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Proto:Mega Man X: Command Mission (PlayStation 2)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mega Man X: Command Mission (PlayStation 2).

The E3 Version of the game.


The player can use X, Zero and Axl to fight against Spider and Wild Jango in Central Tower. There are 9 Vaccine Programs and 9 Backups available and Sub Tanks are at 300% energy. The player can not pause and Hyper Mode is not available. After defeating Wild Jango or dying, the demo ends with the message "Mega Cool Timez - Coming Your Way 2004!".

Introduction Video

The introduction video appears to be from an earlier version of the demo, as the Action Trigger is different. Some details are not present in the final.

  • The Action Trigger worked in a different way from the final, having a gauge in the top left.
  • In X's Action Trigger, the area becomes dark and the camera moves while he is charging energy.
  • Marino appears in the top of a windmill in Central Tower.
  • Chief R is in a cell from the Tianna POW Camp.
  • The areas Dr. Psyche and Silver Horn appear are dark, and Silver Horn's eyes glow.
  • X's party fight against a Killer Mantis in Central Tower's Heliport. The only battle to happen in this area in the final is the fight against the boss Wild Jango.
  • The Minimap has small white lines around it.

Other Differences

  • The battle icons of X, Zero and Axl are different.
  • Spider has a "Boss" text in his boss battle mugshot.
  • The names of playable characters are written in capital letters.
  • X can only talk with a few NPCs and Cinnamon in the demo, having different dialogue.
  • The Minimap is not present.
  • The translation from the scenes with Spider are slightly different.
  • The scenes can be skipped by pressing the Start button instead of holding it for 2 seconds. Only the Start button can skip scenes.
  • Axl can use Silver Horn, Incentas and Mach Jentra in his Action Trigger, and they are named Silver Hound, Ancientus and Blue Wing in the demo.
  • Zero Breakthrough is named Zero Break.
  • Wild Jango's attacks Shock Nail, Lightning Rod, and Ultra Thunder are respectively named Thunder Nail, Lightning Capture, and Omega Thunder in the demo.
  • The Speed status is named Agility.
  • When a character is with Virus status, a skull balloon doesn't appear above them, being only recognized by the way they move.
  • The Sub Tank options Life Gain and All Life Gain are named Life Energy and Super Life Energy.
  • The Final Strike doesn't show any name in the Sub Weapons, while the final version shows two Ultimate Missiles. Final Strike happens even if the enemy's energy reach 0.
  • The victory theme is slightly different.
  • Zero's movements contain some graphical errors.

Debug Mode

To do:
Document Music Test, Cutscene Viewer, Face Test, Message Test, Edit Mode, and GFX Test. Note anything interesting on Stage Select, Model Viewer, and Battle Debug.

With the use of some cheat codes (and an emulator), one can load a variety of debug menus on-boot.

Debug Code and Boot Controls

Master Code (Only needed for cheat devices)
9011D1D0 0C04741C

Enable Debug Menus
2017C2A8 00000000
D0430B02 0000FBFF
2040E994 00000001
D0430B02 0000F7FF
2040E994 00000004
D0430B02 0000FEFF
2040E994 00000005
D0430B02 0000FDFF
2040E994 00000006
D0430B02 0000FFFE
2040E994 00000007
D0430B02 0000FFF7
2040E994 00000008
D0430B02 0000EFFF
2040E994 00000002
D0430B02 0000DFFF
2040E994 00000003
D0430B02 00007FFF
2040E994 00000009

While the game is booting up, press and hold one of the following buttons:

  • Hold L1 for Stage Select.
  • Hold R1 for Battle Debug.
  • Hold L2 for Music Test.
  • Hold R2 for Cutscene Viewer.
  • Hold Select for Face Test.
  • Hold Start for Message Test.
  • Hold Triangle for Edit Mode.
  • Hold Circle for Model Viewer.
  • Hold Square for GFX Test.

If you wait long enough on each menu without giving inputs, it can occasionally reboot into a different menu.

(Debug Mode codes: Punk7890)
(Documentation: PixelButts)

Stage Select


Stage select is fairly straightforward.

  • Colour of text indicates if stage is properly accessible.
  • There is a bug with SPAWN POS that will corrupt the value and cycle it infinitely unless you change other values.
Stage Select Minimum Value Maximum Value Notes
STAGE 0 127 Stage that the game will spawn you in. Game has 0 - 10 as real stages so anything above 10 will likely not work or have test areas.
AREA 0 31 Area within a stage the game will spawn you in. Some areas may be empty.
START POS A Z Position you will be spawned in the defined Area. Some spawn you in bad places (under terrain) while others don't.
SCENARIO 0 127 Defines what events have or are currently taking place in the specified Stage and Area. Effects will vary greatly.
BATTLE ON OFF Enables or Disabled random encounters. Does NOT stop event encounters or NPC encounters.

Battle Debug


This loads a sample match with user-defined enemies, players, and stats.
The Top Half of this screen is your party and their level.

