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Proto:South Park Rally (Windows)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of South Park Rally (Windows).


SPRally unclejimbo 0008 proto.png
August 27th, 1999
WXPRE006, earliest known build.
SPRally Sep8 AI Debug.png
September 8th, 1999
WXPRE010, new characters and debug features added.
SPRally Sep14 hud 0032.png
September 14th, 1999
WXPRE013, minor changes since last time.
SPRally Tweek vram 0011 proto.png
September 29th, 1999
WXPRE020, 3D opening logos.
SPRally Final hud 0037.png
November 8th, 1999
WXPRE033, we now have voice acting.
SouthParkRallyWin Dec16 ControllerSetup.png
December 16th, 1999
WXPRE053, nearly complete.