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Proto:Mega Man 7/Sound & Music Differences

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Mega Man 7.

A sound test also exists in the prototype, and can be accessed using the code C005B304.


Many of the songs from the final aren't in the prototype, and some songs that are present are noticeably different.

It's also worth noting that these first three songs don't play correctly, due to missing sample data, unless you play some other songs beforehand. An example is shown in Dr. Wily Stage 1.

Unused Song

Sound Test Number: 20

An unused song that was completely removed from the final! It sounds like an alternate boss theme, or could possibly have been used for promotional trailers and the like.

Dr. Wily Stage 1

Without playing other songs first After playing songs

Sound Test Number: 16

Practically identical to the final version. Aside from some missing sample data, the only real change is the underlying strings and main melody (from 0:34.5 to 1:12.1) being an octave lower.

Dr. Wily Stage 2

Sound Test Number: 21

A couple of noteworthy changes from the final. The whole song is shifted three semitones down, compared to the final version, as well as playing about 3.75% faster. The prototype has an eerie sound effect, but the final version has a single clap instead, either because they planned it that way or the sample was overwritten. Otherwise, pretty much the same (aside from missing sample data).

Weapon Obtained

Sound Test Number: 2B

The "New Weapon" music, which has loud, sustained rhythm guitar notes that aren't present in the final version.

Proto Man's Whistle

Sound Test Number: 28

Not a great deal different, but it's not exactly the same as the final, and sounds a bit rougher.

Sound Effects

The prototype is missing a lot of sound effects. The sample has 42 sound slots compare to the final version's 122. Some of the implemented sound effects differ from the final version.



The sample's death sound seems to switch between the left and right channels. The final's is centered.



This sound used for dialogue used for Roll was lowered in pitch for the final build.

Explosion #1


The final version's default explosion sound has some added "pop" to it.

Explosion #2


This explosive sound is longer in the final.

Explosions #3-5

These 3 sounds (sound IDs 1D, 1E, 1F are unique to the prototype. In the final, sound 1D is blank, while 1E & 1F are copies of explosion #1. Sounds 1E and 1F are played in the final during the Wily Boss explosion sequence.



The final version's sound is a bit more complicated.



In the prototype, this sounds seems like it's cut off. The final version fixes this problem.



When Mega Man lands, there's a thunk sound effect in the sample. The final version imitates the landing sound from the NES games.

Stage Select


The prototype's stage select sound has 4 notes while the final version has 3. As a result, the volume fading lasts longer in the sample.