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Proto:Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows).

Xbox Feb 24 2006 MARVEL LEGENDS Prototype

This early prototype was leaked in June 13 of 2020 and it has many interesting differences. Some levels don't exist yet, some are ultimately unfinished, some are almost 100% different from their final versions and some simply can't be opened. There's no levels from Act 2 and no Castle Doom in Act 5. The prototype also has a debug menu. This prototype has many leftovers form X-Men Legends 2 and hence the title of this prototype - Marvel Legends.


Swim Test

The prototype has some test maps. This one is for swimming. As you can see, swimming mechanics work, but surprisingly you can still walk normally underwater. Also you can't fight while swimming, so the underwater fighting is the same as well. The map itself is pretty small, generic and not really interesting.

Also in the video above you can see the intro logos, menu and some debug functions of the prototype.

Atvi_demo Test

This test level has many different things to use. Some of them even unused, like that laser QTE. The music is from X-Men Legends 2 hubs, by the way.

Also this map is not on the debug map select list. To play it you need to edit some files. Here's the guide:

1) Open the prototype folder. There's a "z" folder inside. Open it and extract all the files from "assetsfb.zip" to some other folder.
2) Now go to "scripts/loadpoint" and open "a4_skrull1.py" file in any text editor. This is a python code you need to edit. Just replace the path inside "loadMap("act4/skrull/skrull1" )" string to any map you need.
3) How to find the right path? Go to "packages/generated/maps". This is where you can see the path to the map you need. For example, if you want to load THIS level, the path will be "test/atvi_demo". That's pretty much it.
4) Now after you edited the file - save it and made a new "assetsfb.zip" archive out of all these previously extracted files. Then replace the original archive in "Marvel/z" folder with a new one.
5) That's it! Now you can load that load point from the debug menu of the game and the map will open. If it CAN be opened... Some maps simply don't load and that's alright. Maybe one day we'll find the way to open even these maps in some editor or so.

Ryan Test

This is a super weird test level and it must be unfinished. There's no sound at all and the triggers don't work no matter what character you choose. By the way, there's a QA tester called Ryan Jackson credited in the released version of the game, so maybe this test level was made for or by him to test mechanics, hence the title of this level.

This level can be accessed only through file editing as well.


For some reason Heli2 level is broken and it softlocks after the Fury conversation, so currently there's no way to explore this level. But Heli1 is already very different.

The intro cinematic is from X-Men Legends 2, just like the hero select (and even some of the playable characters). Also you can still see that golden techbits, red and blue potions and some UI elements are from that game as well. Visually it's still cel shaded, plus there are some comic sounds appear when you grab attack enemies. Also enemies don't have HUD picture on their healthbars and playable characters can't double jump, plus some finisher movers have weird placeholder piano sounds.

Now about the heli level itself. The map is super different! It was changed almost entirely later! In this version Scorpion was from the very beginning and he made some traps for you. Also you could fight him a few times. There's a weird zone where you can either climb or just go through some hidden corridor.

By the way, this version of the level could be seen on many points of E3 trailer (you can watch it on the prerelease page). The trailer was made later, than this prototype, judging by the absence of cel shading, Wolverine's and Thing new skins and etc. However, Galactus boss battle is still almost the same as in this proto.


This map is very similar to its final version, but it still has many differences:

  • SHIELD agent could cross that red laser near the co-op panels instead of you in a cutscene.
  • No SHIELD agent diaries were added yet and hence you can destroy these computers. No information about Atlantis in other computer as well.
  • Doombots weren't textured yet.
  • No collectibles were added at this point of development. The only collectible in this prototype is a simulator disk in one of the Shi'Ar levels.


  • This level has almost no parts similar to its final version and it looks really empty. It's also very dark.
  • Fin Fang Foom's healthbar can be seen from the very beginning of the level and it has Pyro's picture instead.
  • The Foom fight could be different! There are three cannons instead of one and you couldn't really control them. Just shoot once. I guess they originally planned Foom to fly here and there and you would need to shoot him with the closest canon. The fight isn't finished just like the level - you can kill Foom with flying characters or ranged attacks, but not with the cannons. No conversations were made yet as well.


