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Proto:The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

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This page details one or more prototype versions of The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes.

To do:
Gameplay, course and text differences. Debug-enabled Download Play build in a NAND dump from NOE.

Tri Force Heroes was first announced at E3 2015, with a playable demo at the event. The demo was later updated with final code and assets and distributed with download codes for limited online play in mid-October 2015, though the Forest Temple stage was removed likely to reduce download size.

The original demo from E3 was uploaded to Nintendo's retail CDN, and it contains various differences. The demo is dated May 22, 2015 at 11:14:28.

The demo defaults to client mode and requires the following mod on one of the units that makes it into a host instead.

Download.png Download Tri Force Heroes E3 Host Patch
File: TFH E3 Code Patch.zip (info)

(Host Patch: Kartik & ZeroSkill)


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.


  • The demo features four playable levels: The Forest (Buzz Blob Cave), The Temple (Forest Temple), The Fortress (Bomb Storage) and The Volcano (Hinox Mine).
  • Some things like the Energy Gauge and the Wallmaster still use their A Link Between Worlds designs.
  • With the exception of an inaccessible castle lobby, no other areas aside from the ones playable in the demo are in the files.
  • All the outfits are present in the files.
  • Text for NPCs and menus are either untranslated from Japanese or are dummied out with lines saying "Hello". The small amount of English text that was translated is also much closer to the Japanese.

Music Differences

Several themes are still sampled at this point rather than real-life orchestrations.


The title theme has slight changes with the violin.

Proto Final


The credits theme adds the boss theme near the middle along with other changes.

Proto Final


The Woodlands theme has slight changes with the violin.

Proto Final


The Volcano theme has slight changes with the violin and the percussion's volume.

Proto Final

Model Differences

  • The Sword Suit and Sword Master Suit outfits use different sized Master Swords instead of their final designs, likely as placeholders.
  • The orb used in challenges is red instead of blue.
  • In the final, many outfits were modified to smooth out Link's feet.
Proto Final
TFH-E3-Feet.png TFH-Final-Feet.png


The only outfit to have its design entirely overhauled, for understandable reasons...

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Boomeranger.png TFH-Final-Boomeranger.png

Dapper Spinner

More detail was added to the scarf, but most importantly Link received a stylish moustache!

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Dapper.png TFH-Final-Dapper.png

Rupee Regalia

You guessed it: 'stache.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Rupee.png TFH-Final-Rupee.png

Graphical Differences

Communication Icons

For whatever reason, the "Let's Go" icon is in a much rougher state compared to the rest. The icon is normally used in the lobby area, which wasn't accessible in the demo. The design of the Links seem to match much closer to the A Link Between Worlds model, as do the unused yawning icons.

Proto TFH-E3-Lets-Green.png TFH-E3-Lets-Red.png TFH-E3-Lets-Blue.png
Final TFH-Final-Lets-Green.png TFH-Final-Lets-Red.png TFH-Final-Lets-Blue.png

Material Icons

Mystery Jade

The small imprint was made into a full hole.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Jade.png TFH-Final-Jade.png

Divine Whiskers

The shading was adjusted.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Whisker.png TFH-Final-Whisker.png

Crimson Shell

The icon got completely redrawn.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Shell.png TFH-Final-Shell.png

Fancy Fabric

The coloring was completely changed.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Fabric.png TFH-Final-Fabric.png

Vintage Linen

As was this one's.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Linen.png TFH-Final-Linen.png

Sandy Ribbon

The Sandy Ribbon's icon in the files is named mtrl_black_pearl_bracelet, which doesn't match up with what it looks like in the final game. Turns out the demo still has its original design intact!

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Sandy.png TFH-Final-Sandy.png

Golden Insect

The icon got completely redrawn along with its shading.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Insect.png TFH-Final-Insect.png

Carmine Pearl

Named in the files as mtrl_cloud_mass, this material too had its design completely changed like the Black Pearl Bracelet/Sandy Ribbon.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Pearl.png TFH-Final-Pearl.png

Mock Fairy

The icon was completely redrawn.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Mock.png TFH-Final-Mock.png

Aurora Stone

The shading was changed.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Aurora.png TFH-Final-Aurora.png

Steel Mask

The icon was redrawn to change the perspective to something cleaner.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Mask.png TFH-Final-Mask.png

Fabled Butterfly

The icon was redrawn.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Butterfly.png TFH-Final-Butterfly.png

Frilly Fabric

Named as mtrl_purupuru, the fabric was originally...lips?

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Frilly.png TFH-Final-Frilly.png

Outfit Icons

Many outfit icons received slight adjustments, mainly to adjust their perspective. Some touchups are nearly invisible unless you know exactly what to look for and are fully zoomed-in.


