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Proto:Maken X

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Maken X.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

A work in progress localization build of Maken X dated February 9, 2000 was released on September 2020 by Hidden Palace as part of Project Deluge. Predating the final build by two months, all of the game's localization including censorship and voice acting has been implemented, although there are still some differences to the retail release.

Title Screen

Japan February 9 build Final
MakenX TitleJP.png MakenX TitleFeb9.png MakenX Title.png

The logo in the February 9 build uses a thinner font with an underline for "Maken X". The erroneous "press start botton" text was fixed for the final build.

Debug Menu


The first screenshot shows a texture viewer, a 'God Mode', a 'Noclip Mode', and an event editor and tester.


The second screenshot shows a 'player tweak mode', allowing the player to edit their stats.

General Differences

  • The recordings for the attract mode demos are broken, resulting in the player in those demos to run into walls and attack nothing. The player in the Kanazawa Research Institute dies to the first Sangyokai enemy in the stage, resulting in a Game Over screen. You can hover over either of the two options while the game is like this until the demo ends but you are unable to select an option. These gameplay demos were rerecorded for the final game, but the broken ones from this build can still be viewed in the Debug Mode's Level Select.
  • Yusuf is referred to by his Japanese name Youthfu in menus, although he is referred to as Yusuf in cutscenes.
  • The "None" placeholder for characters without a special attack is spelt "Non" in this build.