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Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

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Title Screen

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

Also known as: Pokémon Méga Donjon Mystère (FR), Pokémon Chou Fushigi no Dungeon (JP)
Developer: Spike Chunsoft
Publishers: The Pokémon Company (JP), Nintendo (INT)
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: September 17, 2015
Released in US: November 20, 2015
Released in EU: February 19, 2016
Released in AU: February 20, 2016

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

To do:
Gates To Infinity Leftovers

It's Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, but SUPER with over 700 Pokémon and various upgrades over it's previous entry.


PSMD Gates Subpage.png
Gates To Infinity Leftovers
Oh lovely, look at all of those Gates To Infinity leftovers.

Unused Music

In the Eyes of Our Allies

An unused music track that was supposed to be used for the final battle of the game.

Move Ever Onwards

An unused copy of the track "Pokémon Friends" from Gates.

Gates To Infinity Leftovers

Various music from Gates To Infinity can be found in sound/stream, and these cannot be played inside the Jukebox.

Menu Music

The menu music from Gates.

Minigame Music

2 music tracks used for Minigames in Gates, however since Super doesn't have any minigames these tracks go unused. While the first track is used for a specific event in the game.

Unused Graphics

Used TMs

In Red/Blue Rescue Team, Explorers of Darkness & Time and Sky, when TMs were used, they would become Used TMs, which could be restored with the Recycle move or else discarded. However, in Super (despite TMs in the main series having become infinite-use, a change which did carry over to the previous Mystery Dungeon game), TMs are completely consumed on use, leaving these newly created models unused. Oddly, used models for HMs exist despite the fact they have always been reusable.

These models didn't even exist at all in the previous game, which had the same TM mechanics. A result of considered reversions to the TM mechanics, or a clueless developer copying from the original sprites? Who's to say?

Super MD - Unknown artwork.png
An illustration featuring a Pikachu in front of a giant unknown building, with some debug lines on top.

(mysterydungeonwiki.com: Blue)

PSMD EarlyMap.png
An early version of the World Map in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon exists in the game's code. It is mostly identical to the final map, with the exception of an island situated between the Air Continent and the Grass Continent that is not present in the final game, and the locations of Fire Island Volcano and the Island of Storms being swapped.

(bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net: Abcboy)

Obscured Graphics

The Stone Pokémon models in gimmick_graphic.bin, have expression textures in their eye and mouth textures. But they go unseen, since the default expression for the stone Starter Pokémon is the pain ones, and they are static objects. This was later changed in the next game, Rescue Team DX where the textures of the static model are combined into 1 texture, and the mapping is all in one.

PSMD stone hitokage ey 00.png PSMD stone hitokage mo 00.png

Unused Models

Dummy Pikachu


An unused charcoal Pikachu model with four copies of the word "Dummy" placed on it. This can also be found in Gate's files.


PSMD Sample Box.png

A simple green cube. This can also be found in Gate's files.


PSMD Null obj.png

A tiny white cube.


PSMD atlas test.png

From the looks of it, this appears to be some kind of drawer. The file name suggests that this model was used as a placeholder for the Pokémon Nexus machine.


PSMD Grid 00.png

A grid model, found in test_graphic.bin

Gates To Infinity Leftovers

Minigame Assets

Minigame assets from Gates To Infinity can be found in mg_gimmick_graphic.bin and mg_map_graphic.bin

Paradise Area

Additionally the Paradise area from said game, can be found in paradise_map_graphic.bin. However there are far less files.

