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Proto:Pokémon Snap

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Pokémon Snap.

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  • Are we sure this wasn't the Blockbuster kiosk demo?
  • Is this actually pre-final?

The kiosk demo plays much the same as the released game, including retaining the ability to save the game file. There are, however, a handful of differences.

  • The player is permitted to progress up to the apple-shaped Pokémon Food, but cannot unlock the Volcano level. When the player throws Pokémon Food at the Electrode at the end of the Tunnel level to trigger the unlocking of the Volcano level, the game displays the message "Wanna see more? Get Pokémon Snap!" over the cutscene of Todd entering the Volcano. The level does not become available after exiting and returning to the level select, and Professor Oak is stuck saying that there's a hidden path in the Tunnel level at the end of every Prof. Oak's Check.
Demo Final
PokemonSnap TunnelSecretEnd-Demo.png PokemonSnap TunnelSecretEnd-Final.png
  • The Album is also unavailable to the player for the entirety of the demo, which means Album stickers are also unavailable during Prof. Oak's Check. However, when the player goes to the Gallery on the Title Screen, there is a demo Album that is pre-loaded with all sorts of pictures, some of which that show inaccessible parts of the game via the demo (i.e. pictures of Pokémon at the Volcano level).
Demo Final
PokemonSnap CameraCheck-Demo.png Pokemonsnap cameracheckus.png
  • The Gallery option on the title screen says "Gallery (Print)" instead of just Gallery. Sure enough, the demo Gallery has an option to print pictures. As can be expected, the demo was hooked up to a print station that allowed players to print pictures they took in the demo. The station would tell the game whether it received a print credit, and if a print credit exists then it would let the player proceed with the print option.
Demo Final
PokemonSnap TitleMenu Gallery-Demo.png PokemonSnap TitleMenu Gallery-Final.png