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Proto:Daffy Duck in Hollywood (Genesis)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Daffy Duck in Hollywood (Genesis).

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A prototype version of the game exists, dated June 1993. This version was distributed on some pirate game cartridges which, interestingly, have "Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions" stickers on them, as opposed to "Daffy Duck in Hollywood" ones.

The prototype version differs from the final November 1994 release in the following aspects:

  • A different level select song, which is the Matt Furniss' version of "Hooray for Hollywood". This song is hidden in the final version, but may be restored using the Game Genie codes listed in the section above.
  • A different Game Over tune, which is the classic Looney Tunes "That's All Folks" tune. This tune was replaced with the main menu song in the final version.
  • The language selection does not exist in the prototype yet.
  • The credits after the Sega logo are different from the final credits.
  • The Music and Sound Test menus have more sounds/music to play.
  • The A, B, C buttons have no effect in the main menu.
  • The A, B, C buttons have different actions during gameplay. In the prototype, A = run, B = fire, C = jump, while in the final A = fire, B = jump, C = run.
  • Lives are counted from 0 in the prototype (1 in the final version).
  • Different item placement in levels.
    • There are too few golden movie awards placed in the prototype levels, making the good ending impossible to see.
  • Whenever an item such as a gold coin, a diamond or a floating bubble is collected, an additional sound effect can be heard when the item reaches the top left of the screen. In the final version, no extra sound is played due to a bug in the program.
    • The extra sound effect is different for valuable collectibles, extra life letter bubbles, weapon ammo bubbles and weapon modifiers, respectively.
  • In order to see the good ending, the game has to be completed on the hardest difficulty level in addition to collecting all golden movie awards.
  • A bug exists in the inactivity checking subroutines which may suddenly flatten Daffy with a boulder during normal gameplay, making the game impossible to complete if it happens.
  • A bug causes bonus rooms to loop infinitely, making the game impossible to complete if a bonus bubble was collected in a level.
  • The background art is garbled in The Duxorcist and Assault and Peppered levels.
  • There is no "GO!" sign in the top right of the screen when all the dynamite has been collected in the section.
  • After defeating one of Duckbrain's Lieutenants at the end of each film roll, Treasure Chests are always awarded no matter how the boss was destroyed. In the final version, Treasure Chests are awarded ONLY if the boss is destroyed in the following fashion: first the bottom part of the boss, then the top part, and ultimately, the middle part of the boss.