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Proto:Doom (PC, 1993)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Doom (PC, 1993).

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Prototypes of the Xbox 360 port:

The PC version of Doom has quite a few prototypes in circulation. Most of these were leaked in some manner during the game's development, but id Software were nice enough guys to allow their widespread release for the game's 5th Anniversary. As a result, they freely float around the internet.



Doom 0.2
Compiled February 4, 1993. A tech demo which barely resembles the final product.
Doom 0.3
Compiled February 28, 1993. The oldest real build that is widely available online.
Doom 0.4
Compiled April 2, 1993. Similar to the above, but somewhat more complete.
Doom 0.5
Compiled May 22, 1993. Starting to resemble the final product.
Press Release Pre-Beta
Compiled October 4, 1993 and released to the press just before the game was completed. Closer to the final, but still missing critical components.


Doom 1.9 Special Edition
An early version of the engine used by The Ultimate Doom.
The original, unreleased port for Windows.