting Items

There is unused code that allows AI-controlled Pokémon to head towards nearby items on the ground. The code is hidden behind a check for the Pokémon being the party leader; as the leader cannot be controlled by the AI, this code is never reached. The code is mostly functional, though the AI gets stuck on the item if the toolbox is full or if the Pokémon is a wild Pokémon that is already holding an item.

The item-targeting behavior can be enabled by hacking the code to removing the leader check, and can be seen at 41:23 in the video.

Warp Seed AI Usage

The AI normally does not use Warp Seeds, but there are unused checks within the AI code for using them. If Warp Seeds were usable, the AI would eat them if under 20 HP, or throw them at an ally who is under 20 HP.

Enemy Evolution

To do:
Find a way to enable this behavior and get a screenshot/video of it.

There is a dungeon flag allowing eligible enemies to evolve once a party member faints (assuming the player has no Reviver Seeds). This code is still fully-functional, but goes unused since the flag is not actually enabled on any dungeons.

(Source: https://github.com/pret/pmd-red/blob/cfe77992955aec88fb7834d00c24cacdf762fefd/include/dungeon.h#L17)

Build Dates

The following ASCII strings are found in the specified versions at the specified addresses.

Red Rescue Team

pkd ver 1.0 [Oct  7 2005] 21:59:14
PKDi ver 1.0 [Apr 28 2006] 16:37:54
US Kiosk Demo
PKDi ver 1.0 [May 29 2006] 14:11:36
PKDi ver 1.0 [Sep 13 2006] 14:17:17

Blue Rescue Team

Japan v1.0
pkd ver 1.0 [Oct  7 2005] 21:56:50
Japan v1.1
pkd ver 1.0 [Nov 24 2005] 15:05:08
PKDi ver 1.0 [May 29 2006] 17:05:20
PxKDi ��1.0� [Sep 13  2006] 1 4:13:31
South Korea
PKDi ver 1.0 [May 17 2007] 19:16:08


  • The Japan v1.1 string claims to be another v1.0.
  • The Europe string seems to be damaged.

Regional Differences

Red Rescue Team Title Screen

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team title JP.png
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team title.png
Europe (English)
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team title EU eng.png
Europe (German)
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team title EU ger.png
Europe (French)
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team title EU fre.png
Europe (Spanish)
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team title EU spa.png
Europe (Italian)
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team title EU ita.png
  • The logo in the Japanese version has a different style compared to the other versions.
  • As in several other games, "PUSH START" in the Japanese version is changed to "PRESS START" in the English language versions.
  • The subtitle in the European version has a different and smaller font than the US and Australian ones.
  • The logo is slightly redone in the European version to make the trademark sign more noticeable and make it easier to change it for the different languages available.
  • The sky in the US and Australian versions is actually the same as from Blue Rescue Team:
Red Rescue Team (US/Australia) Blue Rescue Team (all versions)
PMDRRT-TitleSky.png PMDBRT-TitleSky.PNG

Also note that the lower part of the sea has a unique graphic that is normally unseen.

Blue Rescue Team Title Screen

South Korea
Europe (English)
Europe (German)
Europe (French)
Europe (Spanish)
Europe (Italian)

The differences are the same as for Red Rescue Team, except for these facts:

  • The logo in the Korean version, which was released only as Blue Rescue Team, is the only one with a similar style to the Japanese one.
  • All the title screens have the same background.

Recruited Pokémon List

Japan/Korea International
PMDRRT-FriendListJP.png PMDRRT-FriendListUS.png

The list of recruited Pokémon shows the relative species in brackets in the Japanese and Korean versions only.

Friend Area Overworld Map

Friend Areas in the game are sorted in regions that can be traversed on this alternate overworld map; in the Japanese version only there is the word エリア (area) after the name of each region; additionally, for the player's team base, there is the word きち (base) after the team's name. A similar thing happens in the Korean version.

Revisional Differences

Early Japanese copies have a glitch that may erase saved data in any Game Boy Advance games inserted into the DS's second slot other than Red Rescue Team.

Console Differences

The DS version of the game Blue Rescue Team has received some changes to get it working on the DS Hardware, such as these.

  • Loading times are much faster.
  • The music sounds different.
  • The Top Screen is only used for certain things such as the game map and the Pokémon information while in a dungeon.
  • If the DS has Red Rescue Team in it's GBA slot, it will unlock functions for that game.