  • Most of the characters here use the model of Skrull Empress. The reason is because devs did set this model as default, so the characters simply just weren't finished.
  • Conversations are different, but they are different through the whole prototype. They are definitely temporary and were made by the devs themselves, hence the amount of spelling mistakes and some weird decisions. But it's funny, for the most part.
  • Heroes initially arrive using the lift near Wyatt Wingfoot. This lift isn't used in the final version in any way.
  • Stark 1 map is really dark. Looks like devs didn't finish the lighting for most of the levels.
  • The map is almost the same as its final version, but it has a different contents. There's also many leftovers from XML2: shop, stash, trivia, extract maps and even info about heroes/villains.
  • Vision initially could tell you about other heroes/villains through codex. This XML2 feature was scrapped and vision got a different purpose.
  • Mission computer doesn't do anything.
  • At this point you could enable any mission of the Act 1 through the conversation with Nick Fury. Sadly it doesn't work and you can't go to Mandarin using it.
  • In Stark2 you can fall in places, that were protected with invisible walls later.


  • There's many doors leading to some death pits.
  • Dugan wasn't finished yet and you could give him health potions when needed.
  • Super Soldiers use their "star spangled" outfit you could see on some prerelease screenshots and in trailers.
  • Some places of the map are different, but it's mostly the same as it's final version.


This level is almost 100% the same, but AIM reavers use model of AIM troopers. Also it's raining here and the lighting looks different. The music is different as well, but it might be reused from X-Men Legends or it's really some scrapped piece of music created for this game.


  • As opposite to Omega2, this level is different almost entirely.
  • There are some weird metal circles scattered though the whole level and you can press X to wield them, but nothing happens. However, you can press X only once for every thingy and after that the lable disappears. It's hard to say what it could be. The things resemble some shields, did they plan to give all heroes shielding mechanics?
  • You can softlock in the level if the Super Soldiers from the beginning decide not to spawn.
  • Mysterio doesn't have a model yet.
  • There's a completely new piece of map with some cannons. You need to move some metal thing to block the cannon shots and proceed. However, you can also proceed ignoring the cannons entirely. Maybe they planned to make them lethal later...
  • In one part of the conversation Mysterio was here to stole Ultimo plans, but then they suddenly talk about Ultron's plans...
  • The Banner part of the map is completely different.
  • Initially devs planned to use Reed Richards instead of Bruce Banner. This was obviously scrapped to give you an option to play as the whole Fantastic Four from the very beginning of the game.
  • The gamma bomb room is different too. The bomb is placed under the floor and you can see it through glass.
  • The part of the map with Banner's side quest is completely different too.
  • The final cutscene softlocks the game.


  • The level is almost the same as its final version, but there's no MODOK yet. There's some AIM trooper instead and the final dialogue plays when you defeat him.
  • There's no QTE to push that metal block and break the glass floor yet.
  • No invisible walls. You can fly wherever you want and as high as you want. Same is actually true for most of the prototype levels, even Heli1.


  • The dialogues are incredibly silly and hilarious here.
  • Some small and pointless new room can be seen at the very beginning of the level.
  • There's no part of the map, where you can dive into the Atlantis. Instead there's a cutscene of two atlanteans breaking the glass of that tube path to that currently non existed room. So, you need to swim through this glass hole and enter the Atlantis this way. However, it wasn't finished yet and there's not intended transition to the main part of the level, but you can still swim there, because there's many places without invisible walls.
  • For the most part the level is almost finished. However, Namor sometimes stands normally and you can even make him react to your attacks.
  • You can enter the beginning of the level when there's already water everywhere.


The level is almost finished, but has some differences as well. Also those underwater bombs don't explode yet.


This level isn't really different too. Also it's the most obvious part of the game where you can see some scrapped blocking ability of normal enemies.