Debug Leftovers


Start while holdingÃ
Debug Flag ONß 
Return After 1 SceneÞ  
Touch Screen Black¡
Non-Dungeon Debug¡
Scenario Progression¡ 
pen Up Dungeons¡ 
Team Status¡ I
Debug Switch¡ 
Processing Meter¡ 
Scripter Information¡ 
Main Scenario State¡ 
Set End Ban Flag¡ 
Paradise Progression State¡ 
Modify Held Money¡ 
Modify Deposited Money¡ 
Modify Team Points¡ 
Change Team Name¡ 
Change Play Time¡ 
Change Times on Adventure¡ 
Modify Notebook¡ 
Modify Team ID¡ 
Create Item¡ 
Modify Inventory¡ 
Modify Storage¡ 
Empty Inventory¡ 
Fill Up Inventory¡ 
Empty Storage¡ 
Fill Up Storage¡ 
Create How Many?¡ 
Create Where?¡ 
Create Pokémon¡ 
Change Player Character¡ 
Change Partner¡ 
Change Pokémon Name¡ 
In-Dungeon Debug¡ 
Pokémon Parameters¡ 
Pokémon Restrictions¡ 
Teach Moves¡ 
Power Up Moves¡ 
Create Items¡ 
Mass Produce¡ 
Create Tile¡ 
Create Trap¡ 
Team Skill¡ 
Team Attack¡ 
Reserve Path¡ 
Debug Switch¡ 
Load Script¡ 
Sound Test¡ 
Select Pokémon¡ 
Player Pokémon¡ 
Pokémon in Front¡ 
1st Type: ø¡ 
2nd Type: ø¡ 
Ability: ø¡ 
Known Moves¡ 
Parameter 1¡ 
Parameter 2¡ 
Hyper Mode¡ 
Remove Max HP Limitation¡ 
Reduce HP to 1¡ 
Accuracy Stage¡ 
Evasion Stage¡ 
MAX Belly¡ 
Status ConditionSetRemoveRemoval All¡ 
Attack Stage¡ 
Attack Factor¡ 
Defense Stage¡ 
Defense Factor¡ 
Sp Atk¡ 
Sp Atk Stage¡ 
Sp Atk Factor¡ 
Sp Def¡ 
Sp Def Stage¡ 
Sp Def Factor¡
Flash Fire Stage¡ 
Stop Allies¡ 
Stop Enemies¡ 
Move Policy¡ 
Moves Only¡ 
Attacks Only¡ 
Enemy Spawning¡ 
Always Join¡ 
Remove All Pokémon¡ 
Create Pokémon¡ 
Creation Status¡ 
Local Wild ON OFF¡
Japanese Order¡ 
Numerical Order¡ 
Line's Moves¡ 
Choose Move¡ 
Who Will Learn?¡ 
Player Pokémon¡ 
Pokémon in Front¡ 
Forget Which?¡ 
Evo Items¡ 
Wonder Orbs¡ 
Trick Box¡ 
Treasure Box¡ 
Delete All¡ 
Item Status¡ 
Where?Your BagPokémon in FrontAt Feet¡ 
Full Bag¡ 
Clear Bag¡ 
Spread Items¡ 
Spread Items (Shop)¡
Full Spread of Items¡ 
Clear Floor¡ 
Create Special Tile¡ 
Trap State¡ 
AttributeTeam AttributeNatural AttributeWild Attribute¡ 
Which Pokémon's Skill?¡ 
All Allies¡ 
Pokémon in Front¡ 
Learn Team Skill¡
Team Skill ON OFF¡
Team Skills¡ 
1st (TBD)¡ 
2nd (TBD)¡ 
Change WeatherClearSunnySandstormRainHailCloudyFogSnow¡ 
Turns Until Wind¡ 
Move Floors¡ 
Reserve Monster House¡ 
Reserve Shop¡ 
Change Background¡ 
Seed Input¡ 
Dungeon Seed Input¡ 
Job Seed InputONOFF¡ 
Show Entire Map¡ 
General Item¡ 
Team Attack¡ 
Team Points¡ 
Benefit Select¡ 
No Type¡ 
Set Mysteriosity¡ 
Reserve Mysteriosity Event¡ 
Mysteriosity Event 1¡ 
Mysteriosity Event 2¡ 
Restart Floor with Reservations¡ 
Current Mysteriosity Event¡ 
Mysterious Tailwind¡ 
Wild Lvl Down¡ 
All Wild Napping¡ 
Mysterious Tailwind¡ 
No HP Recovery¡ 
Wild Lvl Up¡ 
Seeds Banned¡ 
Wonder Orbs Banned¡ 
Equipment Effects Off¡ 
Halls Only Floor¡ 
All Rooms Panels¡ 
Change Weather¡ 
Item Bias¡ 
Wild Pokémon Bias¡ 
Ability Effects Off¡ 
Suddent Death¡ 
Make TM Appear¡ 
Move to Next Floor¡ 
Added Effects 100%¡ 
Ability 100%¡ 
Team Skill 100%¡ 
Chest Drop 100%¡ 
Show Chest Contents¡ 
Damage Random Value¡ 
Escape (Quest Complete)¡ 
Move to Event¡ 
Debug Switch¡ 
Switch Log WindowStandardPipeDungeon Debug PlayDungeon SelectFloor SelectLevel SelectMysteriosity SelectMove ProgressEnableDisableV-Wave (separate window)Seed (separate window)Controlling PokémonParty Member 1Party Member 2Party Member 3None


