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Proto:Minesweeper (Windows, 1990)/Mine 2.8

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Minesweeper (Windows, 1990).

Download.png Download Mine 2.8
File: mine28.zip (19 KB) (info)


  • The game's title bar says "Win Mine" instead of "Minesweeper".
  • When playing on Expert difficulty, the size of the grid is 25×25 in Mine 2.8 (625 squares). This shrank to 24×24 in Mine 2.9 (576 squares), and to 16×30 (480 squares) in the final.
  • The Game and Help menus have not been implemented yet.
  • The ability to turn the game's color off isn't implemented yet.
  • Sounds are enabled by default, the final requires winmine.ini to be edited to enable them.
  • The timer behaves differently in Mine 2.8. Rather than counting how long clearing the board takes, if enabled it imposes a time limit on the game, and when it reaches zero, the game is over.



Mine 2.6-2.9 Minesweeper
Mine2.9icon.png Minewsweeper32icon-windows3.12000wep.png

As with the other Minesweeper prototypes, the game's icon is a lit bomb instead of a mine.


All prototypes from Mine 2.6 to 2.9 have an interesting feature, pressing the escape key will minimize the game with this barcode icon and the text "Not a Game".


Mine 2.6-2.9 Minesweeper
Mine2.9tiles.png Minesweepertiles-windows3.1mexpwep.png

Again, as with the other prototypes, lit bombs are used instead of mines, and an unlit bomb is used instead of a flag.


Mine 2.8 Minesweeper
Mine2.8board.png Minesweeperboard.png

The background is no longer green as it was in Mine 2.6, but the Game and Help menus have still not been implemented yet.



Mine 2.8 Mine 2.9
Mine2.8prefs.png Mine2.9prefs.png

Mine 2.8's preferences menu has a few features that were removed in Mine 2.9. The Timer settings are for the time limit described in General and the Safe Step setting will prevent chording if not enough mines are flagged. The "? Marks" setting was also renamed to "Marks (?)"


Mine 2.8 Mine 2.9
Mine2.8about.png Mine2.9about.png

Except for the version number, the "About" dialog is identical to the ones in Mine 2.6 and Mine 2.9, still vastly differing from the final.