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Proto:Disney's Aladdin (Genesis)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Disney's Aladdin (Genesis).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

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This early build of Aladdin, as the in-game text would suggest, was used for demonstration purposes at the Consumer Electronics Show. However, Summer CES 1993 occurred on June 3-6 whereas the date on the debug screen is June 27, so it's likely this build was further developed from the actual CES build and wasn't actually presented on the show floor.

This build was dumped in 2016, and then later officially released in 2019 as an extra in Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King.

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Opening Screen


Upon booting up the game, you're greeted with a debug screen that looks and functions nearly identically to the one seen in the final game.

  • CHEAT MODE - Player is invincible.
  • START ON LEVEL - Level select.
  • FREEZEABILITY - Holding Start will freeze the game in place, likely for use in taking screenshots. (Pressing Start normally will return you to this screen.)
  • MAP VIEW MODE - Freely move the camera throughout the level. Moving the camera too low will cause you to lose a life.

Crash Handler

Weird Error Man sounds like a reject Mega Man boss

A crash handler for when things break, showing the error that was encountered, current values of some registers, and a request to fax the error message for further debugging.

A similar screen can also be found in RoboCop vs. The Terminator.

Sega Screen

Proto Final
Aladdin Genesis-Genie Beta.gif Aladdin Genesis-Genie Final.gif

In the prototype, Genie is dressed as a cheerleader like in the movie waving his arms around. In the final version, Genie is dressed as a referee with a starter pistol and stopwatch. Genie shoots the gun, starts the watch, and accidentally hits Iago, who plummets to the ground with a flurry of feathers.

Level Intros

Most levels have an introductory cutscene. The character portraits were mostly redrawn and the dialogue was rewritten to actually make some sense. In the prototype, all cutscenes use the Cave of Wonders entrance for the background, whereas the final game uses a variety of different backgrounds.

Agrabah Market

Proto Final

The Desert

Proto Final
AladdinMD-Intro2-ProtoCES.png AladdinMD-Intro2-1-Final.png

Agrabah Rooftops

Proto Final
AladdinMD-Intro3-ProtoCES.png AladdinMD-Intro3-Final.png

Sultan's Dungeon

Proto Final

Cave of Wonders

Proto Final

The Escape

Proto Final
AladdinMD-Intro6-ProtoCES.png AladdinMD-Intro6-1-Final.png

Inside the Lamp

Proto Final
AladdinMD-Intro7-ProtoCES.png AladdinMD-Intro7-Final.png

Sultan's Palace

Proto Final

Jafar's Palace

Proto Final

Cut Enemies

Cut-sword-thrower.gif Cut-prisoner.gif
Two enemies were cut from the final game. These include a sword throwing enemy who grabs a sword from his throat in the Agrabah Market and a prisoner trying to cut off his shackles in Sultan's Dungeon.

Aladdincuttingroom 031.gif
The Prisoner was refined prior to the final release before he was cut. However, the ROM for the Final Cut used in for the Disney Classic Games Collection has his finalized sprite inserted into the code, suggesting that there were plans to bring back cut features.


Agrabah Market

  • The music is different.
    • Prototype BGM: Friend Like Me
    • Final BGM: Prince Ali
  • The end of the stage has a fight with Gazeem rather than towards the end of Agrabah Rooftops.
  • The basket enemy has a few frames that are unshaded.
  • Iago has an extra frame that goes unused in the final.
  • The pot thrower is a pencil test.


The Desert

  • The music is different.
    • Prototype BGM: Arabic Ne Naw
    • Final BGM: Camel Jazz
  • Aladdin can bypass most of the ruins in this stage.

Agrabah Rooftops

  • Due to the fact that Gazeem was fought earlier, he is replaced by a knife juggler.
  • Razoul's fight takes place on a staircase rather than in scaffolding. Ironically, the stairs make Razoul easier to defeat as Aladdin can simply jump up the stairs and slash him repeatedly.

Sultan's Dungeon

  • The music is different.
    • Prototype BGM: Gloomy Tune
    • Final BGM: Arabian Nights

Cave of Wonders

  • The music is different.
    • Prototype BGM: Camel Jazz
    • Final BGM: Gloomy Tune
  • The fight with the Shiva Monkey has four teleportation pads rather than two.

The Escape

  • The music is different.
    • Prototype BGM: Rug Ride
    • Final BGM: Arab Rock 2
  • The boulders look different than in the final. However, this same design was refined in the DOS and Amiga ports.

Rug Ride

Very unfinished level, only background, platforms and huge boulders falling from the holes above exist here. The end of the level lacks collision data and an ending point so it's impossible to complete the level.

Inside the Lamp

The level is a tower that Aladdin must climb up in order to finish. The music has yet to be implemented. The smoke trails are not semi-solid, so Aladdin must ride on bowling balls in order to get across.

Sultan's Palace

Jafar's Quarters

An unfinished version of the level. No enemies spawn and Iago cannot be damaged. Iago will occasionally play his injured animation.

Jafar's Palace

  • The level background is different.
  • Some of the palace background is missing.
  • The floor spikes are curvier and have a gold tint instead of a red tint.
  • A lot of floor spikes are absent, many have been replaced with balls and chains.
  • Balls and chains also appear where there is nothing in the final game.
  • Jafar is present in both his normal and cobra form.
  • (Human) Jafar and balls and chains have an incorrect palette.