Choose an area to check¡ 
Ragged Mountain ¡ 
Hazy Pass¡ 
Stompstump Peak¡ 
Inflora Forest¡ 
Glacier Palace¡ 
Ochre Quarry¡ 
Not Clear: area00 First Entry¡
Not Clear: area00 Lose Check: Event¡
Not Clear: area01 Mid-First Entry¡
Not Clear: area01 Mid-2nd Time On¡
Not Clear: area02 Exit-First Entry¡
Not Clear: area02 Exit-2nd Time On¡
Cleared: area00 Entry¡
Cleared: area00 2nd Entry On-Cut Scene¡
Cleared: area01 Middle¡
Cleared: area02 Exit¡
Not Clear: area00 First Entry¡
Not Clear: area00 Lose Check: Event¡
Not Clear: area01 Mid Map¡
Not Clear: area02 Boss Fight Floor Clear¡
Cleared: area00 Entry¡
Cleared: area01 Mid Map¡
Cleared: area02 Post Mini Boss Floor¡
Not Clear: area00 First¡
Not Clear: area00 Lose Check: Event¡
Not Clear: area00 Center Passage Open¡
Not Clear: area01 Upper Right, No Logs¡
Not Clear: area01 Upper Right L-log OK¡
Not Clear: area01 1st Drop from Right¡
Not Clear: area01 2nd Drop from Right¡
Not Clear: area02 Upper Left, No logs¡
Not Clear: area02 Upper Left, R-log OK¡
Not Clear: area02 1st Drop from Left¡
Not Clear: area02 2nd Drop from Left¡
Cleared: area00 Entry¡
Cleared: area00 Center Passage Open¡
Cleared: area01 2nd Upper Right Entry¡
Cleared: area01 2nd Drop from Right¡
Cleared: area02 2nd Upper Left Entry¡
Cleared: area02 2nd Drop from Left¡
Not Clear: area00 1st Entry¡
Not Clear: area00 Lose Check: Event¡
Not Clear: area00 Failure Return (1st)¡
Not Clear: area00 (Failure Return 2nd)¡
Not Clear: area01 Red Correct Entry¡
Not Clear: area01 Blue Correct Entry¡
Not Clear: area01 Yellow Correct Entry¡
Not Clear: area02 Red Correct Entry¡
Not Clear: area02 Blue Correct Entry¡
Not Clear: area02 Yellow Correct Entry¡
Cleared: area00 2nd Entry¡
Cleared: area00 Fail Return (1st)¡
Not Clear: area00 Fail Return (2nd on)¡
Cleared: area01 Red Correct Entry¡
Cleared: area01 Blue Correct Entry¡
Cleared: area01 Yellow Correct Entry¡
Cleared: area02 Red Correct Entry¡
Cleared: area02 Blue Correct Entry¡
Cleared: area02 Yellow Correct Entry¡
Not Clear: area00 Entry¡
Not Clear: area01 Entry¡
Not Clear: area02 Entry¡
Not Clear: area00 First Entry¡
Not Clear: area00 2nd Entry On¡
Not Clear: area01 First Entry¡
Not Clear: area01 2nd Entry On¡
Not Clear: area02 First Entry¡
Not Clear: area02 2nd Entry On¡
Cleared: area00 Entry¡
Cleared: area01 Entry¡
Cleared: area02 Entry¡
Not Clear: area00 First Entry¡
Not Clear: area00 Defeat Check: Event¡
Not Clear: area01 Entry¡
Not Clear: area02 Entry¡
Not Clear: area03 Entry¡
Cleared: area00 Entry¡
Cleared: area01 Entry¡
Cleared: area02 Entry¡
Cleared: area03 Entry


