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Red Remover

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Title Screen

Red Remover

Developer: TheGameHomepage
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: July 16, 2009

ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

The classic Adobe Flash game where you delete geometric depression, one click at a time.

Level Editor

Hidden Button

Smile located at the bottom.

Far underneath the Level Editor is a smile, which when clicked will change into a square tile with a bomb icon, and back to the smile when clicked again. When this button is toggled to the bomb icon, the shape's faces in the Level Editor preview will become bombs; This is only for the preview, as testing the level restores the shape's faces back to smiles/frowns.

There are 5 graphics for this sprite, with the fifth being a blank 26*26 square.

Triangle Shape Tool


Alongside the rectangle and circle shape tools is an unused triangle shape tool named selt (select triangle). It calls the unused blue triangle sprite for the icon.

Unused Graphics


Triangles are never used.

Unused Faces


These faces are from the face_angry sprite.


This sad face is from the face sprite.


An unused sprite named shape_icons which is similar to the hidden button in the Level Editor. Bombs are not used in the game (apart from the developer's logo).

Unused Button

Default Highlighted
RedRemoverButtonGuide.png RedRemoverButtonWalkthrough.png

An unused "Guide" button that when highlighted darkens the button, and changes the text to "Walkthrough". The final walkthrough button is located in the upper-right corner of the screen when a level is failed or paused.

Unused Text Graphics


Gramatically incorrect developer credit (missing a comma after their name).

Leftover "OK" text from the developer's previous game Super Stacker 2. Additionally, the font for this, "Cookies", only contains the two letters.

Hidden beneath Level 1 is an additional note.

Internal Shape Names

Shape Color Internal Name
Green Save
Blue Neutral
Light Red Kill
Red Hardkill

Shapes are referenced to be removed, not killed.