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Proto:Mario Party 6

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mario Party 6.

A playable demo of Mario Party 6 on the (US) October 1st, 2004 Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc v19.

Additional Debugging Material

Miscellaneous debug materials not accessible through the debug menu, but instead have to be accessed through hacking devices to see.

Memory Usage Meter

The memory usage meter from the N64 games is back with minor changes. The box is now quite a bit smaller.

Version Action Replay codes
USA Demo 0403AFFC 60000000

Overscan Border Display

The screen surrounded by red borders which specify the region of the screen that is safe for UI elements to use. The borders specify that within 16 pixels from the horizontal edges and within 40 pixels of the vertical edges are not safe to use.

Version Action Replay codes
USA Demo 0400C4EC 60000000

(Source: ported from Ralf@gc-forever Action Replay Codes)