  • Due to a bug, party member names are not properly shown. Use the table below to determine what you want to use by pressing Right.
  • The same character can occupy multiple party slots.
Party member number Default Value Left 1 time Left 2 times Left 3 times Left 4 times Left 5 times Left 6 times Left 7 times Left 8 times
1st X Zero Spider Massimo Marino Cinnamon Axl Null Default
2nd Null X Zero Spider Massimo Marino Cinnamon Axl Default
3rd Null X Zero Spider Massimo Marino Cinnamon Axl Default
4th Null X Zero Spider Massimo Marino Cinnamon Axl Default
5th Null X Zero Spider Massimo Marino Cinnamon Axl Default
6th Null X Zero Spider Massimo Marino Cinnamon Axl Default
7th Null X Zero Spider Massimo Marino Cinnamon Axl Default

On the Bottom Half of the screen there are 4 usable pages. You can access pages 1 - 4 by pressing Right on the - in the middle of the screen.

  • Page 1 is a user-defined enemy roster.
  • Page 2 are camera variables for the battle.
  • Page 3 is a set of major pre-defined battles from in-game stages. Bosses and event enemies for example.
  • Page 4 appears to be every possible battle in the game ordered by area.
Bottom Page 1 Default Value Minimum Value Maximum Value Notes
Battle Stage Background B0101 B0100 B1005 Camera can cause issues viewing enemies due to them being very unfinished.
Enemy Party Size 3 1 4 All enemy values that are grey must be set to the Null or the map will not load.
Enemy 1st Null E00 E88 Some enemies have red text appear and will not allow you to load them unless they are in a certain position with specific party sizes.
Enemy 2nd Null E00 E88 Some enemies have red text appear and will not allow you to load them unless they are in a certain position with specific party sizes.
Enemy 3rd Null E00 E88 Some enemies have red text appear and will not allow you to load them unless they are in a certain position with specific party sizes.
Enemy 4th Null E00 E88 Some enemies have red text appear and will not allow you to load them unless they are in a certain position with specific party sizes.
Bottom Page 2 Default Value Notes
X Position 8689 Value can be negative
Y Position -2942 Value can be negative
Z Position -4223 Value can be negative
Pitch -3094 Value can be negative
Bank -11470 Value can be negative
Perse 37 Minimum value is 15
Bottom Page 3 Possible Values Notes
Stage 0 - 10 Modifies Event Battle Value. Will display S0X_YY where X is the Stage value.
Event Battle S0X_YY_Z Changes which pre-defined battle will take place in value YY. Variants exist which changes value with _Z.
Enemies in Battle E00 - E88 Up to 4 enemies can be listed.
Bottom Page 4 Possible Values Notes
Battle by value 0 - 201 Value indicates which Stage and Area the battle will take place in.
Encounter modifier 1/1 - 1/5 Changes which pre-defined battle will take place in value.
Unknown 1 0 - 10 Unknown function.
Unknown 2 0 - 31 Unknown function.

Model Viewer

MegamanXCME3-modelviewer1.png MegamanXCME3-modelviewer2.png

The Model Viewer menu has 3 pages.
Page 1 is a selection of Models and Effects.
Page 2 gives information about the camera coordinates and timing and size of the displayed Model or Effects.
Page 3 duplicates some page 2 assets, but its purpose is unknown.

Model Viewer Controls Effect Notes
D-Pad Left/D-Pad Right Changes page of models and effects on Page 1.
X Shows model or effect/Selects model or effect Can stack more than one model or animation. Be careful.
Square/Circle Page Left/Page Right Changes which page you're viewing. Loops pages.
Triangle Resets Camera
L1 Zooms Out
R2 Zooms In
Left Stick/Dpad Pans Camera
Right Stick Rotates Camera
Model Viewer Page 1 Notes
Animation or Model Effects usually labeled with EF prefix. Weapon models usually labeled with WEP prefix. Can be combined in some entries.
Model Viewer Page 2 (Circle)
Line Function Values Notes
Selected Model or Effect Blank Space Displays currently playing Model or Effect.
Model or Effect Timer Time Counter up(Counter down) Shows current elapsed time since Model or Effect loaded as well as time remaining til Model or Effect triggers.
Camera Coordinates X: Y: Z: Displays camera coordinates.
Misc Functions Type: Size: Type is unknown. Size is scale of Model or Effect.


If loading anything via the debug menu, many characters, abilities, items, doors, etc will not function properly.


  • You cannot pause still even with debugging available.
  • Hyper mode is not available for any encounter.
  • The ability to run from encounters exists.
  • Many dialog boxes and text are corrupt or are placeholders.
  • If a save station is encountered, it will play a healing sound and softlock the game.


Many levels have content-complete sections (items, NPCs) but cannot function properly.

