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Proto:Golden Axe (Genesis)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Golden Axe (Genesis).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

A prototype from Sega of America dated October 14, 1989, just over two months before the game's initial release in Japan.

General Differences

  • The intro demos play out differently.
  • You start with 3 credits. The final upped this to 4.

Ending Differences


Proto Final
GoldenAxeMD-BeginnerEnd-Proto.png GoldenAxeMD-BeginnerEnd-REV00.png

The text was improved a bit: "next" was removed, and "your" was corrected to "you're".


The cast roll received several small changes:

  • Heights were changed from centimeters to feet.
  • Weights were changed from kilograms to pounds.
  • "Henninger" → "Heninger"
  • "Bud Brothers" → "Bad Brothers"
  • "Heineken" → "Bitter"
  • "Thunderhed" → "Thunderhead"

All of the bosses' names in this build are references to beer brands (Bud Brothers reference Budweiser, Heineken is self-explanatory, and Heartland is a Japanese brand of beer). Only Gen. Heartland remained in the final, probably due to it not being too obvious.

Proto Final
GoldenAxeMD-Cast-Proto.png GoldenAxeMD-Cast-Final.png



"Tsugu" is missing from the staff roll at this point.