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Predator (ZX Spectrum)

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Title Screen


Developer: Source
Publisher: Activision
Platform: ZX Spectrum
Released in EU: 1988

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: How can one see these messages in-game?

Developer Message

Hidden inside of the game is a rather long rant, complaining about the troubles experienced during development in a rather sarcastic manner. It can be seen in the .tap dump at 0x2E895 or in the .tzx dump at 0x2EC15.

PREDATOR - (c) 1987/8 20th Century Fox.

This program was written in an incredible 
two months in Leeds and the last week in a 
hell-hole called Southampton - nothing 
against the people that live in Southampton, 
but we did see only three other people 
the whole time we were there!

Well I suppose it's time for a few credits 
(and there is only a few!) - here goes .... 
Thanks to Bryn for totally bodging the 
graphics (only joking) and many thanks to 
'Eddy' for giving the team so much notice 
for coming to Southampton (ie: 12 hours) 
and to 'Ray' for giving us so much money 
to spend while we were here 
(in other words - sod all).

Also many thanks to 'Stuart' at Activision, 
without who we would never have had the chance 
to visit such a crap place as Southampton.  
Many thanks to the bloke that runs the guest 
house we (almost) stayed in (Ray: why did it 
have to be so bloody far from the Activision offices).

When you read this message, the ST version 
(written by Alaric) may be finished (or maybe not!) 
Thanks to Mike for getting me to write a program 
to convert HIS screens from ST to C64 format! 
and not forgeting the Southampton police for 
telling us the way home when we got lost the 
night we arrived.

Thanks to 'Saul' for not being there to test
the games when we were.  Mind you it was about 
3 o'clock in the morning!!  Thanks to 'Eddy' for
getting the music to us (about 2 days late).

If you are reading this message, you have either
been speaking to the idiot that wrote the program,
or you've been reading a mag that said that you
press some keys if (or even when) you finish the game.

And what a game! (it was designed by System 3 who are
the biggest load of bodgers around.) .........

And last but no means least, ALL my thanks go to my
girlfriend Liz for putting up with me being in
Southampton for so bloody long.

See you in the next project which could be anything.......

"Eddy" is most likely Eddie Gill, Source (the developer)'s main sound composer. The game's credits do not list anyone for sound.

(Source: Original TCRF research)