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Proto:Maya the Bee & Her Friends

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Maya the Bee & Her Friends.

This article is a work in progress.
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The Game Boy Color South Park was supposed to be released alongside the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation versions, but ended up being cancelled in 1999 due to Nintendo, Matt Stone, and Trey Parker not wanting to release an adult game for a system that was mostly owned by children.

The game ended up being reworked and released as Maya the Bee & Her Friends in Europe, which itself was reworked and released as The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley in the US.

A ROM of the prototype was released by the Lost Media Wiki in August 2018.

To do:
  • Add general sprite differences.
  • Subpages detailing level differences.
  • Table showing the world sequences between the two games.
  • Sound and music differences with comparisons between both soundtracks.
  • Text differences with comparisons in both scripts.
  • Content specific to both versions of the game (test menus, copyright screens, Kenny's deaths, etc.).


Mayathebee world1boss.png
On The Way To School/In The Bee Hive
Both versions establish very different settings for our characters.
Text Differences
The script received quite the overhaul- and oh boy, what an overhaul.
Sound & Music Differences
The two games ended up receiving very different soundtracks.

General Differences

Title Screen

South Park Maya the Bee & Her Friends
Goin' down to South Park, gonna have my self time Once upon a time you see, in a strange land not far away~

The title screen would be changed around appropriately to suit the license, but not before removing an animated "Press Start" prompt and blinking from the title screen's characters.


South Park Maya the Bee & Her Friends
Hello there, children! M A Y A

The South Park boys' source of advice and guidance, Chef, is appropriately replaced by the teacher at Bee School, Miss Cassandra.

South Park Maya the Bee & Her Friends
Remember that time when Mr. Mooney had to have the class hamster taken out of his ass? Willi, Flip and I will stop them- right?

Likewise, the boys have been replaced by the troublemaking insect trio accordingly. The dialogue is also no longer written in all-caps.

Main Menu

South Park Maya the Bee & Her Friends
What's on the Menu today, Chef? Come on you two, let's get away from this weird leaf!

The rather smart use of Chef's Menu as the main menu has been substituted for the decidedly less smart use of Maya and a leaf.


South Park Maya the Bee & Her Friends
Yee-haw! Sweet.

In what will be a recurring theme throughout the two games, the snazzy Thunderbird font has been changed to this still-impressive honey-dripping font.

Bonus Game

South Park Maya the Bee & Her Friends
Which object would you like to puke at Wendy? okay that was weird just choose a level

The rather elaborate Select Bonus Game screen involving Stan attempting to kiss Wendy and failing horribly was simplified to a simple graphic of the three playable characters.

Game Over

South Park Maya the Bee & Her Friends
IT'S GAAAAAAAME OVER! Do we have to sugar- I mean honey-coat this for you?

Once again, the rather fancy South Park font has been replaced with a more appropriate one in Maya the Bee.

Level Skip


If you press Start during a level, you'll see this screen. Press Select to skip to the next level.

Hidden Menu


If you press Select on the main menu, you'll access a hidden menu. From here, you can (with A) select any of the 9 worlds (plus the 3 complete bonus worlds), the individual maps within each world, the music tracks, and sound effects.

Unused Text

Found at 0x00038000:


This is for the sound driver, which is used in most Game Boy games developed by Probe. This game was not developed by Probe, but most of the staff that worked for Crawfish previously worked for Probe, including the sound team.