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Proto talk:Minesweeper (Windows, 1990)/Mine 2.9

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The article mentions that Mine 2.9 doesn't have any sound, but when I played it on Windows 3.1 (Using DosBox) it did have sounds. In fact the regular Windows 3.1 Minesweeper didn't have any sounds for me, but I'd bet they're the same. I recorded them as Mp3 files a couple of months ago. If need be, I can easily convert them to Ogg files for this site, unless they're not needed/wanted here. There's only 3 of them anyway: the timer ticking away, a mine detonating, and the "won the game" sound. They are 8-bit tones, probably played from the internal PC speaker.--Sallongsword (talk) 22:28, 11 August 2016 (EDT)