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Prerelease:Daytona USA (Arcade)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Daytona USA (Arcade).

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Development Timeline


  • September - Sega partners with GE Aerospace to create the Model 2 arcade system board.


  • June 3-6 - A tech demo of the game is showcased at the Summer CES in Chicago.
  • August - The game is location tested in Japan.
  • August 26-28 - A prototype build debuts at the Amusement Machine Show in Tokyo.


  • March - Daytona USA is released in Japan and the United States.
  • April - Daytona USA is released worldwide.
  • May - Daytona USA is released in the United Kingdom.

1993 Summer CES

A tech demo, seen at 2:31 in the video at right.

  • The cars look very different.
  • The track is likely an early version of Three-Seven Speedway.

Electronic Gaming Monthly Preview

EGM issue 051 page 222.jpeg

Issue 51 (October 1993) featured a small preview on Page 222.

  • The game is referred to as "Daytona AM2".
  • The first two images show an unknown track, possibly an early version of Three-Seven Speedway.
  • The third image shows a flat placeholder track with a "Sega Sonic" texture tiled across its surface.