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Pokémon Stadium 2 (International)

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Title Screen

Pokémon Stadium 2

Also known as: Pokémon Stadium Kin Gin (JP)
Developer: Nintendo EAD
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in JP: December 14, 2000
Released in US: March 28, 2001
Released in EU: October 19, 2001
Released in AU: 2001

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

DCIcon.png This game has a Data Crystal page

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Pokémon Stadium 2 is essentially Pokémon Stadium with 251 Pokémon, new mini-games, and a couple of new features. Notably, the last Pokémon game to be published by Nintendo in Japan, before their publishing rights were transferred over to The Pokémon Company a year later. However, Nintendo would continue to publish the games abroad.


PKStadium2 DebugMenu.png
Debug Fragments
Various debug menus.

Unused Animations

Pokémon Stadium Leftovers

Many Pokémon have leftover animations that were used in the intro of Pokémon Stadium (click to animate).


Dummy Pokémon

Value 000

Doesn't do much besides showing a glitchy name and removing the thumbnail. It doesn’t have its own model, so the last-viewed one before it will remain visible.


Value 280

An open Pokéball with a glitchy thumbnail and name.


Unused Graphics


Tell me you wouldn't want to see this.

Mugshots of Pichu found among the mugshots of the trainers and Gym Leaders.

GB Building

Pokemonstadium2 gbthing.png

An unused nametag for the Game Boy Tower. The text translates to "GB Building", which is the Japanese name of this location.

Delibird's Delivery

There's always that one lousy gift Pikachu not included Hey batta batta SWING batta batta Better hope it's not an eMachine Some nice detail for such a small graphic

Several unused presents for the "Delibird's Delivery" minigame:

  • A crushed food can.
  • An Ash Ketchum (Satoshi) doll.
  • A baseball glove holding a baseball.
  • A wooden baseball bat.
  • A toy-like computer, keyboard and mouse.
  • A potted Christmas tree.

Unused Models

Mini-Game Fearow

Pstad2 fearowlow.png

A low-poly Fearow can be found among the mini-game models. Fearow does not appear in any mini-games.

Unobtainable Room Decorations

It's possible to connect Pokémon Stadium 2 to the mainline Generation II Pokémon games through the use of the Transfer Pak. Doing so lets one perform a Mystery Gift, with the chance of receiving decorations for the player's bedroom in Gold and Silver and Crystal. Here, said decorations are sorted in a rarity table, which contains three sets:

  • Gift Set 1 (Common) awards the player either a Big Lapras Doll or a Surf Pikachu Doll.
  • Gift Set 2 (Rare) awards the player a Tentacool Doll.
  • Gift Set 3 (Very Rare) awards the player a Tentacool Doll if Round 2 hasn't been unlocked, and a Pikachu Bed if it has.

However, the game's random number generation is actually faulty, thus making it impossible to reach the odds of Gift Set 2 and Gift Set 3. Moreover, only the Big Lapras Doll and Surf Pikachu Doll can be obtained through regular "mainline to mainline" Mystery Gift, leaving a total of three decorations unobtainable through normal gameplay.

The Coin Case glitch exclusive to Gold and Silver makes it possible to obtain these items, through the use of a particular setup.

Tentacool Doll and Pikachu Bed

Two decorations which were intended to be Stadium 2 exclusives. Since they go unused due to an oversight, they function as intended when hacked into either this game or the mainline Gen II games. Carrie even has unique dialogue when transfering them over:

Visual Deco ID Dialogue
PokémonStadium2 - Tentacool Doll.png 0x2A
Ah! TENTACOOL!? Terrific! Terrific!
PokémonStadium2 - Pikachu Bed.png 0x03
Yaah! A PIKACHU BED! Great Great!
I can go show this off.

Unown Doll

This doll, styled after Unown G, is completely missing from any item gift tables, and appears to be a scrapped exclusive gift. Its implementation is slightly unfinished, since forcing the game to gift you this item will make it state that "DECORATION was transferred", instead of "UNOWN DOLL was transferred". Despite this, it does have a unique room viewer label, as well as its own model, and even dedicated dialogue for Carrie (though it lacks the "rumor" hint that exists for both the Tentacool Doll and Pikachu Bed). The same model was later used in Pokémon Channel.

Visual Deco ID Dialogue
PokémonStadium2 - Unown Doll.png 0x27
Yaah! <PLAYER>! I have a UNOWN DOLL.
Yaah! Yaah!
(Source: Project Pokémon Forums)

Unused Dialogue

To do:
Transcribe and list the dialogue lines here, rather than just linking to them.

