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Prerelease:Battlefield 4

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Battlefield 4.

17 Minute "Fishing in Baku" Reveal

This video on the right displays the first mission of the Single-Player Campaign, "Baku", with some notable key differences. The differences are organized in order of appearance.

  • The text during intermissions between scenes has the orange tint, whereas the final lacks them.
    • The timer that appears after the scene in the car does not stop at 13:37 in the final, and "MINUTES EARLIER" is not in the same line unlike the final build.
  • The HUD looks more like Battlefield 3's HUD. Probably meaning that this game was truly modified from that game itself than updating the Frostbite Engine more seriously.
    • There is notably what looks like a defibrillator icon in the bottom-left corner of the ammo indicator. Could have possibly been a scrapped game mechanic where your teammates will be down, and you had to revive them, à la Tom Clancy: Rainbow Six Vegas.
    • The menu that appears at the bottom of the screen to show gadgets and fire mode settings is omitted in this stage of development.
    • Recker uses the same first-person model as Henry Blackburn and the USMC multiplayer classes (with the exception of Assault) from Battlefield 3.
  • Objective titles used to have subtitles, but the final version scrapped this entirely.
    • Objectives that appear above the minimap will flash when completed, then disappear.
  • The game starts you out with an M16A3 (which was cut from the final game), with an M145 scope and Canted Ironsights instead of the final's SCAR-H with a Holographic Sight and Tactical Laser attachment.
    • The game also gives you a sidearm which also doesn't exist in the final's single player campaign: The Shorty 12G with a Mini Red Dot Sight.
      • The Mini Red Dot on the Shorty 12G is much larger than in the final (albeit before the October-November 2014 patch).
    • The game gives you an M32 MGL in the prerelease, but is unobtainable in the final version's level. It could have been what the explosives crate gave the player at the time it cuts to when Dunn contacts Hawkins for the first time, instead of the final's M320.
      • The M32 MGL was also going to have 36 spare ammo. This was changed to 12 spare ammo in the final to nerf the use of the M32 MGL.
  • Tactical Binoculars are yet to exist in this build. Recker's spotting gesture is also different, as in this build he jabs at a spotted enemy twice, while in the final he simply points at a spotted enemy.
    • The engage meter is also non-existent at this point.
  • When shooting a weapon that lands a shot on an enemy, it does not show hit-markers. This was added in the final.
    • The Campaign would've only allowed you to carry one M67 Frag Grenade unlike the final's 3 Frag Grenades. This was possibly added to be consistent with the previous Battlefield single-player campaign, which allowed you to hold 3 frags at the same time.
  • The VDV Buggy that appears around 6:30 was placed after when Hawkins decides to give your squad air support in the final.
  • When inside the jeep, it does not show you who's in the vehicle, unlike in the final.
  • The Crosshair on the .50 cal is different than the final, being a simple dot. Could be legacy coding from Battlefield 3.
    • The Crosshairs on all weapons lack the outline that the final has on its crosshairs.
  • When telling your squad who to shoot, there is no "Attack" sprite that covers the enemy. This was added in the final, but not to vehicles including .50 cal emplacements (Apart from Armored Cars which highlight the people inside the car).
  • All of the Russian Soldier Models are recycled from Battlefield 3.
  • The points system prompts were not yet implemented, but as you can see on the top-right corner at 9:16, the actual system was still in the game.
    • Also in that same text box, you can see that the mission is under the name "Prologue" at this stage of development.
  • Some voice clips and cues for said voice clips are different, most notably towards the end, in a phone call between Captain Garrison and an Unknown Military Officer.
  • There was an optional prompt for cutting off Dunn's leg (which is a forced prompt in the final version), hinting to what could have been cut multiple choices, instead of the final's one multiple choice at the ending.

Battlefield 4 Premium Video

  • Towards the end of the video, you can see icons for Battle Pickups, namely the USAS-12 FLIR variant and the RAWR. These cannot be equipped in a loadout in the final version.
  • Also towards the end are a bunch of loadout icons for all of the vehicles, which cannot be seen normally.
    • In the list of vehicles shown, the Jet Ski and the ACV hovercraft are shown, hinting to what could be more customization options rather than the final's paint customization.

Battlefield 4 -- E3 Multiplayer Gameplay -- Best Moments

  • The menu that appears at the bottom of the screen to show gadgets and fire mode settings are added in this stage of development. However, they are arranged in a square rather than a cross like in the final.
  • Kill feed does not show up at the top right of the screen.