Entered a dungeon
Left the dungeon
Entered encounter area
Left encounter area


Create new from set variations¡
Create new fixed quest¡
Erase all current requests¡
Dungeon floor¡
Set ö as sending out a plea¡
Set ö as being in progress¡
Edit: Category ø, Variation: ø¡
Select a variation¡
Select a category¡
Select a client¡
Select a dungeon¡
Set as ö¡
No variations exist¡
This quest is not a dungeon quest¡
ö's quest does not exist orcannot be created for some other reason¡
This variation cannot be created¡
There is already another quest set forthis floor in the dungeon¡
This quest cannot be created becausethe dungeon hasn't been unlocked orîsome other dungeon related reason


Message counter has been initialized¡
Set message counter to final stage¡
Town map movement flags initialized¡
Town map movement flags all enabled¡
One day will pass¡At this stage, one day can't pass Thiscan be checked after m02_030_free_start¡
Paradise mode set to "not experienced"¡
Paradise mode set to experienced ¡
Reset all script-related flags¡
Dug-up dungeon test¡
Don't Enter¡
Dig-up Dungeon¡
Lot sign tutorial check enabled¡
Skip lot sign tutorials


Your StreetPass Box has been created!
Your StreetPass Box could not be created
Your StreetPass Box has been deleted
System reset to enable StreetPass


Log in: The ýth time¡
Search parent, press B to cancel¡
Press A to login wait, one second later log out¡
Log in waiting, press B to log out¡
Log out¡
Exit with B, one second later log in


Starting debug mode!¡
Talky, talky, talky~¡
Which do you wanna see?¡
Little test¡
Shake head¡
Labeled conversationÁ¡
Under constructionÁ¡
Free control¡
All riiight!
 Time for free control!¡
 Next day¡
 Which do you wanna see?


Cut scene test¡ 
Locked test¡ 
Unlocked test¡
Remove map and show BG¡ 
Remove BG and display map¡ 
Shaking effect (horizontal)¡ 
Follow movement¡ 
Shaking effect (vertical)¡ 
Follow and zoom¡ 
Shaking effect (random)¡ 
Stop shaking¡ 
Baddies test

Unused Text

Signboard Test

This is the usual appearance¡
Keep doing freeplay just like that¡ 
The flowers are pretty, huh?¡ 
You can't go any further¡ 
If you don't run away, it won't go away~¡ 
This is a test for the signboards


Morning, Ñ!¡ 
Morning, Ñ!¡ 
Morning, Ñ!¡ 
Morning, Ñ!¡
Dunsparce? Oops, guess you're not him 
ÂÒ bought¡
the deed to the land!

Free Play Camera Text

The camera'll stay right there!¡
The camera's gonna follow you again!

Regional Differences

The rescue codes and QR codes in Pelipper Island are region locked: each release of the game has different codes that aren't compatible with the other versions. All online features are also region locked, and Wonder Mail codes are different depending on the region. (A tool to convert passwords/QR codes from one region to the other is available here.)

Similarly to the previous game, the player is allowed to choose the gender of the partner, but only in the Japanese and American versions. In the European version, the partner is always female, even when playing in English.

Version Differences

On the 31st of August 2017 an update for the American and European versions of the game was released. The update replaces a script in Meowth Theater to prevent access to its features and inform the player that the service has been discontinued. All of the offline functionalities can still be used by deleting the update.