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Prerelease:Castlevania (Nintendo 64)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Castlevania (Nintendo 64).

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Dracula 3D

This is the first trailer for the game, when it was known as Dracula 64[1][2]. The video shows a tech demo with Reinhardt, Carrie, Cornell and Coller, the last two of which were cut from the final game.

The background music is a remix of Dwelling of Doom, and comes from the 1991 album Perfect Selection Dracula.

Debug Process Meter and Font

CV64 Prerelease1.pngCV64 Prerelease2.png

Some early screenshots show a process meter at the bottom on the screen, showing four colored bars. Additionally, some screenshots show debug prints, such as "UNKNOWN" or "CAMERA MODE camera man pitch 2.50". The font used is the same as the one used in debug functions from other Konami games, such as Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon.

(Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 111 (October 1998), page 88)

Sources and more information


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  2. Dracula 3D Trailer - KONAMI NEW RELEASE INFORMATION (1997 SPRING) (8:10. Slightly longer in length + smoother framerate)