  • The level is super different and has almost no parts that were left in the game later on. However, the level is too weird, complicated and looks not polished. The complexity of this level might be the reason they changed it later.
  • There are some parts of the map you can see on mini-map, but there's no such corridors in the level. Might be some unfinished secrets.
  • The idea of the level is that you need to go through 2 secret passages hidden under some Namor statues in order to open the door to Attuma and Tiger Shark. Each passage can be entered through 2 different ways.
  • The first Namor statue is blocked by some fish statues working as fire emitters. There's also some pits with a liquid resembling lava. You need to destroy these fish statues with ranged attacks to get to the Namor statue.
  • Pushing/Pulling the statue will break your character and make them walk in some other dimension. I really can't describe it, just watch the video on 5:14. That also might be the reason they changed the level. This can be fixed only with level reloading and it happens every time.
  • Behind the statue there's a hidden passage and it looks like you could go there through some other door, but that door doesn't work yet from any side, so the only way to get to that room is to move the Namor statue further.
  • Some inaccessible room can be seen in this corridor. This is not even on the mini-map. Maybe this door would open after the death of every enemy near it, but one of them is vulnerable only when attacking. The funny thing is - he never attacks and that might be done on purpose.
  • The path to another Namor statue is interesting as well. There are several columns you can make fall using a strong character. One of them leads to the statue, the others are just for fun, but there might be secrets later.
  • There's an easier way to this second Namor statue that doesn't require anything special, you can just get to it from the other side.
  • The final battle area is almost exactly the same, but no devices can be used yet. The bosses are 1 lvl though, so you don't need anything to kill them.


  • The map is finished, but the Kraken boss battle isn't. There are some invisible debug triggers left for testing purposes. You can switch Kraken's attacks with them and make him easy to defeat.
  • Kraken's HUD used Pyro as well, but Kraken doesn't even have a name yet.
  • Kraken doesn't have a "fall to pit" animation yet, so he dies like any other character and you can even see his legs.
  • The conversation with Mandarin doesn't hide that it's really Loki and it's funny as hell.


  • Can be accessed only through file editing.
  • The level is a bit dark and unpolished, there's almost no sounds, no music, but the puzzles are already made.
  • Enemies don't have models yet.
  • Dragonman appears with Ultimo at the very end of the level. In final version they both must be fought in their own corridors and both these corridors can be skipped if you have required heroes to solve the puzzles. In this version the bosses can't be skipped and you must fight them both at once, however Dragonman doesn't have a model yet.


  • This and all the remaining Mandarin levels can be accessed not only through file editing, but they are also connected and can be played one by one.
  • The level doesn't look really different as well, but those sharp spinning things are different. Still lethal, though.
  • No Ultimo plans sidequest is available yet.
  • Grey Gargoyle's model is finished, but he's called Gorgon. No way Gorgon was planned to be a villain here...


  • This level has familiar parts, but it's super different.
  • At the start of the level you can see enemies jumping from some pits with a weird unused animation.
  • These big chinese statues you could only destroy in the final version of the game can be pulled/pushed here. You need them to block the pits and prevent more enemies from spawning.
  • Some puzzles are different and the ones you can see in this proto are unused in the released version of the game. For example, there's a room, where you need to destroy 4 small statues in order to get to a lever opening one of the doors leading to the next level. This room was changed entirely and made into something similar to the puzzle you can see in this prototype before the Galactus boss battle. The mechanics of blocking the pits from the beginning of this level was moved there as well.
  • In one place of the map, moving statues, you can see some secret passages through sewers. There's nothing even remotely similar to this in the final version of the level. One sewer path is just a path to the puzzle opening the second exit level door. There's also some unused secret area with 3 weapon caches, that was cut, because the whole part of the map was changed. However, the second sewer pit leads to a completely scrapped secret area with a puzzle, where you need to move big metal cubes to clear a path to a weapon cache.
  • There are some metal cubes that seemingly aren't required in any puzzles.
  • The map is really unfinished and you can sometimes fall through solid floor into the abyss. Enemies do this as well every now and then on all Mandarin levels.
  • The room with the puzzle opening the second exit level door is very similar to its final version, but has some differences too. Also you can't access this room normally like you can in the final version of the game, so the only way here (except teleportation) is to go through sewers.
  • You can prevent the second lever from rising, but for some reason the exit level trigger doesn't require the doors to be opened.


