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Proto:Hitman: Contracts

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Hitman: Contracts.

Two prototypes of the PlayStation 2 version were released by Hidden Palace in March 2021 as part of "Project Deluge".

To do:
Cover any differences in the "Code v147 For Review" build (dated March 19, 2004).

Preview Build

Dated February 8, 2004.

Mission Names

While some mission names are the same as in the final game, most of them are different in earlier development. It is notable however, remade Codename 47 missions had their original names.

February 8 2004 build mission names.jpg

Cheat code in prototype build

There is a giveall cheat code that you can activate by the following combination:

  • PlayStation gamepad: Square Triangle Circle Left Right Square Square Left Triangle Circle Square Square Left Right Up Square Triangle Circle X
  • Xbox gamepad: X Y B Left Right X X Left Y B X X Left Right Up X Y B A

Overall Differences

  • There are placeholders sound effects for pain/unconscious/detection states generated by an AI voice
  • The game has a lot of rendering issues.
  • Lighting in the game is way more darker than in the final build.
  • Cutscenes are unfinished.
  • Some of the sound effects are missing.
  • There is no music while in game.
  • There is more blood.
  • Guards can get up from the heavy wounded animation and pick up their guns.
  • Sleeping people will wake up when they hear shots being fired.
  • The AI is different and more aggressive.
  • The icons of the objective on the briefing screen are not finalized.
  • There is a debug menu with free camera, rain setup etc. It's activated by pressing both trigger buttons.
  • Taking out someone with a syringe takes longer.
  • There is a second inventory only for items similar to Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.
Items inventory
  • Desert Eagle has a black texture.
Desert Eagle in the inventory
Desert Eagle in the hands of 47
  • You can unlock melee weapons just like in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.
Weapon selection screen with unlocked Kitchen Knife
  • Weapon names and HUD icons are not finalized.
  • Weapons that you end the level with stay in your inventory for the next mission, if you already completed the level before.
  • You can't holster Dual UZI's.
  • Akimbo guns don't work as intended, they look the same as one gun variants and don't appear in inventory after picking them up.
Desert Eagle and Dual Desert Eagles on the wall of the training level
  • There is a second knife in the game that looks the same as the kitchen knife.
Kitchen Knife in the inventory
Knife in the inventory
  • Night vision goggles don't have a 3D model and glow a red light instead of a green one.
Night vision goggles in the inventory
Equipped goggles
  • SPAS-12 has a H2: Silent Assassin reload animation (pumping the rack instead of loading shells)
  • Suppressed AK, M4, MP5 and PGM use the same sound as the normal guns
  • You can take minigun to the second hand to move faster.
47 holding a minigun and a silverballer at the same time
  • Ruger MP9 has a different texture (no red light sights).
  • Guns use different holding animations in FPP.
MP5 in the final build MP5 in the prototype
Hmc-mp5.jpg Hmcp-mp5.png
  • There is no VIP, Animal nor Helicopter icons on the legend map.
All of the icons in the legend of the prototype
  • Dead NPCs don't have a crossed-out icon.
A look on the map in the first level
  • Menu is unfinished and has a unusable button called "extra movies".
  • Loading screens use a placeholder image.

Level Differences


  • The whole level is unfinished.
  • You can't reach CZ2000, Magnum and Sawn-Off shotgun from the wall.
  • There is no sneaking training
  • The shooting range is unfinished.
  • The area with running and gunning targets is barebones and has no floor collision in some places.
  • There are melee weapons lying in the corner.
  • Glass walls with guns have a different design.

Asylum Aftermath (Sanitarium Aftermath)

  • Ort-Meyer does not have a key to the car.
  • The Blood insignia in the white room is different.
  • The outside area is different.
  • There is a helicopter with a sniper flying over the asylum.
  • You can't destroy the cameras.
  • There aren't any hanging or falling corpses in the underground lab.
  • 48's corpses don't have any CZ2000 pistols and ammo to it, instead most carry .45 ACP ammo on them and are lying in different positions and places.
  • 48's clones in the chambers don't have animations.
He's just standing there menacingly
  • The area next to the elevator is empty.
The hall next to the elevetor with missing desk, ammo, gun and cabinets
  • There is no cutscene showing SWAT enter the facility.
  • The voice lines of the SWAT general are unfiltered, extended and are displayed on the screen.
  • There is an AUG SMG lying next to the dead SWAT instead of SPAS-12
  • You will be instantly compromised when you put on the SWAT disguise.
  • There is no suicide jumper on the top of the asylum.
  • There are no Dual Desert Eagles in the secret room.
  • You can see the bodies inside the chambers in the secret room.
All of the chambers have the same low poly model inside
  • The painting of baby 47 is absent instead there is a painting of a man striking the same pose.

The Meat King's Party (Slaughterhouse Two)

  • The trucks have a different texture.
  • There is a second butcher roaming close to the starting truck.
A look at the placeholder truck texture and a roaming butcher
  • One of the guests outside has a bottle in his hand.
  • Guards don't have a mask on.
  • There are different dancing animations.
  • Guests have different masks (Black, Red, and Blue with a smile sticker on the forehead).
Guest with a black mask
Guest with a blue mask showing some unused dance animations and broken rendering
  • The Girls have an uncensored texture.
Those textures can still be found in the Hitman HD Trilogy but are absent in the newer PC releases
  • Some models of girls and guests lack their heads.
  • 47 does not have a head model when wearing the guest disguise.
47 without head while in disguise to better blend in with all of the broken models
Girl without her head model
  • There is no fence blocking the back close to the main entrance.
47 examining the missing fence and some broken rain
  • There are more people lying in different places.
  • One of the sleeping guests is misplaced.
Magician levitating next to the table
One of the suggestively sleeping girls
  • There are more dead pigs and horses in some of the rooms.
  • Some of the butchers are cutting air a.k.a nothing.
  • The room with the hooks is different.
  • There is no Dragunov and bolt gun close to the Butcher's desk in the hook room.
  • There is not a single bolt gun in this level.
  • The kitchen is different.
  • Malcolm Sturrock has a different route.
Malcolm standing next to the stairs (he immediately starts to attack you when he spots you)
  • Front doors to the victim are not usable (Malcolm is clipping through them when he is going to patrol the stairs).
  • Malcolm never enters the victim's room, he only walks close to the doors and then goes back to a different room.
  • Malcolm has a cutting meat animation playing in one of the rooms, despite standing next to the empty wall.
  • There is no cutscene when entering the room with the victim in it.
  • You don't have to pick up victim's hand to complete the objective.
  • The texture of the victim is uncompleted.
Victim hanging on the hook with disabled lighting to show her wip texture
  • The victim is rotating while hanging.
  • The altar has different pictures.
The prototype look of the altar featuring a picture of Jesus Christ giving away some Silent Assassin vibes
  • There aren't any photographs in the victim's room.
  • There is an additional door to the dancefloor.
  • There are no drunk guards on the dancefloor.
  • Every guard has a MP9.
  • There is no sleeping guard upstairs.
  • There can be more than one opium waiter.
  • There are mirrors missing in the shower room.
  • There is a plant sitting on one of the lights tables.
Plant casually looking out of place
  • There is no smile made from the knives behind the box easter egg.
  • Campbell Sturrock is more pale.
  • The girls inside Sturrock's room don't immediately leave when you enter with food, instead he orders them to leave after you hand him the chicken.
  • There is a limo as a escape route outside of the Slaughterhouse.