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Prerelease:Comic Bakery (MSX)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Comic Bakery (MSX).

Konami Games Flyer (February 1984)

Comic Bakery MSX Prerelease KonamiGamesFlyer1984-02.jpg

A video game flyer published by Konami in February 1984 shows an early version of Comic Bakery where it appears that raccoon dogs could also crawl underneath the floor, in addition to crawling above the conveyer belts and on the ground in the final game.

(Source: Generation MSX)

MSX Tsushin New Year Special (LOGiN Magazine, January 1988)

Comic Bakery MSXTsushinNewYearSpecial LOGiN January 1988 p25.jpg

Interestingly, a pamphlet published by LOGiN Magazine in January 1988 features another prerelease image for Comic Bakery in the "MSX Soft Catalog". This pamphlet also features a number of prerelease images for a number of other games such as the MSX version of Salamander and Super Cobra.

(Source: MSX Tsushin New Year Special (LOGiN, January 1988, p. 25))