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Proto:Super Game Boy

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Super Game Boy.

To do:
Add more differences, such as datamining SGBLOG and X.2.

On 9 Sept 2020, the Game Boy and Game Boy Color lotcheck master ROMset leaked among other things, and included were a couple of Super Game Boy ROMs.

Filename SHA256 Date (JST) Description
SYSSGB-X.2 c3ebb20964bf68d5e4f7dae9f5ec2556436e5f5d975c6e90da6479736f50ca5d 1994-03-16 05:04:48 Unidentified, seems similar in-game, but the ROM seems to have many differences.
SYSSGB-0.1 99e21a25876463981cc7a7453cfcda189813c2a1cf814f79254f3391d3773183 1994-03-23 05:48:16 Identical to "Super Game Boy (Japan, USA) (Rev 1) (Beta) (1994-03-23)" only with checksums entered into header.
SYSSGB-0.2P 5e2eba3795f70dafe6be3bec0f65193e175821f7d7740ffe6d34d9d5a6204ca0 1994-03-24 01:13:18 Only 4 bytes different from SYSGB-0.2N, 3 of which are in the ROM header, and one at 0x02AB. Seems to be the PAL version.
SYSSGB-0.2N bba9c269273bedb9b38bd5eb23bfaa6e509b8decc7cb80bb5513905af04f4ceb 1994-03-24 01:20:22 Identical to SYSSGBNT.
SYSSGBNT bba9c269273bedb9b38bd5eb23bfaa6e509b8decc7cb80bb5513905af04f4ceb 1994-03-25 02:10:52 Hash matches "Super Game Boy (Japan, USA)".
SYSSGB-1 c6c4daab5c899b69900c460787de6089edabe94b760f96d9f583d30cc0a5bb30 1994-04-04 03:53:10 Hash matches "Super Game Boy (Japan, USA) (Rev 1)".
SYSSGB-2 a75160f7b89b1f0e20fd2f6441bb86285c7378db5035ef6885485eaff6059376 1994-05-09 02:57:32 Hash matches "Super Game Boy (World) (Rev 2)".
SGBLOG-0.1 207685a416bb838ad4c74de089ab6d2191bcd3e073874b0330ab485ebc04af38 1994-09-13 02:47:24 Slightly earlier version of SGBLOG-1.0, stuck on blue screen on boot.
SGBLOG-1.0 a271c51d74adfea6610154324ff63b2ee439119f02942dc32e56c2b03fa97fa6 1994-09-13 04:03:38 Named SGB LOGGER in ROM header, also stuck at blue screen.
SYSSGB2-10 c172498a23d1176672931bab33b629c7d28f914a43dca9e540b8af1b37ccf2c6 1997-10-13 08:56:00 Hash matches "Super Game Boy 2 (Japan)".