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Proto:Aero the Acro-Bat (Game Boy Advance)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Aero the Acro-Bat (Game Boy Advance).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

Forestofillusion.com logo.png  This was documented on Forest of Illusion.

A very early alpha build was dumped by LongwoodGeek. It was made in just five days, and as such is more of a test of the game mechanics ported to the Game Boy Advance. Only the first level is playable.

General Differences

SNES GBA Proto GBA Final
Aero the Acro-Bat SNESTitle.png AeroPrototype-Title.png Aero the Acrobat GBA Title.PNG
  • The title screen is a copy of the SNES one, squeezed into a GBA-friendly resolution.
  • There's only one song, which plays on loop throughout and isn't in the final. Interestingly, it's actually a song from Earthworm Jim.
SNES GBA Proto GBA Final
AeroAcro-SNES-Lv1.png AeroAcro-GBAProto-Lv1.png AeroAcro-GBA-Lv1.png
  • The level closely resembles the original, as opposed to the colorful graphics found in the final.
  • The only working counter is the score one. The timer is missing, as is the health counter, since Aero is invincible in this build. The numbers resemble the SNES versions, but without a black outline.
  • Aero's sprites are choppier and missing some frames.
  • Aero retains his ladder leap animation, which was removed in the final game.
  • Aero cannot climb down the ladders once at the top. This will result in him getting stuck near the end of the level.
  • There's only one item: a lollipop near the beginning of the stage.
  • Other enemies appear here and there, but the spikes are absent.
    • Some spikes can be found a bit higher up where the player cannot normally travel in this build, but they are non-functioning.
  • There is no way to access the upper section of the level without cheating, as the cannon is missing. Getting up there reveals that the area has only been partially designed at this point.

AeroGBAProto-Top.png AeroGBAProto-Top2.PNG

  • The background layer stops rather abruptly, revealing another background layer which is otherwise unseen in the prototype.
  • Collision detection is mostly good, although you can fall through the banner.

Graphical Differences

Proto Final

All of the HUD icons received improvements for the final. The health icon doesn't show up in this build, but exists in the tiles.


Since there are only a few enemies and one collectible, you never see these additional numbers. The timer hasn't been implemented, so that also goes unused here.


As mentioned above, the ladder leap was removed in the final version.