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Proto:LEGO Racers 2 (Game Boy Advance)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of LEGO Racers 2 (Game Boy Advance).

Download.png Download LEGO Racers 2 (Prototype)
File: LEGO Racers 2 (Prototype).zip (4.62 MB) (info)

This prototype of LEGO Racers 2 is around two-thirds of the way through development; as such, many of the changes between it and the final game are related to bugs, graphics, or removing content.


LegoRacers2GBA prisoner.png
Story Game
The story mode was going to be closer to the console ports?
LegoRacers2GBA slyboots.png
Singleplayer Games
Barely functional in this prototype.
LegoRacers2GBA xalax4.png
All in varying stages of completion.

General Differences

  • Both the title screen and menu use Brickton's music tracks in the prototype, most likely as a placeholder.
  • The A/B button sprites are colored in the prototype, but were made gray in the final game.
  • The prototype is unable to save a few things, notably the custom character and the world (and position) the player was in in Story Game.

LEGO Racers 2 Potential Crash Debug.PNG

  • If 'Sound Options' is selected during a race or minigame, the game hangs on this screen.

Title Screen

Copyright Screens

Prototype Final
LegoRacers2GBAfirstcopy proto.png


LegoRacers2GBAthirdcopy proto.png

LegoRacers2GBAfourthcopy proto.png
LegoRacers2GBAfirstcopy final.png


LegoRacers2GBAthirdcopy final.png
  • The 'Licensed by Nintendo' screen was replaced with a blue screen which shows a slew of copyrights.
  • The LEGO Software logo had some black pixels that were removed. (The two on the Minifig face were left unchanged, though.)
  • A screen which shows the title of the game was removed.

Language Select

Prototype Final
LegoRacers2GBAlang proto.png LegoRacers2GBAlang final.png

At this point, the language select is bare-bones, defaults to French, and doesn't actually change the language.

LEGO Racers 2 PTFlag.PNG
In addition, there is a Portuguese option that was removed in the final game.

Title Screen


In the prototype, this little animation appears before the title screen. The player can dismiss it by pressing Start.

Prototype Final
LegoRacers2GBAtitle proto.png LegoRacers2GBAtitle final.png
  • A "PRESS START" message was added to the final game.
  • The globe behind the racecars was given a dark-blue color.
  • The game's logo was changed drastically; the LEGO logo was made larger and had its white border removed, while the "RACERS" part (and its spinning trophy animation) were made smaller and given a blur.
  • The prototype title screen lacks the track demos that the final version has. Instead, if left idle for enough time, it'll automatically go to the main menu.


All of the menus were changed in some way;

  • Some graphics showing what the buttons do what was added to the final game.
  • The text for the choices was changed from gold to silver.
  • The green text above the menus were shifted up by a pixel.


  • On rare occasions, the menus fail to load any text graphics after a reset.
  • The sound for going back is not present.

Main Menu

Prototype Final
LegoRacers2GBAmenu proto.png LegoRacers2GBAmenu final.png
  • The "Story Game" option was centered incorrectly.
  • No Multiplayer option exists in the prototype. Because of this, Single Player has a different name, "Other Games".
  • Because of the story mode's general incompleteness, the character customizer has been moved to the main menu.
  • It's possible to back on this menu in the prototype. It doesn't return you to the title screen, however - it just displays the main menu again.

Other Games/Single Player

Prototype Final
LegoRacers2GBAsingleplayermenu proto.png

LegoRacers2GBAsingleplayermenu final.png

Let's play a Construction Game, everybody!

The options themselves were reorganized; the bonus games were moved out of the Special Games menu, and had its position replaced with Battle Game. In addition, Build Something was renamed to Construction Game.

Build Character

Prototype Final
LegoRacers2GBAcharcreate proto.png LegoRacers2GBAcharcreate final.png
  • No music plays at this screen in the prototype.
  • The B-button graphic was changed and placed to the left of the arrow.
  • The robotic arms on the side of the screen were given some white pixels in the final, most likely a visual bug.
  • If a new shirt is selected in the prototype, the hissing noise made will never stop playing.
  • If the randomize option is selected, a glitched graphic will appear near the shirt selector. This was fixed in the final version.

Fun fact: Although they removed the beach shirts... The beach pants were still left in. Huh.
In addition, two beach shirts were removed from the final game.

Prototype Final
LegoRacers2GBAlicense proto.png LegoRacers2GBAlicense final.png
  • The player portrait has a purple background in the prototype, which was replaced with grey studs.
  • Exiting the license screen is different, using A instead of Start. The graphic itself was moved down in the final.
  • The text on the license is an unfortunate yellow instead of black.
  • Letters with diacritics cannot be selected in the prototype.
  • The arrow next to the B graphic was moved a tiny bit.
  • The palette of the blue background is slightly lighter.


Prototype Final
LegoRacers2GBAoptionsmenu proto.png LegoRacers2GBAoptionsmenu final.png
  • The Music and Sound Effect options do not work in the prototype.
  • "Clear Story Mode" and "Clear Hiscores" were combined into a separate menu in the final game.
    • Using these options in the final game gives a warning, which is not present in the prototype.
  • The option to view the credits is not present.