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Proto:Game Boy Wars 3

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Game Boy Wars 3.

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This page or section details content from the September 2020 Nintendo Leak.
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Notes: There's more than just the title screen.

The September 2020 lot check leak included an earlier version of Game Boy Wars 3, titled Game Boy Wars - Pocket Tactics, which was to be published by Nintendo. This title was used in Japanese magazine previews, along with Game Boy Encyclopedia (a series of physical books by Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha about Game Boy/Color games).

The product code for this version is BGWJ. The final release uses BWWJ.


Proto Final
Game Boy Wars 3 Proto title.png Game Boy Wars 3-title.png

Aside from the logo overhaul...

  • The copyright info only mentions Nintendo and has a border at the top and bottom. The final version removed the border and added a Hudson copyright. The 2001 date was given to Hudson, whereas Nintendo got a 1990 copyright.
  • The background image is slightly different, mostly around the logo. It also has three more lines of detail at the bottom, which were removed in the final due to the expanded copyright info.