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Proto:Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue (PlayStation)/Winter Jampack Demo

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue (PlayStation).

A demo version of Toy Story 2 was included on the Winter Jampack '99 disc, and has quite a number of differences from the final. The only playable level without cheats is Andy's House.

Level Select

There's an unused level select in the game's code. It consists in a background picture of Andy's house, Andy's Neighborhood and Slime Time (Dark Alley) with a blue and yellow flashing border to select one of the levels with the pad.


General Differences

Early Title Screen


A very different title screen was used in the final.

Different Level Loading Pictures

Many different images were used for the final.

Andy's House

Andy's Neighborhood

Slime Time
This level was named "Dark Alley" and was planned to be the third level, but it's the sixth level in the final version.

A Bug's Life Leftovers
The next few levels have the loading screens from Traveller's Tales' previous video game, A Bug's Life, as placeholders.

There are two additional unused loading placeholder screens, FILM.RAW and TRAINING.RAW, that were deleted from the final PlayStation version. However, these still can be found in the final Windows version.
ToyStory 2 Film.ngn.png ToyStory 2 training.ngn.png

Different Pause Menu


The pause screen has a different font.

Coin Texture


Hamm is missing from the coin texture.

Extra Life Texture

Texture of the extra life object has a less colorful Buzz icon in the demo.

Missing Rex


  • Rex has not been developed yet.
  • Rex's picture isn't in the help blocks, either. Letter blocks with A, B, and C are used instead.
  • Rex textures exist in the demo (left unused).

Car Enemies

Car enemies have a different front texture (as can be seen in Andy's Neighborhood).

Other Differences

  • Some sounds (like the jumping sound) are different from the final PlayStation version, but were used in the Windows version.
  • There's no auto-aim with the laser, thus it is harder to defeat enemies.
  • The demo will automatically end if no buttons are pressed for 30 seconds. This can be disabled with GameShark code 80090840 FFFF.

Andy's House

Camera Glitch

When walking on the wooden bars in the attic, the robot boss will notice you and the game will think you're fighting the boss, and the camera will move as if you were running from the boss. This was fixed in the final.

Extra Box


A box that was placed on Andy's bed. It was removed in the final.

Surgery Board Game


A different texture was used for the board game on Andy's bookshelf in the final.

Missing Extra Life and Collision Differences


The extra life has not been implemented into this part of the level yet.

Due to collision differences between the demo and the final game, you can skip all the way to the cradle where the extra life is by jumping to the books on the desk, and leave it without shooting the hinges by jumping to an invisible gap on the left side of the panel. There's also another invisible gap at the ends on the panel where you can fall.

Toystory2betaah1.png Toystory2betaah2.png Toystory2betaah3.png

Proto Collision Final Collision
Toystory2beta ahp.png Toystory2beta ahf.png

Other Differences

  • Mr. Potato Head's ear is moved to another shelf.
  • There's a grille in that shelf that is not in the final level.
  • You can't climb the garage lamp in the prototype.
  • In the living room roof, there's a moving fan instead of the lamp.
  • The book that you push in Andy's room falls vertically.

Andy's Neighborhood

Accessible with GameShark code 8008D45C 0002.

Moved and Missing Coins

Some coins are moved or missing in comparison to the final game.

Tree Differences

The tree where the boss is has a much different leaf design, and the rope is not present.

Proto Final
Toystory2betaAN1.png Toystory2betaAN1f.png

Jumping Buttons

The buttons near the car have a much different design and no green flashing arrows.

Proto Final
Toystory2betaAN2.png Toystory2betaAN2f.png

Pillar Differences and Missing Wood Panel

The pillar in front of the swimming pool used a darker texture and its upper part was a bit smaller. The wood panel supported by it isn't in the prototype.

Proto Final
Toystory2betaAN3.png Toystory2betaAN3f.png

Swimming Pool Texture

The swimming pool is missing the water texture present in the final version.

Duck Float

The duck float from the swimming pool is much harder to inflate. It also bounces in the water like in the final version, but when you are on it to get the token, you must stomp on it at the right time to get it high enough to get the token.

Slime Time (Dark Alley)

Accessible with GameShark code 8008D45C 0003. Has different sounds from the final version, and different collision at level limits.

You can only shoot the enemy on a certain area to damage it, and since there's no auto-aim unlike the final version, it's very difficult to shoot him and defeat him without using the look mode.

The enemy model also has some diferences:

Proto Final
Toystory2betaDA1.png Toystory2betaDA1o.png

Elevator Hop

The camera flies through this level when you exit the demo. This level is empty, having no objects or characters in it. Despite not being playable, collision data exists. It has minor layout diferences:

  • The top of the elevator, where the boss fight is, is different: Instead of a fan floor with a square hole in the middle where you can fall like in the final game, in the demo it's a rectangular fan floating platform (yes, it's literally floating) in the middle of the area, with ramps at the sides, meaning that if you fall from the platform, you slide to the bottom hole and fall to the elevators, like in the final version.
  • Collision for electric transformers was more accurate in the demo than in the final game:
Proto Final
Toystory2betaEhpe.png Toystory2betaEhfe.png
  • There are two objects out of bounds in the collision data at the bottom of this level that were removed in the final version, being the biggest on the floor from Andy's room of Andy's House:


  • The control room has a different panel, where buttons are placed to the right of the indicators. The table has slimmer collision, and the door is missing:
Proto Final
Toystory2betaElevatorcontrolp.png Toystory2betaElevatorcontrolf.png.png

Al's Penthouse

The most incomplete level in the prototype, and it doesn't even exist in the level select. Trying to access the level code crashes the demo. It lacks any objects or enemies (like Elevator Hop), and is missing a lot of textures and mipmaps. It has the placeholder spawnpoint at Andy's House carpet like the rest of the unimplemented levels.