As with the model, the icon itself was updated.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Boomeranger-Icon.png TFH-Final-Boomeranger-Icon.png

Cheer Outfit

The pompoms and skirt were redrawn to more closely match the actual model.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Cheer-Icon.png TFH-Final-Cheer-Icon.png

Cheetah Costume

The collar's position was adjusted and the insides of the boots were touched up.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Cheetah-Icon.png TFH-Final-Cheetah-Icon.png

Cursed Tights

The hood was redrawn from a different perspective.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Tights-Icon.png TFH-Final-Tights-Icon.png

Dapper Spinner

The shading on the hat and feather were adjusted and the scarf got decorated to match up with the model.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Dapper-Icon.png TFH-Final-Dapper-Icon.png

Fire Blazer

The hands were touched up a tiny bit.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Fire-Icon.png TFH-Final-Fire-Icon.png

Gust Garb

The bracelets got touched up and moved downwards a bit. The scarf(?) also had its bottom slip adjusted.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Gust-Icon.png TFH-Final-Gust-Icon.png

Legendary Dress

The right hand's bracelet was shifted upwards by a single row and had its coloring very slightly adjusted.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Legendary-Icon.png TFH-Final-Legendary-Icon.png

Light Armor

The hands were moved slightly.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Light-Icon.png TFH-Final-Light-Icon.png

Lucky Loungewear

The top of the hat was redrawn to add some bulk and the left fist was touched up.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Lucky-Icon.png TFH-Final-Lucky-Icon.png


The helmet was completely redrawn while the body was given minor touch-ups. Most notably, for reasons unknown, many details were blurred in the final icon, like the metal ring around the red chest light and the leg joints which were both blurred until almost unnoticable.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Robo-Icon.png TFH-Final-Robo-Icon.png

Serpent's Toga

The belt and shoes were redrawn to more closely match the model. The model itself is the same between the demo and final game, so the demo's icon might have been drawn from an earlier model or the drawing itself is just rougher like the Cheer Outfit's icon in the demo.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Serpent-Icon.png TFH-Final-Serpent-Icon.png


The hat was redrawn and the shading on the suit was overhauled.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Showstopper-Icon.png TFH-Final-Showstopper-Icon.png

Spin Attack Attire

The hands and helmet were redrawn.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Spin-Icon.png TFH-Final-Spin-Icon.png

Sword Suit

The hat and left hand were redrawn, with the rest of the icon receiving minor touchups.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-SwordSuit-Icon.png TFH-Final-SwordSuit-Icon.png

Sword Master Suit

The whole icon was completely redrawn.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-SwordMaster-Icon.png TFH-Final-SwordMaster-Icon.png

Timeless Tunic

The cap and left hand got redrawn from a different perspective, the hands were removed, Link's signature belt buckle was added, and the tops of the boots received slight touchups.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Timeless-Icon.png TFH-Final-Timeless-Icon.png

Tingle Tights

The hood and balloons were redrawn, while the right boot was touched up.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-Tingle-Icon.png TFH-Final-Tingle-Icon.png

Tri Suit

The visor's reflection was made a lot more visible.

Proto Final
TFH-E3-TriSuit-Icon.png TFH-Final-TriSuit-Icon.png

Course Icons

While the latter half of courses (with a single exception) and the arena have placeholder icons at this point...

TFH Course Img 16 E3.png TFH Course Img 18 E3.png TFH Course Img 19 E3.png TFH Course Img 20 E3.png TFH Course Img 21 E3.png TFH Course Img 22 E3.png TFH Course Img 23 E3.png TFH Course Img 24 E3.png TFH Course Img 25 E3.png TFH Course Img 26 E3.png TFH Course Img 27 E3.png TFH Course Img 28 E3.png TFH Course Img 29 E3.png TFH Course Img 30 E3.png TFH Course Img 31 E3.png TFH Course Img 32 E3.png TFH Course Img 33 E3.png TFH Course Img 34 E3.png TFH Course Img 35 E3.png TFH Course Img 36 E3.png TFH Course Img 37 E3.png TFH Course Img 38 E3.png TFH Course Img 39 E3.png

The first half had screenshots taken for them! Some differ greatly, suggesting they may originate from much earlier in development.