  • The level is almost finished and has not that many differences. Even Doc Strange is already here.
  • However, you can lose Strange (maybe he gets killed) and it prevents the level from being finished if you have no teleporting hero.
  • There are some unused climbing sections.
  • There's no Mandarin5 map in the files of the game, so we can assume it wasn't made yet.


  • Just like Stark Tower, this hub is almost 100% the same, but with XML2 leftovers.
  • Old Lady Sif model with a coat can be seen here.
  • The titles of all these interesting landmark objects in Valhalla are shown in a way like you can somehow use them. It might be just a temporary solution to show the names of these objects before the devs came up with those yellow tooltips.
  • The hall of Valhalla2 is different. Plus this part of the hub is especially empty.


  • The level reuses the XML2 intro cinematic again.
  • The map is almost finished, but the bonfires are already lit.
  • Also funny thing to notice - stunned enemies in this prototype get less damage.
  • The sound of moving stone columns is glitched and it gets louder every time you move a column.
  • One puzzle seem to be unfinished and there's some big crystal you can make fly if you sacrifice one of your characters. What is the original idea behind this is unclear...


At first the level looks exactly the same. But:

  • The VFX of fireballs weren't finished and they look awful.
  • You can fight Wrecking Crew on your path to them already, but in the end they'll still be there and you'll need to fight them again. So there is more, than one of every Wrecking Crew member.
  • There are some floating boats and stones, and you can even walk on them.
  • Exit level portal isn't working.


The level is almost the same as its final version, but with some small changes and cheesy dialogues.


This level is pretty close to the released version as well, but:

  • Fenris wolves are red and also you can grab attack them just like everyone else (which looks really funny).
  • Clay guardians and Super Soldiers are already here, so this decision was made on earliest stages of development, which is cool to know it wasn't some last moment change, because they didn't have time to finish more Asgard enemies.
  • However, the size of Super Soldiers needed some fixing, so they could fit in these doorways.
  • The puzzle with two levers is already here, but it isn't finished and you can easily break the door without even using them. Judging by the cutscene, they planned to use them not on that big door, but on a door much closer to them.


  • The level isn't super different, but it has a lot of bugs. Tyr, for example, with time flies off his rope. The more you are on this level - the further he's from that rope. Also if someone hits you when you do the water QTE - the water cauldron will be pushed back with you and you won't be able to help Tyr anymore. Even more - sometimes your hero can become "ghost" after this QTE. You can see it in the end of Asgard4 video.
  • Unlike Dragonman and Ultimo in Mandarin1, Lizard and Scorpion were separated initially and only later on the devs decided to make you fight them both at once.
  • Lizard is still the same as in the final version, no "Classic" Lizard. Even if Classic Lizard was a thing, they already throw this idea away at this point of development.
  • Scorpion is Ultra, but the skin is Classic.
  • You can already forge a Godlike weapon, but sadly it won't appear in your inventory.
  • The game softlocks when you return to Asgard1 after this level.


The level isn't super different, but some interesting things can be noticed here:

  • The music is glitched. Also the ice powers still drop FPS drastically.
  • The puzzle with those 3 metal blocks is a bit different, it's much harder and you need to literally guess which block is for which pressure plate.
  • Rhino and Shocker aren't Ultra. So if it really was a thing, the decision was made and scrapped later.
  • Balder reacts to your attacks just like Namor in Atlantis.
  • The Balder's sidequest room is different and you need a bridge builder or flying character in order to get the horn. As I remember, bridge building was cut in Marvel Ultimate Alliance.
  • This mission doesn't really softlock the game in Asgard1, but it looks like Executioner and Enchantress aren't in the game yet. I made many attempts to make them spawn replaying these levels, but nothing helped.


  • This map isn't really different, but it's super empty and there's no wooden house near the next level trigger.
  • Kurse has a very weird glitched texture, but his model looks finished.
  • Niffleheim2 level is broken and freezes the game, so you can't go there from here.


