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Proto:Go (CD-i)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Go (CD-i).

Dated October 8th, 1992, the unreleased English version of Go was most likely meant for the US market, as the game was listed in the catalogues packaged with the region's long box titles.

The prototype first surfaced in 2002 as Go: Special Edition, an unofficial CD-i release by OlderGames sourced from an unspecified disc. In 2021, a testing disc containing the same data as Special Edition was documented in the second phase of Project Deluge, verifying the prototype's origins and build date.

(Source: Project Deluge - Philips CD-i (Matches))
English Spanish
GoCDi EnglishTitle.png Go (CD-i)-title.png

The copyright date was updated from 1992 to 1993, and the black border was reduced to only covering the bottom.

English Spanish
GoCDi English MainMenu.png GoCDi Spanish MainMenu.png

The right side of the button borders were thickened and had their shadows strengthened.

English Spanish
GoCDi English OptionMenu.png GoCDi Spanish OptionMenu.png
English Spanish
GoCDi English DifficultyMenu.png GoCDi Spanish DifficultyMenu.png

The segment labels were centered, moved the letters closer together, and had their gradients brightened, the last of which also happened to most of the game's buttons.

English Spanish
GoCDi English GoBoard.png GoCDi Spanish GoBoard.png

The bottom shadow of the left panel was darkened.

English Spanish
GoCDi English RulesMenu.png GoCDi Spanish RulesMenu.png
English Spanish
GoCDi English CopyScreen.png GoCDi Spanish CopyScreen.png

Due to the new translations, the rule section name/wall background graphics had to be (at least partially) redone. The no copying message had its copyright date updated to match the title screen.

In addition, the debug file cdi_goid is missing from the English prototype.