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Proto:The Next Tetris (PlayStation)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of The Next Tetris (PlayStation).

Pizza Hut Demo Disc 2 has an earlier demo of The New Tetris.


Demo Final
Newtetrispsx menuproto.png Newtetrispsx menufinal.png

The font is different, along with the wood texture.


Demo Final
Newtetrispsx tetrisproto.png Newtetrispsx tetrisfinal.png

The background has a bluer tint and the timer is in a different font.

Game Over

Demo Final
Newtetrispsx gameoverproto.png Newtetrispsx gameoverfinal.png

The layout, the instructions, and badges are all different.


The badges that show after a game over are different.

Demo Newtetrispsx bronzeproto.png Newtetrispsx silverproto.png Newtetrispsx goldproto.png Newtetrispsx thumbsupproto.png Newtetrispsx thumbsdownproto.png Newtetrispsx bronzeproto.png Newtetrispsx ribbonproto.png
Final Newtetrispsx bronzefinal.png Newtetrispsx silverfinal.png Newtetrispsx goldfinal.png Newtetrispsx thumbsupfinal.png Newtetrispsx thumbsdownfinal.png Newtetrispsx bronzefinal.png Newtetrispsxribbonfinal.png


Demo Final
Newtetrispsx clock1.pngNewtetrispsx clock2.pngNewtetrispsx clock3.png Newtetrispsx clockpfinal.png

There were originally three different clock badges, but reduced to one in the final game.