  • This level is really different, but it has many copy-pasted sections, which makes it boring and worse, than its final version.
  • In order to cross some pits after enemies destroyed bridges, you need to complete some really long climbing sections. There are 3 similar climbing sections and the level would be a pain without any flying characters on your team. There's actually forth similar section, but the bridge is fine and you don't need to climb.
  • The texture of Frost Giants is different and they have some purple clothes.
  • The boss fight becomes practically unplayable when Mordo uses ice powers. And he uses them a lot. But the boss battle section is the same overall.


  • The level is really unfinished and it has no real ending.
  • All snowy areas are completely untextured, Frost Giant statues have purple clothing just like Frost Giants themselves and the platform on which the Destroyer armor stands looks different too.
  • Loki on the other hand can be defeated in a fair battle and the level continues after that.
  • No invisible walls (and ceilings) in Valhalla, so you can fly to practically any point of the map. Even actual walls sometimes aren't that solid.
  • Some famous sound from Metal Gear Solid plays randomly from time to time...
  • There's still 4 puzzles, but they are either same, but unpolished, or completely different.
  • You need to carry weapons you get solving the puzzles. If you drop a weapon - it will be spawned again and you need to replay the puzzle. So you must complete each puzzle with a new character. However, getting all 4 weapons will do nothing, since the level isn't finished.
  • The puzzle where you need to get to the end of a corridor and not fall into pits under some destructible plates is the same, but no fall animation is played for these plates, they just disappear. Plus you can see the out of bounds areas of the map through these pits.
  • Weapons do have models, but they have no textures. Also all the weapons are different, when in the final game we got 4 swords instead.
  • The puzzle where you need to catch a running sword choosing a correct path is the same, but it's in some weird previously unseen cave instead of Valhalla.
  • The puzzle where three heroes must stand on pressure plates and the last one gets the weapon is similar, but it's a corridor instead of a wider room, so each hero must go further, than a previous one, unlocking a door to another pressure plate or weapon.
  • That puzzle where you needed to get to the top of some snowy mountain avoiding holes emitting frost wind is completely different and unfinished. Looks like the initial idea was the same, but it was rather a climbing section. There are even some similar unfinished things that make you fall just like those wind holes from the released version.
  • Since the level isn't finished - there's no Destroyer boss fight. Even if you make all 4 heroes stand at the right spots (which is hard as hell) - you'll be pretty devastated seeing that it was all for nothing.


  • Just like every other hub in the game, this one almost isn't different visually and has many leftovers from XML2.
  • The book on the pedestal in the middle of the first hub area has an X-Men Legends 2 reference. Initially the devs planned to make X-Men Legends games canon for Marvel Ultimate Alliance. However, these games got the official universe numbers from Marvel and X-Men Legends is Earth-7964, when Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 are Earth-6109. Another fun fact: MUA 3 still didn't get an official universe number, so it might not even be a canon for the previous two games.
  • Cut Inhumans Nahrees, Tonaja and Veritus can be seen here, but they have no models and no actual conversations.
  • You can also see Namor in the throne room, which is cool and sadly was cut from the final game.


The level has almost no differences, it has all cutscenes, textures and animations, the dialogues are fine and even the real music is already here. Looks like the devs might even start the development from Shi'ar levels.


This level has some small changes, but it's really pretty much the same as well.


  • This level is very close to its final version, but the camera has a reversed perspective. You can see secret areas and stuff easier this way. However, even all optional quests are already here.
  • Here you can see the only collectible in this prototype - one simulator disk.


No dialogue with Hussar and Neutron, but the level is almost 100% the same.


  • Shiar5 map doesn't open, but there's this map in the "Test" folder instead and you can open it if you edit files of the game. Some small parts look similar to the real Shiar5 level, but the map overall is completely unused.
  • No mini-map and it isn't available for this level.
  • This level has some completely cut puzzles. For example, you need to free some Shi'ar soldier and he gives tons of information about the level.
  • You need to destroy some computer in order to disable force field to push some metal thing and activate bridge to another room.
  • If you fall down in the place where that bridge must be activated and your character can't fly, then you need to complete some wierd platforming section involving some pipes and get back on a higher ground.
  • There's no Lilandra yet and no one to free, so you can simply just go to Skrull1 from here.
  • "Domino" QTE from the Atvi_Test level is used here. However, it's pointless.
  • Some bridges aren't solid here and you can fall, but you won't be softlocked.
  • This level is connected to Shiar4, so it really might be some first test version of the level they decided to cut, but didn't finish the new version yet.


