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Proto:Solitaire (Windows, 1990)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Solitaire (Windows, 1990).

Download.png Download Solitaire Prototypes
File: solitaireprototypes.zip (108 KB) (info)

Three prototypes of Solitaire have been found in prototypes builds of Windows 3.0. Both are from very late in the game's development and have very few differences except for the April 1989 prototype.

April 1989

To do:
Document this proto

January 1990

The only known difference between the January 1990 prototype and the final version is the wording of a few error messages. No other differences are known.

Prototype Insufficient Memory
Final Out of memory
Prototype Can't load Windows Help application
Final Unable load Windows Help application
Prototype Unable to load bitmap, use green background?
Final Unable to load bitmap; do you want to use a green background?
Prototype Not enough memory for bitmap dragging
Final Insufficient memory to display card faces when cards move;
select the Outline dragging box from the Options menu.

February 1990

This build is nearly identical to the final, only 3 bytes differ.