The level scene on \LEVEL01\LEVEL1.DAT is either broken or incomplete, as it doesn't load any meshes for the bathroom or studio and doesn't properly load textures for the living room and hall. You can see the temporary textures that were later used for these rooms by using the final game's level scene.

There are several differences from the final level:

  • There are lots of early textures (like help blocks without Rex), textures from the final version with different tonalities, placeholder textures (some of which have crosses drawn over them), and textures copied from other levels.
  • Windows are opaque.
  • There is no way to access the bathroom, which contains in the collision data different planes simulating the different levels of water. One of these planes is (again) the floor of Andy's room. Unlike the final version, it has the shower's door close, and the water taps were different and misplaced.


  • The kitchen grid where you access the kitchen in the final version doesn't exist, and the kitchen door is opened instead of being closed like in the final.
  • The fridge from the kitchen is empty and you can go inside.
  • The kitchen's floor has a different texture design.
  • The table from the kitchen with the weight-meter is much longer, and the weight-meter has a very different design, and you also cannot bounce on it.
  • Kitchen lights have a temporary design.
Proto Final
Toystory2betaAP3.png Toystory2betaAP4.png
  • The movable box from the hall is not present. There's a fixed object next to the train bed instead.
  • The train bed has a different design, and its bumper has a smaller angle that you can climb up on.
  • The train track design is different.
  • The collision for the train track shelf is very inaccurate, and the collision for the areas where the buttons (which are non-functional in the prototype) are placed are smaller.
Proto Final
Toystory2betaAP5.png Toystory2betaAP6.png
  • The train room and the studio have no collision for walls. It's possible to fall through the floor, which causes the death animation to play.
  • The studio's collision is in a very early state of development:
Proto Final
Toystory2betaAlstudiop.png Toystory2betaAlstudiof.png
  • The sofa from the living room has a different design, and has different dimensions.
  • The small living room table has a shelf with collision.
  • The big living room table is moved to the center.
Proto (using final version scene file) Final
Toystory2betaAP1.png Toystory2betaAP2.png

Unused Scenes

You can toggle between the different demo scenes to open after the controls splash screen using GameShark code 800907AC ????, where "??? is one of the below.

0001 is for the normal gameplay at Andy's House, and 0009 for the credits screen at Elevator Hop, but there are more unused screens.

Demo Play

Using the value 0000 in the level selection GameShark, you can access the demo play mode at any level in the demo. The demo plays are completely different to the final ones.

  • In Andy's House, Buzz doesn't attack enemies and goes through the house like in the final demo. He jumps to the desk and opens two help blocks, all while moving awkwardly, then tries to jump to the bed... and fails. It tries to repeat it faster than before, but the demo play ends.
  • In Andy's Neighborhood, the demo play ends as soon as it begins.
  • In Slime Time (Dark Alley), Buzz tries to defeat the enemy without using the look mode (like can be done in the final version, but not in the demo), and therefore doesn't hurt it. Buzz is injured and dies several times while trying to attack the enemy. The demo play eventually ends without the enemy taking any damage.

Options Screen

Can be accessed using the value 0002. It uses a more "Etch-a-Sketch"-like font instead of Comic Sans, uses different sounds, and lacks the option to reconfigure the controls.

Proto Final
Toystory2betaOS1.png Toystory2betaOS2.png

Particle Tech Demo

Phil Harrison, then-Executive Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, came to visit Traveller's Tales having just revealed the PS2 in Japan by showing off a particle demo. Jon Burton (founder of Traveller's Tales) coded up the same demo on the PS1 and left it in the Toy Story 2 demo by accident.

(Source: https://twitter.com/JonTt/status/1069844642135367680)

This particle tech demo can be accessed using the value 0008. You can control it with the D-Pad:

  • X/Triangle: Zoom in.
  • Zoom out.
  • Circle - Stop/continue particle animation.
  • RB/LB - Change particle angle (?)
  • Arrows - Rotate camera.

Unused Powerups

The only playable powerup without cheats is the Cosmic Shield from Andy's House, and the Rocket Boots (unlocked in Andy's Neighborhood). However, the Grappling Hook from later levels and the Green Laser are present in the code in an early developmental state, and can be enabled with cheats.

Grappling Hook


Can be engaged to everything, and can be shot without needing to enter the look mode. Its design is like a white laser, while in the final version it is like a chain. It has no sound or animation, and the grapple counter is in the middle of the screen with the pause menu charset and only one char for the counter. It can be enabled with GameShark code 800907A4 0009.

Green Laser

A green laser is present in the final version of Andy's House on top of the car, but it is missing in the demo version. However, it can be enabled with GameShark code 80090974 ???? where "????" is the laser quantity (04F0 sets it to full).

Visual effects are different from the final version: it doesn't make smoke (it does for the normal red laser), and it makes a much bigger white mark with an irregular shape.

Proto Final
Toystory2betalaserp.png Toystory2betalaserf.png

Unused Models

There are some unused models/enemies in the demo not used in any of the included levels.

Clown Top / Topminster

Boss present in Alleys and Gullies from the final game. Its model is smaller, and its textures are present in the Al's Penthouse RAW file.

Zurg Boat

Enemy present in Alleys and Gullies from the final game.

Little Tikes

Appears in three levels of the final game. A model for a little tike is present in the demo. A model for a big tike is also present, but only contains a copy of the Zurg car model.


Like in the final game, there are unique spawnpoints for Andy's House, Andy's Neighborhood, Slime Time (Dark Alley), and Elevator Hop. The rest of the unimplemented levels, including Al's Penthouse, share the same placeholder spawnpoint that corresponds to the middle of the Andy's House carpet in the bedroom (just under the help cube) and looking towards the door.