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Prerelease:Cube World (Handheld LCD)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Cube World (Handheld LCD).

This article is a work in progress.
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Series 1


  • The official (defunct) Radica Games US webpage [1][2] for Cube World shows the square formation special animation that was later used in Series 2 on the Series 1 cubes.

Series 2

Unreleased Animation for Handy

A stick person, raised up on a ladder, reaching for a musical note that is hanging from the ceiling. CubeWorldLCD-Series2-SEmanual-stickpeoplestickingtogether.jpg CubeWorldLCD-series2-prerelease-with-Handy-graphic.jpg

  • On some official pictures of Series 2, its instruction manual,[3] and on its Special Edition instruction manual[4], Handy is depicted with an graphic that shows them reaching for a musical (eighth) note hanging from the ceiling that is nowhere to be seen on the actual product. It is unknown as to how the animation would've been played out, or who would've been connected to Handy to activate said animation, even if it could've been, presumably, Mic. None of Mic and Handy's interactions reference or contain this particular graphic.

Series 4


  • On an catalog picture that was part of an advertisement in Japan for the at-the-time upcoming Series 4, an animation that would be in Grinder's cube instead is shown on Major (Slugger).

Block Bash and Global Getaway

  • Early pictures show a green Block Party (which was been renamed to Block Bash and had its color changed to a golden yellow) and and a lighter blue Global Getaway with different symbols (a unknown object with a triangular roof and a palmtree as opposed to a taxi and a helicopter) and a whopping two sets of magnets on each side with magnets instead of one set of magnets on each side..

Mods - Series 5