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Prerelease:James Bond 007: NightFire (GameCube)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for James Bond 007: NightFire (GameCube).

James Bond 007: Nightfire was announced on February 19th 2002 under the working name Phoenix Rising. It was released in November 2002.

Early Footage

This is early footage from around E3 2002.

  • Andrew Bicknell's likeness was used at this point for Bond.
  • The design of Mayhew's home was drastically different.
  • The ninja's design was completely different.
(Source: Michael Westen)

ECTS 2002 Trailer

This is a trailer for the game from the 2002 ECTS show in Earls Court, England. It has many staggering differences from mid development. At this phase the game was still reusing assets from James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire. A mixture of the Nintendo GameCube and Windows versions are seen throughout the video.

  • There is no HUD.
  • The X-Ray glasses use a different colour.
  • The Yakuza henchman doesn't say anything when aiming the gun at him.
  • The silenced Storm 32 can be seen from 1:06 to 1:09. This weapon only appears in the Windows version.
  • You can see Bond shooting and destroying a box during the Exchange at 1:06. While you can shoot this box in the Windows version, it does not explode like in the trailer.
  • At 1:10 you can see Bond punching a guard while tazing them. Not only can you not punch while using gadgets, the taser is also a watch, rather than car keys.
  • The health barrel from James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire can be seen from 1:06 to 1:09.
  • There is a part from The Exchange at 1:09 which never happens in the final game. This only happens in the Windows version.
  • There is an area in Paris Prelude which is never seen in the final game at 1:12.
  • Bond is standing on top of the rail car while fighting Rook at 1:25, this is not possible in retail.
  • The X-Ray effect is different at 1:23.
(Source: Tekkenlord05 and LanHikariDS)

Beta Footage

These are multiple pieces of beta footage for the game from September 2002, 2 months before the final game was released. This is all from the Mission Mode.

The Exchange

  • The health barrel was a different colour.
  • The gun ammo were different colours.
  • The picked up weapon text was different.
(Source: IGN)

Alpine Escape/Enemies Vanquished

  • There is no HUD.
  • The missiles are a different colour.
  • The Bond Moment music is reused from Agent Under Fire. The Bond Moment HUD doesn't appear either.
  • There is a gorilla statue in Enemies Vanquished at 0:29.
  • The objective complete music from Agent Under Fire is reused at 0:32.
(Source: IGN)

Double Cross

  • The objective text is different.
  • The health barrel was a different colour.
  • The gun ammo were different colours.
  • The picked up weapon text was different.
(Source: IGN)

Phoenix Fire

  • The Ronin gadget had a different sound effect.
  • Bond seems to be wearing his tuxedo.
(Source: IGN)

Chain Reaction

  • The guards don't say anything when hit.
  • The laser doesn't have a buzz sound effect.
  • The Bond Moment icon was very different.
  • The objective text was different.
(Source: IGN)

Chain Reaction 2

  • The climbing logo was different and a different colour.
  • The fatigue meter for climbing was very different.
  • Bond does not lose health from falling from a high place.
(Source: IGN)

Beta Multiplayer

  • There is no HUD.
  • Bond is able to face himself.
  • Players use Bond's Story Tuxedo arms, rather than the generic multiplayer arms in retail.
(Source: IGN)

GameCube Trailer

This is a trailer for the GameCube version of the game. It has multiple differences.

  • You could zoom in more with the sniper rifle for the Paris Prelude mission.
  • The sniper rifles gunshot sound effect is different.
  • The Winter Tactical Sniper gunshot sound effect is used for when the car explodes in the Paris Prelude mission.
  • The ambush cutscene for the Paris Prelude mission uses a different gunshot sound effect.
  • R using his laptop shows off pictures of the Aston Martin as opposed to using footage of the car and other images in the final game.
  • A cutscene at 1:29 shows a cutscene from the Paris Prelude mission that never appears in the final game.
  • The X Ray glasses change throughout the video.
  • The jetski weapon for the Alpine Escape mission works differently at 1:26.
  • The ninja in the "Double Cross" mission has different colour eyes at 1:16.
(Source: WibNack)