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Proto:Spot Goes to Hollywood (SNES)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Spot Goes to Hollywood (SNES).

The earlier prototype of the SNES Spot Goes to Hollywood, dated March 7, 1995, is more like a tech demo. Notably, it features enemies that would later appear in the PlayStation version.

General Differences

Proto Final
Spot Goes to Hollywood Title.png Spot Goes to Hollywood Aug Title.png
  • "Goes to" is much plainer on the title screen.
  • The Virgin logo and quick credits are not shown.
  • No level title cards.
  • Some level designs are different.
  • The red spots can be collected, but no counter is ever displayed.
  • Different enemies in certain areas.

Level Skip

Press Select to skip a level.

Unused Area

Pro Action Replay code 7E0A4202 will reveal a level exclusive to this version which the level skip bypasses, known as "Rigging". Spot climbs on everything (even the sky!), but can't jump down or do anything else.