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Proto:Frogger 2 (Xbox 360)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Frogger 2 (Xbox 360).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

A prototype of the Xbox 360 Frogger 2 was retrieved from PartnerNET servers and released by ObscureGamers. It is dated January 9, 2008, almost four months before the final build.


Text Differences
Before there were Musical Notes, there were Energy Balls.

Graphical Differences

Title Screen

Proto Final
Frogger2XBOX360-0109title.png Frogger2XBOX360-title.png

The title screen lacks the ESRB notice on the bottom, and the copyright text is aligned to the left rather than the center of the screen.

How To Play

Proto Final
Frogger2XBOX360-0109htpbg.png Frogger2XBOX360-htpbg.png
  • The background is different, featuring many lily pads on a pattern rather than leaves.
  • The How To Play menus feature different explanatory images for the Story, Race, and Jewel Duel modes:
    • The Story image shows the player with two lives; in the final game, they have four.
    • The Race image lacks the borders seen on the side of the gameplay field, and features the frogs on different positions. The timer is also set to 29:46:66 rather than 08:29:87.
    • The Jewel Race image has the timer set to 30 minutes, whereas the final game only has it set to 9.
Proto Final
Frogger2XBOX360-0109storypic.png Frogger2XBOX360-storypic.png
Frogger2XBOX360-0109racepic.png Frogger2XBOX360-racepic.png
Frogger2XBOX360-0109jewelpic.png Frogger2XBOX360-jewelpic.png


Proto Final
Frogger2XBOX360-0109cutscene32.png Frogger2XBOX360-cutscene32.png

The second picture shown when completing World 3, found as event\cut_ep03_02.dds, has overscan borders in the prototype.


Proto Final
Frogger2XBOX360-0109lasertarget.png Frogger2XBOX360-lasertarget.png

The particle seen when Frogger is being targeted during the final boss battle has a "Lock" label written underneath, which is absent from the final game.


Proto Final
Frogger2XBOX360-0109lefttrigger.pngFrogger2XBOX360-0109leftbumper.pngFrogger2XBOX360-0109rightbumper.pngFrogger2XBOX360-0109righttrigger.png Frogger2XBOX360-lefttrigger.pngFrogger2XBOX360-leftbumper.pngFrogger2XBOX360-rightbumper.pngFrogger2XBOX360-righttrigger.png

The textures of the Left and Right Bumper buttons have bigger letters in the prototype, while those of the Left and Right Trigger buttons don't have unique shapes yet.

Other Differences

  • All of the level files are different, though the extent of these differences currently cannot be researched further, as the prototype crashes whenever gameplay or gameplay objects are attempted to be loaded.
  • All of the game's sound effects are in the .wav format instead of .xma.
  • The sound effect played when scrolling through a menu's options is different, being a loud beep. Its filename is SE_Select, and it can still be found unused in the final game.