  • The bus to the merchant area of the Central Tower doesn't exist.
  • Sky room can be accessed with a teleporter but will not have any selectable options (figures, scarf colour, music player).
  • Some doors are invisible and can be seen through, but show unloaded areas behind them.
    • Other doors seen through these appear normally for some reason.
  • Many load zones are not programmed in yet.
    • Mainly seen with NPC triggered load zones.
  • Many elevators mess with the camera.
  • Many elevators do not have proper collision causing the player to never access them.
  • Levels with locked doors sometimes let you through them.
    • Seen with Lagrano Runs 5F East door.
  • Some doors that should be locked can be entered but return you to the entrance of the room.
    • Lagrano Ruins First floor where Zero and Shadow are cut off can be entered and observe this behavior.
  • Many later levels have very unfinished assets.
    • Textures are commonly white with very basic models.
  • Some stages with event enemies (where range from them triggers a battle) are present and using Prions as placeholders.


  • Spider
    • Action Trigger Fortune Hand uses the unfinished designs but fails to execute, causing the game to softlock.
  • Massimo
    • Uses X's audio clips as placeholders.
    • Massimo's right leg model is visually corrupt.
    • Action Trigger Berserk Charge will not damage any enemies.
      • Berserk Charge uses GameCube buttons instead of PS2 buttons.
  • Marino
    • Uses X's audio clips as placeholders.
    • Action Trigger Emotional Reels will show the UI but will not have roulettes spinning.
      • Unlike Massimo's Action Trigger, this will deal damage.
      • Unlike Spider's Action Trigger, this will not softlock the game.
  • Cinnamon
    • Uses X's audio clips as placeholders.
    • Uses the GameCube C-Stick for the Action Trigger.

Boss Enemies

Wild Jango and Spider are the only bosses fully programmed.

  • Epsilon
    • Missing right leg entirely.
  • Ferham
    • Visually corrupt, often has black polygons encompassing the whole model.

Generic Enemies

A large majority of enemies are not programmed completely.

  • Majority of enemies are programmed with 1 HP.
    • Silver Horn takes 0 damage regardless of attack used. Possibly unkillable without usage of a damaging item (Mega Thunder for example).


  • Major NPCs will often have placeholder dialog, will use incorrect animations when idle or spoken to, and are in different places frequently.
  • Nana sometimes doesn't appear but you can speak to her.
  • The Merchants will all display the same text. You cannot buy anything from them.
  • You cannot use the teleporting NPC to go to levels.


Nana can bring you to the deployment menu as well as transport you to the Sky Room.


Almost every item you pick up in a stage is a Null item or Vaccine Program or LE+.

Unused Graphics

Rockman X RPG

The game contains a screen with the temporary title "Rockman X RPG". X is equipped with a Gatling buster (which is different from the Gatling Buster in the final), a shield, and two shoulder cannons, suggesting the game would originally have Sub Weapons visible in the character equipped with them and shield equipments. In the final, Sub Weapons are not seem in the character using them, and the Defend option makes characters go into a defensive position and a barrier appear in front of them.

The game contains five screenshots from a very early version of the game in two different sizes. The screens are still present unused in the final version of the game.

Four unused Sky Room posters. Three of them are most likely an early version of the posters Giga Citizens, Swarming Armada and Meet Marino present in the final. There is no poster featuring Ferham in the final, although she is present in the posters Fearsome Foe and Secret Assembly. The citizens poster contains an early version of the game logo.

Prototype Final
Single view Multiple views

The Chapter 2 title card is the only one present in the demo, having a different appearance.

Prototype Final
Front view Side view

Wild Jango's silhouette from Chapter 2 is also different.

Prototype Final
MMXCME3Mugshots.png MMXCMMugshots.png

The mugshots from the menus in the demo are much bigger than the ones in the final version.


An early version of X's mugshot.

Prototype Final
Boss Not boss?

The prototype is missing many icons from the turn HUD present in the final, and most have a different design. As the player only uses three characters and faces two bosses, the icons for enemies and the other playable characters are unused.

Prototype Final

The FME (Force Metal Energy) was originally called DNA in the demo. The menu also had a few minor changes.

Prototype Final
Chest Key

The position of the icons in the item menu was different in the demo, and the icons for Force Metals and Key Items had a different appearance.

Prototype Final
Classic New

The cards in Spider's Action Trigger have a simple design, and their back side resemble a spider web with a red background. In the final, the back side is golden and has the same symbol from his clothes, and the J, Q and K cards have the characters Aile, Nana and Chief R.

Marino's Action Trigger in the final version.

There are two versions of Marino's Action Trigger in the demo, one with black and white images and other with a black background. Both have the same slot.

The demo has chapter titles with temporary names. Except for Chapter 2, all chapters have different names from the final version, like Chapter 4 being "Force Metal Generator" and Chapter 10 "Irregular Hunter". There are also other two unused screens, one saying "DNA Chip 『________』 Get" and other asking if you want to save game data. All screens have an early version of the game's logo.