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PowerSlave Exhumed

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Title Screen

PowerSlave Exhumed

Developers: Lobotomy Software, Night Dive Studios
Publishers: Night Dive Studios, Throwback Entertainment
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: February 10, 2022

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.

Stop some graverobbing aliens from plundering the Egyptian ruins of their untapped power in this resurrected mummy of a Saturn-centric FPS/Metroidvania.

To do:
Check out scripts/map/old/TOMB_script.txt

Old Maps

To do:
Add a good screenshot demonstrating differences between new and old map versions.

The unaltered maps from the PlayStation version of PowerSlave are present and accounted for in the maps/old folder of PowerslaveEX.kpf. They can be played using the console, but may have broken scripting or other issues.

  • maps/old/CAVERN.MAP
  • maps/old/CHAOS.MAP
  • maps/old/GORGE.MAP
  • maps/old/KARNAK.MAP
  • maps/old/KILARENA.MAP
  • maps/old/KILENTRY.MAP
  • maps/old/MAGMA.MAP
  • maps/old/MARSH.MAP
  • maps/old/MINES.MAP
  • maps/old/PASS.MAP
  • maps/old/PEAK.MAP
  • maps/old/SANCTUAR.MAP
  • maps/old/SELBUROW.MAP
  • maps/old/SELPATH.MAP
  • maps/old/SETARENA.MAP
  • maps/old/SETPALAC.MAP
  • maps/old/SHRINE.MAP
  • maps/old/SLAVCAMP.MAP
  • maps/old/SUNKEN.MAP
  • maps/old/THOTH.MAP
  • maps/old/TOMB.MAP
  • maps/old/TOMBEND.MAP

Test Maps

A number of test levels are still present in the maps/testmaps directory of PowerslaveEX.kpf.


Powerslaveexhumed test bombwall.png

A room with an Amun Bomb pickup and a wall to blow up with it.


Powerslaveexhumed test door.png

A small room with two doors, each with a small pickup behind them.


Powerslaveexhumed test floor triggers.png

A small room with a M60 pickup and a conspicuous floor trigger in front of a barred-off side area with a symbol. Stepping on the trigger removes the bars. Grabbing the Symbol opens up two monster closets next to it, each with an Anubis inside.


Powerslaveexhumed test lifts.png

A moodily-lit three-tier area with lifts leading up to a reward.


Powerslaveexhumed test mantis trigger.png

A boss-style arena with several weapons and a Magmantis, set up to test doors opening upon the Magmantis' death ala the climatic encounter in the Magma Fields level.


Powerslaveexhumed test platforms.png

A small room with various types of floating platform abound. The Sandals of Ikumptet sit in the center, for ease of clambering around.


Powerslaveexhumed test room over room.png

An unlit two-tier stone area.


Powerslaveexhumed test switch.png

A small room with a switch that opens two doors into a similarly-sized, empty room.


Powerslaveexhumed test teleport.png

A small, green-lit room with a teleporter that leads to a similar room with another teleporter to send you back.


Powerslaveexhumed test traps.png

A small room with a conspicuous floor trigger and a switch near some laser emitters. Stepping on the trigger activates fireball shooters. Hitting the switch simultaneously deactivates the lasers while activating a second set.

Easter Eggs

Powerslaveexhumed easteregg.png

The original, pre-HD-redraw title screens for each version of the game are present in the files, and will be used if you run the game on specific dates (typically the dates those versions were released). Occasionally, they'll even pop up randomly, just to keep you on your toes and doubting your sanity while taking title screen shots for a TCRF article. (Purely hypothetical example, of course.)