Every trainer has dialogue for a draw. However, since it is normally impossible to get a draw against computer opponents, this dialogue never appears. A draw can be achieved by using a GameShark code to put a time limit on the battle, in which case the dialogue will appear, but the draw is otherwise equivalent to a loss so the player will either have to use a continue or end the current challenge.

Some of the trainers share draw quotes, so duplicates will be omitted here for the sake of brevity.


Trainer Tie Quote
Rival "Hmph! How could I have only tied against the likes of you?"
Cal "You won't get anywhere if you can only tie me."

Pokemon Academy Trainers

Trainer Tie Quote
Clayton "Neither of us were serious enough."
Cyndy "Hmm... I guess these things happen."
Jonathan "That's strange. A draw?"
Joseph "So, was this a wasted battle?"
Naomi "Oh, a draw? I've never had one before."
Nolan "That's disappointing. What did I do wrong?"
Tammy "Well, this might be okay, too."
Connor "Whew... We must be evenly matched."
Ferris "A draw is no good! Let's do it again!"
Julian "Oh, sheesh. What was I doing?"

Challenge Cups

Trainer Tie Quote
Darcy "This turned out strangely."
Jan & Jane "It's a tie. We're not happy about this."
Roberto "I didn't lose, that's what matters. But, then again, I didn't win..."
Travis "Hmm... These things sometimes happen."
Curtis "A tie, huh? Well, that's fine, too. I don't worry about the little


Executive "Hey, what's this? What's this supposed to mean?"
Grunt "What's this all about?"

(Source: Pokémon Stadium 2 disassembly)

Regional Differences

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Title Screen

Japan International
Pocket Monsters Stadium Kin Gin Title.png Pokemonstadium2 title.png

Opening Voice

Much like the previous game, upon launching, Pikachu's voice is heard in the localized versions. In the Japanese version, people's voices are heard instead.

Status Screen

In the Japanese version, a Pokémon's gender icon is displayed next to its name on the in-battle status screen, while its current status is placed to the center-right. In the localized versions, the gender icon is moved down to the center-right, and the current status is centered.

Text Boxes

The in-battle text boxes were lengthened in the localized versions. This fixes an issue in the Japanese versions where the character portraits extend past the right end of the text boxes.

Double Quick Claw Oversight

In the Japanese version, Lance's Tyranitar and Feraligatr both carry a Quick Claw in Round 2, even though duplicate items are forbidden under Stadium rules. In the localized versions, the Feraligatr carries a Mystic Water instead.

(Source: ポケモンWiki)

Mobile Stadium

In the Japanese version, players can download data of timed mobile battles from the Japanese Pokémon Crystal using its Mobile Stadium feature and watch them in Stadium 2 using the equivalent Mobile Stadium function.

This plays in the Mobile Stadium screen of Stadium 2. It is rearranged from the Mobile Menu theme in Crystal, and its filename is "sparse41.miniusf".

Delibird's Delivery

Please elaborate.
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Specifically: How does one most consistently trigger the hidden GBA and GCN? Something about a data structure in the save file relating to P3 as a value for the Mobile Stadium block and recalculating a checksum when using the My Room feature?

Two exclusive presents for the Delibird's Delivery minigame were intended to be distributed through Mobile Stadium:


  • It's not time for you yet!
    A Game Boy Advance sporting its early prototype silver and teal design presented at Space World 2000. The GBA it wouldn't be released until March 2001. It replaces the Game Boy.
  • What the-you're still nine months away, get outta here!
    A GameCube console and its controller, both sporting early prototype designs. While this prototype controller would be presented at Space World 2000, the GameCube seems to show an even earlier design than the one presented there, as a portion of the faceplate that shows the disc seems to extend out a bit further. The GameCube wouldn't be released until September 2001. It replaces the Nintendo 64.

However, because of a bug, these presents can appear in the Japanese version without using Mobile Stadium. It is unknown if they were ever officially distributed.

(Source: Háčky)


Pokémon Green Compatibility

As with the previous game, the localized versions of Stadium 2 retain the ability to recognize Pokémon Green, which is not possible outside Japan under normal circumstances. Unlike the original international Stadium, Stadium 2 can successfully emulate a hacked Green version.

Pokemon Stadium 2 (US)(green version 1).png

Pokémon Blue Pokédex

In the Pokémon Lab, the player can use the Pokédex to view where wild Pokémon can be found in the inserted game. If the player is using an international Blue cartridge, this will cause the feature to mistakenly read area information from the Japanese Blue, resulting in several discrepancies - most notably, it displays wild Lickitung in the Safari Zone and wild Jynx in the Seafoam Islands, when both are exclusive to in-game trades internationally as in Red & Green. Red and Yellow display area info correctly across all regions.

This was notably not the case in the previous game.