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Proto:The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask/Preview Demo

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This is a sub-page of Proto:The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

The Majora's Mask Preview Demo was a pre-release demo of Majora's Mask available on kiosks in stores like Walmart prior to the game's western release.


E3 2000 Kiosk Demo
MM-E3 2000 Demo Menu.png

The demo opens with a menu that allows the player to select from eight different destinations, pictured to the right. It's possible to quit the demo at any time and return to this selection screen by opening the pause menu and pressing B.

The "Prologue Demo" option plays as if starting a new file in the final western release. Collecting a boss remains returns the player to the demo's selection screen, so it is not possible to fight Majora's Mask.

In the five options below "Prologue Demo", the player is given access to many of Link's items right from the start. This is contrary to the "Woodfall Temple" and "Odolwa Battle" options, in which the player's access is more limited. The "Goron Race" option is the most rich in content, since it gives access to spring.

Bombers' code, Oceanside Spider House code, and lottery ticket winning numbers are different on every play. The player is forced with the name LINK.

Despite the limited choice of scenarios available from the demo's selection menu, the entire game is present within the ROM, and can be unlocked via hacking. Because the demo predates the western release, there are a number of differences between the two, as detailed in the Version Differences section.

Additionally, an unused texture exists in this Kiosk Demo, because it was modified from Majora's Mask's E3 2000 Demo.

Debug Content

Memory Usage

Version GameShark code
Preview Demo 80381DD4 0001

Map Select

Version GameShark code
Preview Demo 811BD236 AFA0
811BD238 00C7
811BD23A E480
811BD23C 8080
811BD23E 0910
811BD240 8080
811BD242 3DF0
811BD248 8080
811BD24A 1B4C
811BD24C 8080
811BD24E 1B28
811BD25E 0280

Unused Textures

The E3 texture, leftover from the E3 2000 demo, is found in the same file as the textures for the kiosk demo's select menu. The latter two textures, present only in Japanese, are contained in a file that seems to be loaded into RAM whenever Link enters a new map. However, there doesn't appear to be code left over to display them.

Offset Texture Translation
MMKD-E3 Version.png
MMKD-Return to Title.png
Return to title?
(Source: fkualol)


Human on First Cycle

When the countdown timer from atop Clock Tower appears on-screen, use the Quit option on the pause menu to return to the main menu and choose another location. The timer will continue counting down in the new location. If "Prologue Demo" is selected, you can be sent to Clock Town and skip the Deku Scrub transformation if you allow the timer to run out to trigger a moon crash.


The green potion equipped on C-Down appears as a red potion. It will function as a red potion if you do not re-equip it.


Selecting "Clock Town" from the main menu will not have music playing in town until you re-enter from a building or Termina Field.

Mask of Scents

Link's oinking is not audible.

Total Heart Containers

In all but the "Prologue Demo" selection, you start with five extra heart containers. They did not come from any legitimate source, which makes it possible to exceed the normal maximum of twenty heart containers without use of a duplication glitch.

Woodfall's Boss Room Map

In Woodfall Temple's boss room, the overworld map will show in the pause menu and without Link's icon. His icon will show on the map only if you enter any grotto from Termina Field from any selection in the main menu. The icon will be where Clock Town is and you cannot move the cursor onto it. The effect remains until you reset the game.

Heart Piece/Container Duplication

Unlike in the final western release, a moon crash saves what you collected. It does not update Heart Containers and Heart Pieces (freestanding ones only) into a state of being collected, making them reobtainable.

Boss Remains Collection

It is possible to collect a Boss Remains without being sent to the main menu, but only for any one of them.

Version Differences


Unlike its behavior in the final western release, the unused save screen returns the player to the title screen, rather than saving the game.

Moon Crash

The data of what you collected and equipped is being preserved after a moon crash as if you used the Song of Time, with a few differences. Heart Piece/Container models don't update into a state of being collected, introductory camera panning triggers like in Pirates' Fortress will be reset as if the player never watched them, and any of Tatl's one-time messages that were triggered will be reset to be available again.

Boss Warp Portal

If the boss warp portal from a dungeon entrance is used, you will be taken to the main menu instead of the boss room. The same would happen in the blue warp portal with and without boss remains in it. The video in the Glitches section shows it is possible to obtain one of four boss remains, which means activating a boss warp portal without cheats is possible.

Woodfall Temple's Boss Room

When you are in the boss room, the dungeon status in the pause menu will display the overworld map. This means the Song of Soaring would warp you to an owl statue instead of the dungeon's entrance. This does not happen in other boss rooms.

If you choose "Woodfall Temple-Odolwa Battle" from the main menu, you will not be taken to the temple's entrance if you die. Additionally, you cannot escape with the Song of Soaring because you are in the overworld state with no owl statues activated. However, the Song of Time can be used as a means to escape, as long as the boss is not defeated.

Epona's Default Position

The horse will not be present at the ranch in any of the main menu selections, including "Prologue Demo". Instead, she will be outside of the West Clock Town entrance, but only after you reset the cycle via Song of Time or a moon crash. Epona's Song is needed, which all but the "Prologue Demo" selection already give you. In the "Termina Field" selection, she is presented immediately without the need to reset the cycle.

Epona's Cutscene Trigger

The position for the cutscene trigger of Tatl pointing at Epona in the ranch is spotty and different from the final western release. On the First Day, the trigger position is near the Gossip Stone closest to the Doggy Racetrack. If you do not trigger this cutscene before learning Epona's Song, it will play automatically after learning the song and that will make you be in permanent cutscene mode, resulting in a softlock.


Text Differences
There are so many subtle differences present, yet they had so much impact.

Japanese Version Features


The kiosk demo lacks the ability to save at owl statues, which was introduced in the final western release.

Poison Water

If you're in the poison water as Zora Link in Woodfall outside of the temple and die, he will be lit on fire. This does not happen in any other area with poison water. In the final western release, the death oddity in Woodfall was removed.

Swordsman's School

If you successfully complete the Expert course by scoring 30 points you can still walk around for a while and do things like leaving the area. In the final western release, you lose control right away after slashing the last log.

Postman Heart Piece

It is much harder to get because you have to be exactly frame perfect. In the final western release, the last digit of the milliseconds counter was cut out, which allows for a certain margin of error and makes it easier to press A at the right time.

Clock HUD at 12:00

Because Japan uses a 24 hour clock system, the clock HUD reads "0" at 12:00 PM and 12:00 AM. In the final western release, the clock HUD reads "12".

Fourth Heart Piece

Upon collecting the fourth Heart Piece, the fanfare of a Heart Container collection will play instead of the generic one used for the first three pieces that the final western release plays instead. The collection is complete after closing the text box, unlike in the final western release where its effect is immediate on pickup.

Area Subtitle Bar

Great Bay Coast's area subtitle bar doesn't show up after you exit Zora Hall or Waterfall Rapids. This was added in the final western release.

Termina Field's Time Transition

When the camera overlooks Termina Field during a day/night transition, the screen HUD will not appear before the camera returns to Link. It does happen in the final western release.

Song of Double Time Storage

At night, if the Song of Double Time storage glitch is activated during loading to a location where a day transition does not reload the area, time will skip ahead to a day later than the song under normal use would take you to. In the final western release, the glitch would only reset the day the same as it does in locations where a day transition does reload the area.