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Proto:Minesweeper (Windows, 1990)/Mine 2.9

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Minesweeper (Windows, 1990).

Download.png Download Mine 2.9
File: mine29.rar (19 KB) (info)

In July 2010, Damien Moore discovered a prototype of Minesweeper in a collection of files uploaded to defunct BBSes. This build appears to be from late in development (as it is v2.9 while the final is v3.0), but there are some noticeable differences.


  • The game's title bar says "Win Mine" instead of "Minesweeper".
  • When playing on Expert difficulty, the size of the grid is 24×24 in the prototype (576 squares). This shrank to 16×30 (480 squares) in the final.
  • The "Fastest Mine Sweepers" and "Custom Field" dialogs and their respective menu items don't exist yet.
  • The ability to turn the game's color off isn't implemented yet.
  • Sounds are enabled by default, the final requires winmine.ini to be edited to enable them.
  • The executable has symbols attached, at 598C.



Mine 2.9 Minesweeper
Mine2.9icon.png Minewsweeper32icon-windows3.12000wep.png

The game's icon was changed from a lit bomb to a mine.


All prototypes from Mine 2.6 to 2.9 have an interesting feature, pressing the escape key will minimize the game with this barcode icon and the text "Not a Game".


Mine 2.9 Minesweeper
Mine2.9tiles.png Minesweepertiles-windows3.1mexpwep.png

The lit bombs were changed to mines, and the unlit bomb was changed to a flag.



Mine 2.9 Minesweeper
Mine2.9gamemenu.png Minesweepergamemenu-wep.png

Mine 2.9 has a sound option and a preferences menu, both removed in the final. It also lacks the final's "Custom...", "Color", and "Best Times..." menu items.



Mine 2.9 has a preferences menu that was removed in the final. It allows you to toggle most of the settings available in the "Game" menu, along with a few others.


Mine 2.9 Minesweeper
Mine2.9helpmenu.png Minesweeperhelpmenu-wep.png

All of the menu items were renamed in the final, and "Keyboard" was replaced with "Search for Help On...".


Mine 2.9 Minesweeper
Mine2.9about.png Minesweeperabout-wep.png

The early "About" dialog is very different – the only signs of official Microsoft involvement are in the names (Microsoft used the firstname-lastinitial format for their email addresses at the time, and probably to this day, and at the time people were generally referenced internally by that format too). Duff Software was a name used by Microsoft developers for unofficial projects, usually games, as explained here.

It also credits a "Larry H." (Larry Houch), who goes uncredited in the final. According to Mine 2.8's help file, he was the game's visual consultant.