  • Deku Forest - The geometry is very close to final but the textures are much rougher. The blue rupees on top of the totems are missing and the totems themselves seem to be textured to match the height of the Links.
  • Buzz Blob Cave - The camera is in a very slightly different position.
  • Moblin Base - The screenshot is of Stage 1 instead of Stage 3. No noticeable differences.
  • Forest Temple - The camera is in a very slightly different position.
Proto Final
TFH Course Img 00 E3.png TFH Course Img 01 E3.png TFH Course Img 02 E3.png TFH Course Img 03 E3.png TFH Course Img 00 Retail.png TFH Course Img 01 Retail.png TFH Course Img 02 Retail.png TFH Course Img 03 Retail.png


Proto Final
TFH Course Img 04 E3.png TFH Course Img 05 E3.png TFH Course Img 06 E3.png TFH Course Img 07 E3.png TFH Course Img 04 Retail.png TFH Course Img 05 Retail.png TFH Course Img 06 Retail.png TFH Course Img 07 Retail.png


Proto Final
TFH Course Img 08 E3.png TFH Course Img 09 E3.png TFH Course Img 10 E3.png TFH Course Img 11 E3.png TFH Course Img 08 Retail.png TFH Course Img 09 Retail.png TFH Course Img 10 Retail.png TFH Course Img 11 Retail.png

Ice Cavern

Proto Final
TFH Course Img 12 E3.png TFH Course Img 13 E3.png TFH Course Img 14 E3.png TFH Course Img 15 E3.png TFH Course Img 12 Retail.png TFH Course Img 13 Retail.png TFH Course Img 14 Retail.png TFH Course Img 15 Retail.png


Bomb Storage was chosen as a stage for the demo. This meant an icon had to be made for it exceptionally. The only visible difference yet again is the slightly different position of the camera.

Proto Final
TFH Course Img 17 E3.png TFH Course Img 17 Retail.png


The random option has two different icons in the final game, one for the areas and the other for the arena. The demo only has a single icon with a different design.
TFH Course Img 40 E3.png

Challenge Icons

  • The orb was red instead of blue, which is reflected in the icons.
  • Unusable items are represented with a dark fill in. This was changed into a white outline.
  • The "Don't get hit by snowballs!" challenge didn't exist at this point, so there is no icon for it.

Don't break the pot!
The icon was completely redrawn. This challenge might have had a fragile orb instead of a pot to be carried. Curiously the Japanese text in the demo was already updated to "pot".

Proto Final
TFH Todo Icon 03 E3.png
TFH Todo Icon 03 Retail.png

Transport the orb quickly!
Only the orb's color was changed.

Proto Final
TFH Todo Icon 04 E3.png TFH Todo Icon 04 Retail.png

Guard the Orb!
The icon was completely redrawn.

Proto Final
TFH Todo Icon 05 E3.png TFH Todo Icon 05 Retail.png

Defeat all enemies!
The monster's eyes were made yellow and its teeth were brightened up.

Proto Final
TFH Todo Icon 06 E3.png TFH Todo Icon 06 Retail.png

Win without using a sword!

Proto Final
TFH Todo Icon 10 E3.png
TFH Todo Icon 10 Retail.png

Only Bombs—no swords!

Proto Final
TFH Todo Icon 11 E3.png
TFH Todo Icon 11 Retail.png

Only hammers—no swords!

Proto Final
TFH Todo Icon 12 E3.png
TFH Todo Icon 12 Retail.png

Defeat all foes sans sword!
The monster icon was updated to match "Defeat all enemies!".

Proto Final
TFH Todo Icon 13 E3.png
TFH Todo Icon 13 Retail.png

Clear level only using Bombs!
The icon is completely different. The challenge's internal identifier string refers to this challenge as "item_use_all", so the challenge was something different earlier in development. The challenge seems to have been changed by the time of the demo, as while the rest of the challenge texts are in Japanese, a localizer specifically changed this one into "Clear level only using Bombs.". Sadly, this also obscured what the early challenge was about.

Proto Final
TFH Todo Icon 16 E3.png TFH Todo Icon 16 Retail.png

Clear without any items!

Proto Final
TFH Todo Icon 17 E3.png
TFH Todo Icon 17 Retail.png

Don't fall at all!
The icon was edited to include another cliff edge. The motion lines were also straightened and the "X" was removed.

Proto Final
TFH Todo Icon 18 E3.png
TFH Todo Icon 18 Retail.png

Clear with halved energy!
The "X2" was made much larger.

Proto Final
TFH Todo Icon 19 E3.png TFH Todo Icon 19 Retail.png

Avoid the volcanic rocks!
The final icon is less blurrier.

Proto Final
TFH Todo Icon 20 E3.png TFH Todo Icon 20 Retail.png

Avoid falling and quicksand!
The icon was completely redrawn.

Proto Final
TFH Todo Icon 21 E3.png TFH Todo Icon 21 Retail.png

Evade the Wallmaster!
The Wallmaster is still using its A Link Between Worlds design.

Proto Final
TFH Todo Icon 22 E3.png TFH Todo Icon 22 Retail.png

Halved attack and defense!
The shield was moved upwards and the green color was reduced to match the sword.

Proto Final
TFH Todo Icon 23 E3.png TFH Todo Icon 23 Retail.png