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Proto:Shin Megami Tensei: DemiKids Light and Dark

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Shin Megami Tensei: DemiKids Light and Dark.


This article is for the prototype of the Demikids Dark Japanese version of the game. Lights version is as of yet discovered. The demo has a few differences from the retail game. A video of its content can be found here.

Primary Differences

  • In the demo, the opening goes straight to Norn discussing what's going on, as it does in the retail game, but the conversation with Lucifer and Forlo is skipped, and Akira and Gale are then placed outside of the time gate in Dem without naming Akira.
    • In the retail version, the game starts by having a discussion between Forlo and Lucifer, and then Norn talks about story events, requests to hear the name of the protagonist, and the game inserts Akira at his school desk with Amy being introduced to the class.
  • The player cannot go south of Hueyville in the demo.
  • Gale is Level 8 and has higher stats in the demo. The retail game starts him at Level 5.
  • In the demo, you get four default demons: Gale, Nike, Centaur, and Krane. In the retail game, you get Gale, Aminoz, Lava Rat, and Windling.
  • The demo ends when you beat the boss in the Wind Shrine after going through the forest: the demon boss thanks you for playing the game, after which the demo resets.
  • In the demo, the player may not save or access the Vinecom PC equivalent as the game says that "you may not perform this action in this version". The saving can, however, be enabled by modifying the hex.

All other content is basically the same, such as items, encountered demons, and NPCs.

Unused/Placeholder Content

̺placeholder character
This Cerberus character portrait appears when there is no other character data to display and is the default demon prior to obtaining either Gale or Rand in either version. However, since this demo has the player automatically obtaining Gale, this is not seen normally.

̺hidden portraits of characters
These 39 hidden portraits exist within the game's code, and are in the main game, and are used for the Battlenet portraits. They are able to be extracted, but not in their original palette so black and white is the best available palette. Some of these images display slight differences from portraits established as being in the game (such as Rena holding her finger out) but they do display differences when compared to established images and may be direct screenshots from early betas or original design material. Many of these characters are remnants of main characters or portraits from the original Devil Children Era on the Game Boy Color. Several of these images also make it into Devil Children Fire and Ice as well, but several are removed, with 2 additional images added of Lucifer and Hoshigami, and end up being Battlenet then as well.

The characters are listed in this orderː Column 1: silhouette 1, silhouette 2, Shou, Lena, Eligor. Column 2: Masaki, Takaharu, Jin, Akira, Shin. Column 3: Amy, Mirai, Nagahisa, Elegy, Setsuna. Column 4: Zett, dark lord, light lord, kaneko, okada. Column 5: Shou,Shou, Elegy , Elegy, Masaki. Column 6: Takaharu, Mirai, Mirai, Nagahisa, Setsuna. Column 7: Setsuna, Zebul, Shin, Amy, Lena. Column 8: Judy and Naomi, Judy, Jin, Akira.

(Source: Original TCRF research)