This level is almost completely different and has many unused parts. It's also different visually. And the machines of Galactus can be destroyed only with ranged attacks here.


  • This level is almost entirely different as well! Some of its parts were used, but it's much more complicated in this prototype.
  • There are some ventilators that were cut from the released version of the game.
  • There is many hidden paths teleporting you from one point of the map to another without any logic to it.
  • Ultron Strikers are already here.
  • There's many destructible walls, that shouldn't be like this, because it allows you to ignore some important triggers.
  • If you get to the final battle room without actually using all the triggers the intended way - Skrull Queen flies through a solid door.
  • Even Paibok uses ice powers here, so this boss battle quickly gets unplayable just like many others.


This level is similar to its final version, but it has some funny things showing how unfinished it is:

  • There are some bombs instead of some other Galactus machines from the final version. Those machines are actually used in Skrull1 in this proto, when in Skrull1 of final game there were some new machines.
  • At some point of the level you can see Galactus walking into a bridge. He can't go through it and for some reason doesn't even try to destroy it.
  • Some weird flying vessel has a looped animation of landing. It repeats in a way it shouldn't be repeated.
  • Also it has some cool cutscene where Galactus destroys a bridge just in front of heroes. Why couldn't he do the same with the second bridge?


This level is very close to the version in the released game, but it's still kinda unfinished: there's no demons in the Titannus room and Skrull scientist is actually a Loki Troll...


The first part of the level looks almost the same as in the final game, but the camera locks after the Surfer conversation and you can't progress further. To actually complete this level you need to use debug free camera mode and skip that Surfer conversation. This can be seen in the "debug" video. The Galactus boss battle isn't finished and completely different, plus there's some cut room before the battle where you need to kill Galactus Punishers appearing from some teleporters just like on Mandarin's levels from the final game. Also Surfer could be controlled normally instead of a QTE.


  • Can be played only using file editing.
  • It's super unfinished and most characters don't have models, but there's Namor!
  • The quest requiring you to use all consoles on the map is already here. After that you need to use that elevator and it's even working! However, it softlocks the game and level can't be really completed.


It's the same as Doomstark1a, but instead of that story quest it's just a normal hub (pretty unfinished, though).


The idea of the level is the same: there are evil Iron Mans (without actual models yet) and a timer, but new enemies don't arrive and you can't win or lose here. The exit leads to Doomstark1a.

Unused Bifrost Simulator Arena

It looks like the devs planned to use this arena in some comic missions. It would make sense, because there's a lot of Asgard comic missions. This arena is big enough and it's unclear why it's left unused.

This level can be accessed only through file editing.

Debug Features

The prototype has a debug menu you can access from the main menu or from pause menu. It can help to load most of the maps (some of them aren't present in the list), enable or disable some cheats or performance parameters, show statistics and other debug information, save/load your game and etc.

The most interesting option here is a free camera mode. To enable it, you need to enable options "DevInput Enabled" and "Allow Free Camera", then press the buttons for blue and red potion at once after you quit the pause menu. This will make your character a "ghost" and now you'll be able to fly through any walls.

Only with this feature you can actually finish Skrull5 Galactus boss fight. The level is unplayable normally, because the camera just dies after the Silver Surfer conversation. With this ghost mode you can fly to the next checkpoint skipping the conversation and see the real ending of this level.

You can see it starting with 9:11 in the video. The level has some weird spawners similar to the ones in the Mandarin's palace. After you defeat all Galactus Punishers, you'll fight Galactus himself. The boss fight is super different and unfinished (you can't harm Galactus). You need to use some machine against him and then you'll play as Surfer. Instead of some QTE from the released version of the game, you can really play as Surfer - fly and attack.

Other than that I couldn't find anything interesting with this mode, but maybe this debug menu is still in the final version of the game.

