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Proto:Sega Channel BIOS (US)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Sega Channel BIOS (US).

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Several prototypes of the Sega Channel BIOS were released between 2009 and 2012. Most of these are very early in development, but do show the user interface coming together.


Demo Cartridge 1
Channel Guide
Demo Cartridge 4
Test Prototypes
Dated November 17, 1994 to January 18, 1996. Each of them predate the European release and were used to test features.

Visual Differences

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Demo Carts Final
Sega Channel Demo Cartridge 4 Boot-Up.png Sega Channel Final Boot-Up.png

The boot-up screen got a huge visual revamp between the demo cartridges and the released Sega Channel cartridge.

  • Sonic's sprites are a lot closer to Sonic 2 in the demo carts, but are given an original flair in the final.
  • The Genesis was redrawn.
  • The cable outlet had its "CABLE" label and switch removed.
  • The wall was changed.
  • The wooden texture is much better defined in the final.
  • There's no animation of the Channel guy jumping out of the cartridge, only a basic fade to the Sega Channel logo.
  • No copyright message is shown at the beginning.
  • The backgrounds in these builds are quite minimal compared to the final's, closely resembling those used in ToeJam & Earl.