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Prerelease:Crash Twinsanity (PlayStation 2, Xbox)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Crash Twinsanity (PlayStation 2, Xbox).

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It's well known that Twinsanity had a troubled development, resulting in the unpolished game that Crash Twinsanity is. Due to this, there's quite frankly a ridiculous amount of content that was scrapped or changed. Aside from prerelease material and developers showcasing scrapped ideas, a large amount of concept art can be found by collecting gems in the game.


GameHut Videos
Early prototypes showcased on programmer Jon Burton's YouTube channel, GameHut.
Prerelease Material
Trailers, previews and press kits galore.

Scrapped Cutscene Storyboards

The channel of a Twinsanity developer under the guise of FakeNina has provided a proverbial goldmine of cutscene storyboards, showing off a plethora of cut scenarios which would take the game's story in a radically different direction! Voices & sound effects are included, though music is not:


A scene where Cortex uses a marker on an unconscious Coco Bandicoot, who was previously frozen by the Psychetron. This scene was very likely intended to play after Coco ambushes Cortex at the Iceberg Lab before getting paralysed by the machine, and may have played either as a comedic cutscene or as an optional event if one tried approaching Coco afterwards.


A very intriguing cutscene planned for the 10th Dimension, where Cortex forces himself to show emotion towards his daugh- niece, and a scrapped "evil" variation of Coco appears and attempts to flirt with Cortex. FakeNina states that this Evil Coco was to be "dumb, flirtatious and trashy - who Crash's sister would be if she had made all the wrong life choices".


A scrapped concept clearly intended for High Seas Hi-Jinks, involving Cortex disguising himself by dressing in drag... a plan which backfires horribly, as he attracts the undivided attention of N.Gin.


The introduction to a scrapped level known as "Rehab Lab", which itself would've introduced a new gameplay mechanic known as "Mock-A-Doc", centred around attacking & physically humiliating Cortex as much as possible.

Upon arriving to the 10th Dimension, Crash & Cortex have their personalities switched, resulting in Evil Crash (a character who appears multiple times in the 10th Dimension in-game) & Good Cortex (a scrapped character). Cortex, against his own volition, becomes overcome by his newfound bursts of compassion, leading Evil Crash to punch him - a solution which Cortex realizes will make him evil again!


Another planned concept for entering the 10th Dimension, this comedic storyboard features Cortex warning Nina & Crash of the dangers of encountering their inter-dimensional selves, before getting spooked by Good Cortex, & instantly vaporizing him with absolutely zero consequences.

Interestingly, unlike Scene_04 featured above, Good Cortex exists separately to Cortex as opposed to being an altered personality, similarly to how Crash & Evil Crash are different characters, implying this scene was created after the 10th Dimension was fully realized as a separate universe.


This cutscene appears to have been planned as the segue into the level known as "Gone a Bit Coco", a scrapped level which gained considerable notoriety with the online Crash fanbase thanks to its appearance in pre-release material. The level itself involved Cortex being transported into Coco's Brainovial Hyperbarium, an incredibly strange world filled to the brim with saccharine sweet enemies & environments.


A cutscene where Cortex tells Crash to roll spheres into holes, using incredibly articulate language before eventually having to use the most simplistic of terms to hammer the point in.

FakeNina explains that this scene, while appearing to be planned for Ant Agony (a level which features pushing Energon Spheres into holes as a puzzle element), was actually planned to occur right before the jump to the 10th Dimension, stating that "there is work to be done".


A scene where Cortex summons Mecha Bandicoot in a native village as a last resort to combat the Evil Twins, mentioning that it has an electronic brain that mimics Crash's manner of thinking.

Similarly to Scene_04 & Scene_06, this cutscene may have been a segue for another cut level which allowed one to play as Mecha Bandicoot. In the final game, Mecha Bandicoot is only playable in the last phase of the final boss fight, where Crash pilots it.


A cutscene which shows Cortex comedically snapping from having to push multiple buttons & levers throughout the game. This clip could have fit in multiple sections of the game where Crash & Cortex have to work together to traverse hostile environments.