Review Unlockables

Because of the fact that this game is made out of XML2, all the cheats from that game work here. Using cheats "Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down, Start", "Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Down, Left, Start" and "Right, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Right, Start" you can see the unlockables in the review menu. It's not a surprise that all of them are from XML2 as well.

Comic Missions

There are only 5 comic missions and all of them were left in the final version of the game. You can play them using this XML2 cheat - Right, Right, Left, Left, Up, Down, Up Down, Start. The maps look almost exactly the same, but you can notice they tried to use some weird formula for points, that decreased points if your level was too high.


In the videos below you can see every playable character of this prototype in action. To unlock all characters use this XML2 code: "Right, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Start". To unlock all skins use this one: "Down, Up, Left, Right, Up, Up, Start". To level your characters up and check all their powers use this code: "Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Up, Left, Right, Start".

The characters playable in this prototype:

  • Defaultman
  • Silver Surfer
  • Warbird (Miss Marvel)
  • Blade
  • Black Panther
  • Ghost Rider
  • Spider-Man
  • Wolverine
  • Captain America
  • Elektra
  • Daredevil
  • Iceman
  • Thing
  • Deadpool
  • Iron Man
  • Doctor Strange
  • Storm
  • Thor
  • Human Torch

Some of these characters are unfinished and have no powers, some are different visually or some of their powers were later unused/scrapped. Visually most of the characters the same, but a cel shading technology from XML2 is still used. Some characters are made from other XML2 characters. Not all characters have bonus skins. Wolverine has most of skins, as it always was in XML games. All the used skins are from those games.


This is a placeholder character and as I remember it's even still in the final version of the game. It also was in both previous XML games too. This defaultman character is playable in this prototype and it has no melee attack animation, which allows him to attack ultimately fast. He has no powers, but arguably funny to play.

Silver Surfer

For some reason, Surfer has no powers and can only melee attack and fly. The board doesn't appear when he flies and that's really weird, because Surfer had the board in the Galactus boss fight and even two of his powers were already available there.

Warbird (Miss Marvel)

Miss Marvel isn't finished yet. She has all powers of Iceman, but she can't use them. Also she can't fly. At least all melee attacks are available... By the way, there's no mask on her face!


Blade's powers look like many of them were later changed.

Black Panther

Black Panther's powers are different too. Also he could show enemies on the mini-map using on of his powers.

Ghost Rider

It would be cool if all of a sudden Blaze had a bike here or at least one power related to it. Sadly, no. Also Ghost Rider's skull is dark and it was like that even on many prerelease screenshots and in trailers, but in the final game his skull is white.


Spider-Man has some interesting unused powers here. My favourite is the one that allows him to spin enemies with his web. It can even be used against bosses.


Wolverine looks like he's 100% the same as he was in X-Men Legends 2.

Captain America

Cap looks pretty finished, even his throw shield mechanics are already made.


Elektra is overpowered and imbalanced here, she can even resurrect. Also some of her powers use hilarious and unexpected sounds...


Daredevil isn't 100% finished and he has some interesting differences. Also he can show enemies on the mini-map just like Black Panther.


Iceman is weird and he was later changed for this game, but here he's very similar to his XML2 version. What's funny is that his default skin uses poses and animations of Spider-Man... Also this prototype has some performance issues when ice powers are used (not only by Iceman, but by bosses as well). So you must play as Iceman very carefully in this proto.


The thing is different visually and in terms of powers. He's overpowered and imbalanced (he can be invincible most of the time), plus his grab attack is very funny to use against bosses.


Deadpool is transferred from X-Men Legends 2 and he was even almost the same in the final version of MUA.

Iron Man

Iron Man is from XML2 as well, however if find it difficult to say if he's the same here or not. He definitely was changed later on through the development.

Doctor Strange

Doc has no cape and some of his powers might be changed later.


Storm is from X-Men Legends 2.


Thor looks already finished.

Human Torch

If you remember your X-Men Legends 2 characters, then you'll notice this is actually Sunfire, not Human Torch. Also of note is that he has no fire resistance in this build.