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Proto:Atomic Bomberman

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Atomic Bomberman.

To do:
The Second Alpha Demo, among many other things.
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Download.png Download Atomic Bomberman (Second Alpha Demo)
File: Atomic_Bomberman_Second_Alpha.rar (15.59 MB) (info)

Alpha Release Demo

Download.png Download Atomic Bomberman (Pre-Alpha Demo)
File: bmandemo.zip (8.39 MB) (info)

  • The Interplay Entertainment screen at the startup of the game is the classic gold-written logo in a black background, unlike the final version where the Interplay screen is purple-colored with a bomb behind and a purple background with stars.
  • The main menu screen is entirely different: It got a completely different background not seen in any other preview images but somewhat similar to the logo seen in the intro movie (though it can't be entirely seen because of the options being in the picture itself) and the menu options are plain text inside a blue box in the lower half of the screen. The final version has a purple background with stars instead, with a green Bomberman and a bomb in the left side, with the right side having the options in a (relatively) more polished yellow text.
Alpha Final
  • The character and stage select menu, along with the result screen, are in a crude placeholder-like state (though the victory screen is identical to the final).
  • The options menu can't be accessed in this build. Selecting it brings an error message that says "Sorry! This feature not supported yet".
  • There is no music in this demo.
  • The schemes function is not present at this point (probably makes sense as it is a demo as well as there isn't a option menu implemented).
  • Some level names are different in this build (though normally you can only see one of them in here): Green Acres is called "New Traditionalist Green Acres" (and the name cuts off in-game), Haunted House is called "Cemetery/Mortuary" (leftovers of this name can be seen in some final files), Under the Ocean is called "Clamworld", and it seems that The Beach was going to be a entirely different level, with "Western" being in its place.
  • The sprites for the Bomberman players happen to be different, with the lighting in them looking a bit odd and having some few differences. These can also be seen in some prerelease screenshots. Similarly, there are some deaths that are slightly different, like the "head-explode" one having a different explosion effect over the (missing) head unlike the final.
  • The power-up set seems to be the POWERZ.ANI one left in the final game, sharing the same icons. Additionally, the one in this build also has some more icons not present in the POWERZ.ANI file, having a placeholder Glove icon, the Trigger Bomb icon being the same as the Bomb one but with a plain "TR" yellow text over it, the Ebola icon having a white outline around the skull, and it also has the Full Power, Spooge, and (the unused) Random icon, all three being the same as final.
  • The demo seems to have an "expiration date", as if the game stays more than 10 seconds in-game, it will show a Software Expired message and closing said message closes the demo. There doesn't seem to be any indication in the game about when this expiration date was.
  • Regardless of who wins, the victory screen will always be for Green.